Thursday 24 June 2010

Immigration and Population Growth

Britain's fast-rising population is now close to 62 million, a new official count showed yesterday.

Numbers of people in the country went up by 394,000 to reach 61,792,000 by the middle of last year, the Office for National Statistics said.

The increase of 0.6 per cent means the population has been rising steadily since the turn of the Millennium, mainly driven by immigration.

The population is now groing up at twice the rate of the 1990s and three times the speed of increase during the 1980s.
Immigrant baby boom

Population rise: The increase in the UK population has been driven by high levels of immigration, and high birth rate within immigrant groups

The latest leap in numbers has also been pushed by growing birthrates, the ONS said.

It said that 45 per cent of last year's population rise was brought about by immigration and 55 per cent by by 'natural increase' - the greater number of births than deaths.

But the rising birthrate is itself a product of immigration - one in four births last year were to mothers who were themselves born outside Britain.

The country's population rose by 176,000 as a result of migration, down on the previous year by 15,000 as the recession cut numbers of people coming into the country to find work.
Enlarge Migration table

How net migration balooned throughout the 1990s until 2006, boosting the British population
Enlarge Migration table

We're heading for 80million: How overall population is projected to grow in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, until 2051

But it is still 23 per cent higher than in 2002 when net migration, the number of people added to the population after both immigration and emigration have been counted, stood at 143,000.

The ONS believes that continuing high levels of immigration means the population will hit the politically-sensitive 70 million level in 2029.

Ministers repeated yesterday their promise to slash the number of immigrants.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said: 'We believe that immigration has been far too high in recent years, which is why the new Government will reduce net migration back down to the levels of the 1990s - to tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands.

'Over the coming weeks and months the public will see us tackle this issue by introducing a wide range of new measures to ensure that immigration is properly controlled, including a limit on work permits, actions on marriage and an effective system of regulating the students who come here.'

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Anonymous said...

The seeds of this Nation's destruction have already been sown: immediate deportation to the land of one's ethnic origin must become a common sentence for non-indigenous criminals.

Anonymous said...

This does not take into account the hundreds of thousands of Brits leaving our shores to live in another country.

Newport in South Wales represents a city in Pakistan i.e. Mosques, Rags, and not a white taxi driver to be found.

We must put a stop to this!


Anonymous said...

and the local council enforces hose pipe bans...when we have in increase water bills ...

I have sent them emails telling them there are too many people i.e. IMMIGRANTS


Anonymous said...

Ministers repeated yesterday their promise to slash the number of immigrants.

far far too late

and I am seeing masses of Muslim and Blacks pushing multiple push chairs.. daily ..

Anonymous said...

Paul Weston, Gates of Vienna, March 12, 2010

It is understandable that the vast majority of the heavily propagandised English populace remain unaware of the continental shift in immigrant demographics and birth rates that will relegate the indigenous population of England under the age of 40 to ethnic minority status in their homeland within twenty years.

UK Population is not 63 million it's 80 million plus!
Has been since it was reported in 2007 in the Independent newspaper and the BBC Farming today programme.

That leaves over 30 million that are not indigenouus to this country.

Agriculture college- and all major supermarkets took part in the study, after all they know how much food they grow and sell.

Paul Westons essay titled- Ethnically cleansing the English.