Tuesday 29 June 2010

The Coconut Councillor Issue

The black Lib Dem councillor Shirley Brown convicted of calling an asian a 'coconut'
is not just a racist, she is an exploiter of the multi-cultural system itself.

The debate she was involved in that caused her to call an asian councillor a coconut was one where the asian councillor was demanding cuts in public services being targeted SOLELY AT BLACK AND ASIANS.

The idea that we should be subsidising black and asian only public services, when we are all supposed to be British, equal and public services not delivered in a racist manner - is racism itself.

The role of a councillor we are told by the Equality Commission is to serve ALL racial communities in our country, and thats why they took the BNP to court so that our party constitution allowed us to serve all racial groups equally, but it appears that Shirley Brown was representing the interests solely of her own racial group.

It appears that when a black person councillor is a member of the Lib Dems then it is acceptable for them to represent the interests of their ethnic community, but when whites dare do the same we are called racists.

That is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The other issue is the meaning of the word 'coconut'.

To be called a coconut is racist as it implies an individual is 'brown on the outside but white on the inside'.

The derogatory nature of the term comes from the fact that it implies ;

1) That being called white is somehow derogatory when it is used against someone who is black or asian, therefore implying that whites are sub-humans when compared with blacks and whites

2) That blacks and asians are allowed to represent their ethnic communities, and that if they do not represent their communities they are betraying them. To call and asian or black a coconut is abusive and insulting as it implies they are no longer of that community and are represnting the interests of whites. Note that when whites represent their community they are called racists.

So the law now states that being white means you are a sub human, that being called white is racially abusive and that ethnics are allowed to represent their ethnic communities and whites are not.

The entire system is racist.

Our agenda should not be to change the system.

We must smash it.

The aim of the Nationalists must not be to join the Establishment, but to smash it.

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lormarie said...

I wonder if Ms. Brown is aware that the term coconut is used by black Americans to insult Jamaicans (which she very well may be)? Whatever the case, racial insults are racial insults.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

I hope you are well.

Thats intersting, I did not know that.

The racial dynamic between 'blacks', eg between African Americans and Jamaicans, somalians and west indians, muslims and christians, tribe and ethnic group etc etc is one that is woefully underestimated, under analysed and under reported.

Only whites are racists under the racist tyranny of multi-culturalism.

I think the interesting issue is how calling an asian woman a coconut, and hence part white, is regarded as insult by the black community.

Isnt that racism ?

To use a term that links race (white) with something demeaning, is pure racism.

I would say that a political ideology or racial self consciousness that states that an asian woman is somehow 'white' on the inside because she does not have total loyalty to her own racial community is somehow inferior to a black person who is not 'white' in any way, and who serves only the interest of her own community and who engages in politics solely for the interests of her own racial group, is Nazism.

It appears that the term 'coconut' reveals a racial supremacist, and politically nazism, strain of thought amongst those in the black community who use this type of perjorative.

Multi-culturalism has finally spawned a form of 'Minority Racism' it seems.



Adrian Peirson said...

What will Diversity do to us as a Nation.

Youtube Race and IQ

Which brings me back to the IQ link, the people behind migration want a dumbed down populace to rule over, that is what race mixing will produce.
On an individual basis it's not up to Govt who we marry, fall in love with, but it shouldn't be forced or encouraged the way it is.

Get burning those DVD's the NWO is planning on Web control.


lormarie said...

I've heard the term Oreo (American version of coconut) and it never clicked with me that some whites see it as dehumanizing. The concept of white privilege doesn't allow anyone to see that whites can be offended (only as the offenders).

Anonymous said...

The word "coconut" is used I thought - as a description/insult/casual remark at black folk per se...