Monday 14 June 2010

E mail Essex Police

I have e mailed the following questions to Essex Police - I would ask that you send your own ;

1) Were Essex Police aware that Noor Ramjanally, 36, of Loughton, Essex was an illegal immigrant prior to them giving him policing and financial assistance ?

2) Did Essex police ever investigate the immigration status of Noor
Ramjanally prior to diverting police resources into protecting him ?

3) How much money did Essex Police spend on security measures for Noor
Ramjanally ?

4) How many other illegal immigrants are Essex Police aware of who
reside in Essex ?

5) If Essex Police discover that an individual living in Essex is an
illegal immigrant what is their procedure ?

6) Is is Essex Policy policy to spend public money on protecting
criminals, illegal immigrants, whilst refusing to arrest them for the
crime of being in the country illegally ?

7) Does Essex Police proritise and uphold the law or political
correctness in its policing duties ?

8) How many illegal immigrants have been arrested by Essex Police since
2000 ?

9) How many of those illegal immigrants have been prosecuted and
deported since 2000 ?

10 ) How much money has Essex Police spent on protecting illegal
immigrants since 2000 ?

11) How many other illegal immigrants are Essex police presently
protecting ?

12) Does Essex Police arrest illegal immigrants it finds and holds them
in custody ?

13) Does Essex Police check that any illegal immigrants it finds are
checked with the security services as not being terrorists, criminals
and national security threats before it releases them into the community

14 ) How many illegal immigrants discovered by Essex Police have been
security checked with the security services prior to being released back
into the community ?

15) who took the decision not to arrest Noor Ramjanally, 36, of
Loughton, Essex, for being in the country illegally ?

16) On what grounds was Noor Ramjanally, 36, of Loughton, Essex not
arrested and held as an illegal immigrant ?

Thanks to The Sentinel for this article ;

Here we see the scale of illegal immigration in just one town - there are THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN THE AREA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMMIGRATION experts predict there are potentially hundreds of foreign nationals living illegally in Redbridge.

It appears confusion about paperwork and fear

of being deported means a number of people who moved into the area could be targeted by police and government officials.

The Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London (RAMFEL) and MK Suri & Co are both working to help families already living in Redbridge and people moving to the area from overseas.

Rita Chadha, director of RAMFEL, High Road, Ilford, said: "You can estimate that there are probably 800 to 1,000 in Redbridge at the moment.

"It's a complicated area and that figure includes those people who are processing paperwork that has not been cleared or updated, so officially speaking they are not legally covered to be in the country.

"For those with no legal paper work whatsoever, we believe that figure is nearer 100."

Married couple Marcia and Sunil Suri run MK Suri & Co, Seven Kings Road, Seven Kings. They believe the figure is much higher and could run into several thousand.

Mr Suri said: "We find quite a lot of people do not know their rights, can find themselves in trouble and have no idea what to do.

"Paperwork expires and they are worried about having to leave the country, so they don't renew.

"Others are worried they will be turned down for a visa so they don't apply in the first place.

"Organisations like ours help people fill in the very complicated mountain of paperwork and explain their rights to them.

"We help a lot of students move to the UK, but there are a number of people living here with no legal right and that situation needs to be addressed."

People can call RAMFEL on 020 8478 4513, or visit MK Suri & Co between 9am and 2pm on Sunday for a free consultation.

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Question 4 -

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