Saturday 19 June 2010

Oh the Irony


There were clashes between the EDL and locals in Whitechapel on Tuesday (15th) despite the cancellation of a controversial Islamic conference and EDL counter-demo.

The UK Islamic Conference (UK-IC) scheduled for this Sunday (20th) was to have been a bigoted affair, with many speakers thrown out of Mosques for their extremist views condoning rape, paedophilia, killing homosexuals, military camps and anti-Semitism. The EDL reacted with plans to stage a provocative counter-demo taking them through parts of London with a large Muslim population.

The East End youth were readying themselves for some heated action. The Whitechapel Anarchist group alone had plans to get large numbers from all over the country out on the day and form a black bloc around the East London mosque area of Whitechapel to remind racist thugs that they are historically not welcome there. However, The EDL pulled out when the venue, the Troxy, decided to cancel the event.

But on Tuesday (15th), around fifteen EDL on their way back from a counter-demo in Barking against a ‘Muslim’s Against the Crusades’ demo protesting against soldiers and the war were spotted in Whitechapel market.

Word got out and between 40 to 70 (and increasing as the day went on) Bangladeshi youth rushed their way between Whitechapel tube and Aldgate East to confront them, only to get mixed up in the confusion and find out the police had escorted the bunch of angry drunk EDL yobs back on to the tube safe and sound out of harms way. It was reported beforehand they were on the loose allegedly spitting at both a Muslim man and woman.

As news spread like wildfire, hundreds came out to protect the mosque. The atmosphere was tense, with some even staying out over night just to be on the safe side. White skin heads were all suspect, according to the local youth and the police (who, some undercover, were also stop and searching many young Asian lads).

Unfortunately, four white local punk anarchists (who are actively against the EDL) were caught up in the atmosphere of paranoia and were attacked by 30 angry young Asian men.

By no means were all the teenage locals out for a fight though. SchNEWS spoke to a few gathering groups and the sense of solidarity was encouraging. “This is about the whole community coming together. Not just Muslims” said one youth standing outside the mosque. They came to defend and protect and to send a clear message that Whitechapel is strong.

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Anonymous said...

Why is the BNP website so slow to load?

when it started back up it was fast now its one of the slowest around again, this is not good, first time visitors with slow connections will simply not tolerate it.

perhaps some of the pointless big banners and animations could be scaled back? smaller size lower res files and fewer animations may help.

Anonymous said...

So what is the difference between this and Kossavo?

Just a little more time.

and what reward will the marxists get for their troubles?

well it won't be any marxist utopia that's for sure, still these people are not real marxists they are indoctrinated youth that are yet to grow up.

I don't know who wrote the piece but this level of bias and spin is becomming so extreme that it makes Nazi Germany propaganda look objective.

What passes for news reports today should be classified in the fiction section at the local library, in fact it seems the writers are wasted writing such short hit pieces when clearly their imaginationa and manipulation of words and events could write some blockbusting fiction.

News reporters they are not.

extant said...

The violence hasnt even started yet.
Fast is the UAF and the other far left groups becoming exclusive Ethnic movements; the original UAF ignorant imbiciles will learn the hard way as per usual.
This is fantastic News for us, they will show the Country what they really are; 3rd world violent savages who hates the white man.


Adrian Peirson said...

White Brits are going to wake up and become race concious, this is a planned collapse of law and order.
More disorder means more Control to those orchestrating these events.

David Duke Archive

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Action Now! said...

It's time -

Who's ready?

Bring a rope.

Adrian Peirson said...

Obviously they need this race war, but they are not going to want the British people to be able to say the Govt is to blame, when it happenes, or escalates, they will need a scapegoat.

Jeff Rense and the Engineered Race War

Adrian Peirson said...

Wayne Madson Report dot com

Adrian Peirson said...

Officer Jack McLamb Radio Show

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Ex Serviceman said...

The forthcoming anti Jihadist demo in Dudley will be the big one.
Members of the EDL's ex-servicemens branch will be attending.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, four white local punk anarchists (who are actively against the EDL) were caught up in the atmosphere of paranoia and were attacked by 30 angry young Asian men."

Oh LOL, the irony. Should've been changed to "fortunately" though.

Nice to see Pakistanis exhibiting more of their "political correctness" as usual. Also interesting to see this wasn't treated as a hate, race crime with members of the UAF flocking to the scene to stop this blatant racist attack.

Anonymous said...

Members of the EDL have been dressing up as Uaf supporters and infiltrating the UAF demo's to gain intel and photo's.
The EDL have even been impersonating journalists.Perhaps this is why Uaf were attacked.
The Police also do the same thing and can you imagine if it was Police that the muslims stabbed!

extant said...

Adrian, re scapegoat.

I say blame it all on me, where I am from its a tradition, I always get blames for everything; so because i am quite used to it, fuck it ill be the scapegoat :O)

I wont go into the list, but believe me mate, i really am blamed for everything. There is one thing you should never forget, never be the victim. Be the fucking problem, it will make you to feel a whole lot better about your self and teach you to be more ressilient :O)