Saturday 12 June 2010

Daily Mail Lie About BNP Again !

Read the comments on the Daily Mail article below.

Then read the article.

It appears the so called 'judges comments' about the BNP being 'unsavoury' were in fact written by the Daily Mail journalist and the judge has told them to remove them from the article.

Oh dear Daily Mail, showing how much of a bent, lying, yellow rag you are I see.

This time you got caught out, as telling lies about what a judge says in court is a very serious and actionable libel, especially as the false comments attributed to the judge are liable to lead to a complaint to the Office for Judicial Complaints.

A Muslim community leader who falsely claimed he had been kidnapped by members of the British National Party was exposed last night as a suspected benefits cheat who was in this country illegally.

Noor Ramjanally, 36, told police that racist thugs had abducted him at knifepoint and threatened him with violence.

But his account was exposed as a lie by cameras fitted secretly outside his flat after earlier claims that he had received racist hate mail and that the family's home had been firebombed.

Footage revealed that on the day of the alleged kidnapping Ramjanally had left home by himself, and police established that he wandered around a branch of Homebase before dialling 999.

Yesterday he was given a two-year jail term after being convicted of perverting the course of justice.

However he was not in court - he had fled back to his native Mauritius after admitting he was in this country illegally, staying on after his tourist visa expired.

Before his trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, he sent police a taunting email from the Indian Ocean island, telling them: 'I am enjoying the sun.'

The authorities will now decide whether to seek his extradition to Britain to serve his sentence.

It also emerged that both Ramjanally and his wife, Soulma Nusrally, are being investigated on suspicion of benefit fraud.

The court heard that Ramjanally ran Muslim prayer sessions at a hall in Loughton, Essex, at a time when the BNP was targeting the area with leaflets, increasing local tensions.

In July and August last year he claimed to have received racist hate mail warning him to stop hosting the group and to have suffered an arson attack at the home where he lived with his wife and son.

Unknown to Ramjanally, police installed two covert CCTV cameras outside his block of flats.

On August 24 he rang 999 claiming he had been abducted, later saying two BNP supporters had seized him at knifepoint and bundled him into the back of a vehicle.

He said they told him: 'We don't want Loughton Islamic Group in Loughton' before releasing him on the edge of Epping Forest.

However camera footage showed him getting into a taxi at the time of the alleged kidnap.

He had also been caught on camera at the local Homebase, and he was arrested.

Ramjanally was bailed to await his trial and in February he fled to Mauritius, from where he originally came to Britain on a six-month tourist visa in 1999.

When officials from the UK Border Agency raided his flat they discovered fake passports and other ID documents.

Passing sentence, Judge Karen Walden-Smith said it was impossible to say whether Ramjanally concocted his story to increase tension in the community, for his own vanity, or a bit of both.

Last night it emerged that Ramjanally is being investigated for falsely claiming benefits and allegedly stealing money from a mosque.

His wife is also being investigated for allegedly stating that she was a single mother to claim benefits including income support and housing benefit.

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So this judge thinks the BNP has unsavoury views, so now it's unsavoury to love your country and want to put the British people first.

Why was Ramjanally's passport not taken on condition of his bail? Was he given a head start into leaving the country? The whole thing stinks.

- Donna, Croydon, 11/6/2010 17:24
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"Noor Ramjanally, 36, told police he was bungled into the back of a car by two racist men outside his flat after he started holding prayer sessions."

" Claimed he was kidnapped ".

Judge Karen Walden Smith said
"These were serious allegations being made to point the finger at a political party with Unsavoury views in order to accuse them of an extremely serious offence."

Seems this man was a Unsavoury Muslim community leader and liar.

- EZZA, ENGLAND, 11/6/2010 17:33

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Anonymous said...

BNP are racist thick cunts kill em all

Anonymous said...

BNP fucking sickos do a birdie shoot the fucking lot rid this world of scum cunts ENGLAND WILL LOSE THE WORLD CUP COS THEY ARE FUCKING USELESS

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Scottish finally have access to the internet.

Anonymous said...

I blame care in the community.

It also appears there is a shortage of Lithium.

Anonymous said...

Keep the good work up Lee, one day the invaders are going to be in for a shock.Things in this world can change very quickly.
The social security will run out one day and the invaders like the above will be right in it.

Anonymous said...

I see your right about care in the community..

or is the education system under new labour ?

Anonymous said...

The first comment was mine, i also said that i bet that this judge couldn't wait to be living under Sharia law and they edited that bit out, now i understand why they did this....Donna

Anonymous said...

When the media get caught red handed like this, the BNP should make a **HUGE** fuss out of it. Print it on leaflets, put it on election material, have a whole section on the website dedicated to media lies etc.

A lot of people still trust the media. If the media says the BNP are bad, a lot of people will believe it because they trust the media. If the BNP are to make any progress, then people's trust in the media needs to be broken.

A long term campaign of exposing media lies and corruption should be part of the BNP strategy.