Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Betrayal of British Workers Exposed

Whilst the government cuts the dole for the poor as there is now work for British workers, the immigrants are rushing in to take our jobs.

This cannot continue, a cruch is coming.

Revealed: The British towns where one worker in two is a migrant

By James Slack
Last updated at 7:42 AM on 30th June 2010

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A map today reveals parts of Britain where more than half of jobs are held by workers who were born overseas.

The workforce in large parts of London is dominated by people born abroad – despite Labour’s repeated promises to deliver ‘British jobs for British workers’.

But foreign-born employees also have a strong foothold in other British towns and cities, from Slough and Reading to Manchester.

Campaigners said the focus of employers and Whitehall should be on finding jobs for the young Britons out of work in many of these areas.
top 50 hotspots.jpg

And last night, immigration minister Damian Green said: ‘This shows why we need a limit on work visas as well as a better trained British workforce.

'British workers need to be able to benefit and take the jobs available.’

The most startling figures, based on information from the Office for National Statistics, relate to Newham – the East London borough hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Here, almost seven in every ten jobs are filled by workers who were not born in the UK – or 65,100 out of 93,700 posts. Many of the jobs are on the Olympic site itself.

The number of British-born people in Newham who are not in work is 25,600. This is a combination of the unemployed and those classed as ‘economically inactive’, such as students and the long-term sick.

There are six local authority areas where more than 50 per cent of the jobs are filled by migrant workers – and a further 18 where those born outside the UK take up more than one in every three jobs.

Outside London, the areas where the biggest proportion of jobs are taken by immigrants are Slough, Leicester, Luton, Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford.

Crawley, in West Sussex, and Elmbridge, in Surrey, are also at the top of the list.

Many overseas workers in places such as Slough and Reading are Eastern Europeans who do not need work permits.

Experts say this makes it more important for the Government to impose a strict cap on non-EU migrants in an attempt to bring the total number of foreign workers under control.

The coalition unveiled an interim cap this week, along with a plan to make employers provide non-EU migrants with private healthcare to ease pressure on the NHS.

The final level of the cap will be decided later this year.

Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: ‘Where there are gaps in the UK labour market we should be filling them from the UK population.

‘There is a laxness and a looseness about the way people are allowed in. What we want is closer control.’

The area with the smallest proportion of foreign-born workers is Newark and Sherwood, in Nottinghamshire, at 1.5 per cent.

Under Labour more than 1.1million jobs – half the total created – were taken by non-EU immigrants requiring work permits, according to the independent House of Commons Library.

In October 1997, British-born workers made up 92.5 per cent of the workforce. By 2009, this had fallen to 87.1 per cent.

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Anonymous said...

I was given the news yesterday that I must work for less than £10 a day or lose my benefits!

What happened to the minimum wage?

A vile 'common purpose' organization called a4e will be getting £150 a week to 'train' me...

Why arent the BNP doin anything this exploitation of white working class people?

Adrian Peirson said...

These Genocidal psychopaths paint themselves into a corner every time they open their lying scheming mouths.

We need to keep our borders open because we need skilled overseas workers.

IE Westminster has fucked our education system up.

The other one I heard today is that our universities would cease to function without the money brought in by overseas students.

What brain dead Morons in Whitehall set that system up then.

It's easy to see how we have thousands of troops without arms and legs, it's easy to see why our children are being pimped out by migrants, our women gangraped and murdered, the people orchestrating this are in Whitehall and Westminster.

I don't know how it can be done, but the British people need an Army to protect, maybe the British people themselves need to be that army.

The only way that will happen is if they can see what is happening.

In addition, there are many disparate groups out there, fighting different issues, Globalization, ID, Rape, the British people need to come together and function as a well coordinated Army to sweep these Bastards out of power and out of our lives and OUR country.

Western European Genetic heritage

Adrian Peirson said...

Currently we are little more than slaves, we spend very little time at home with our family and friends.

I believe one of the reasons people are sometimes reluctant to support the British National Party is that they see the supposed Big Guns of the Lib Lab Cons, people like Ken Clarke spouting nonsensical claptrap on 'economics' and wonder if the BNP could really manage the economy.
I believe the best answer to this was given by Sen Ron Paul recently when he said he wouldn't know how to manage the economy, it should manage itself.

The economy, in a free market system should take care of itself, it doesn't need management, micromanagement is what Totalitarian Governments do to steer economies under their Absolute control.
It is this micro management and deliberate sabotage which has got us into this mess.

In a true, free market economy, we wouldn't have bailed out the banks, we would have allowed them to fail, wiped out peoples loans and debts to these failed banks.
People would then have automatically have had more money and begun spending, so stimulating the economy, New banks would have sprung up in their place.

IE, no tinkering is necessary in a true economy, it should be allowed to work like mother nature works, where only the fittest survive.

It is not Nick Griffin who will be doing the research, the fishing, manufacturing cars and ships and Steel, it is the British people themselves, All Nick Griffin will be doing is severing the tentacles of the Communist octopus that is holding the British and Western European peoples back.

Currently it's said there are 5 people for every vacancy, it's also said that whatever happens, it's going to be tough.
One of my concerns in our modern world is how little time families actually spend together, I really doubt very much whether your average well organised prehistoric hunter gatherers had to spend all day out hunting.
My guess is 1 day, with a day off feasting.
What use is the Aston Martin, the flat scren TV, the Boat, or caravan if you are not at home to enjoy it.
Similarly with our children having to spend 5 days a week at school.

How about a Policy of businesses reorganising their workforce to adopt a 4 day week.

This would automatically create more vacancies, more work.

If there are 20 million people working and we reduce their work week by one fifth, that work still needs doing so this will create more jobs.

By my reckoning it will create 4 Million Jobs, but lets be pessimiustic and say it will only create 1 - 2 million vacancies, that is 1 million people less claiming benefits, it is also tens of thousands of civil servants who administer the benefits system who can now go into the Private sector creating real wealth.

The net result of this is that the Civil service is cut, which I hope would mean less taxation because there are now at least 1 million people less claiming benefits.

Less taxation ( which i dont believe is necessary any way if we coined our own money )

would offset your lower salary from now only working 4 days a week instead of 5.

I believe the above is workable, in fact i'd go further and say that I believe that run efficiently, no one in our society need work more than three days per week in order to earn a decent living, if people wish to work 4,5,6 or seven days per week to be able to afford an Astin Martin rather than a Vauxhaull, that should be their choice.

I also believe our kids need not spend 5 days a week at school, 3 days tops.
If we can regain our once prized education system, these children will then grow into educated adults who will naturally be spending more time with their children in turn, quite naturally they will pass on much of their education to their children, coupled with educational TV programmes, museums to visit etc, there is no need for children to spend 5 days per week at school either.

How about that as a BNP policy, a 4 day working week, hopefully dropping to 3 days in 5 to 10 years.

Anonymous said...


arrr know what you mean by vile, I went through that mill...

they like f***g your mind

I believe they have lost the government contract given now to a massive company /corporation SERCO....more of the same different name

Anonymous said...

''Currently it's said there are 5 people for every vacancy,''

when I apply its always describe as ''overweening'' and numbers well, at least a hundred for unskilled wok

Anonymous said...

''Currently it's said there are 5 people for every vacancy,''

when I apply its always describe as ''overweening'' and numbers well, at least a hundred for unskilled wok

Anonymous said...

"Alp Mehmet of MigrationWatch said........."

Are they taking the p*** or what???....Donna