Monday 21 June 2010

The Death of France

Diversity is not our strength.

Diversity is a curse.

It will collapse, and out of the rubble a Greater Britain will arise.

France is also dying of the same disease ;

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extant said...

21st Century comes with sex for all and plenty of libralism and dont we fucking know it.
To counter the mess we are in,hard times can only be countered by hard measures and plenty of it.

I say we should start a sexual Crusade, plenty of Viagra and red bull for the lads.
We then go to all the slums the savages have made and shag the fuck out of all their women to dilute their inferior gene pool.

Its a dirty Job, but someone has to do it..

But thats just me ;o)


extant said...

The video has been removed already, it must have been good

Jane said...

I agree Lee, and this is one reason why the BNP must not continue to attempt to morph into something that is electable to government. We should be electable only as far as we can do so while representing the indigenous British and maintaining the core principles that are our real reason for existing. Otherwise we will be like one of those fizzing bathbombs, quickly eroding and dissappearing into the water rather than holding ourselves together and being a small minority but still alive as a people, as a nation without either a state or a country. One day we will get it back.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the France vs Mexico game the other day. The Mexicans had lighter complexions than the French. I saw about three white guys in the French team. Of course it's no surprise that the third worlders display no loyalty to their country and go on strike before a vital match.

Unknown said...

Look at these fucking idiots!You took the words out of my mouth. Who could think anything else when you see these people. Brainwashed, traitorous mentally disturbed self hating liberal and commie idiots. It is funny when the middle class liberal commies in the UAF and Hate Not Hope stir up the muzzies and then get a surprise when they find out that they are not the innocent little victims they thought they were.