Wednesday 9 June 2010

Lib-Con Scum to Stop Free School Meals For The Poor

There are rumours that the Lib-Con Government are going to stop free school meals for the poor.

If they do then this a declaration of war against the people.

Revolutions are built on such foundations.

What we need to be doing is increasing the school meals projects.

The present Educational System, that merely prepares children to become atomised individual economic units to be exploited by global capitalism, must be replaced by a British Citizenship System - that integrates a British education with citizenship building initiatives tailored to produce a new generation of Nationalised British Youth.

School must begin at 8 am for every child.

The child is fed a breakfast, lunch and dinner at school, so we can ensure each child has optimum nutrition. No more obese kids raised on chicken twizzlers and chips by idle and idiotic parents.

Every child has a proper physical education session two hours long every school day.

Every child does their homework at school and has an evening meal so schools do not shut until 6 PM.

After school clubs, boys clubs, youth clubs etc must also be freely available in schools and clubs in every community to keep the kids off the streets until 8 PM.

That way kids get routines, a decent nutritional diet and are kept off the streets at night.

Kids leave school at 18.

They then do two years National Service - either in the NHS as nurses, hygiene specialists or carers etc or land service working in the agricultural sector assiting building community farms, helping British farmers with land work and learning lands skill eg dry stone walling, thatching, farming etc or they spend two years as logistics support in the British Armed Forces where they are based in the UK learning logistical skills and assisting the British Army and the British Borders Security Unit that needs setting up.

Within ten years with this initiative we will create a National Community out of our Broken Society.

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Anonymous said...

Why should the state take on the responsibilities that rightly belong to parents?

You advocate the state being responsible for feeding children 3 full meals a day and then ensuring they do their homework at school

Kids being at school from 8am to 6pm!

That is the way to a stronger nanny state allowing parents to opt out of their responsibilities and put the burden for their kids on the rest of society

Defender of Liberty said...

The Nationalist State is not the Nanny State.

The Nanny State is the Servile State and its politically correct infra-structure that demand the people serve the interests of the State.

The Nationalist State demands the interests of the people come before the interests of the State.

You may not have seen what liberal parenting, liberal values etc have done to kids raised on junk food, junk TV, junk culture, liberalism, leftism and political correctness and left to become feral monsters on the streets - but we live amongst them.

If the parents are unwilling to be responsible parents, then in the name of the nation - the state must step in.

The aim of the Nationalist State is to NATIONALISE our children, our nation and our society.

Therefore the Nationalist State acts to ensure the people are Nationalised - as the failure of the left and liberals and the Liberal Consensus has devastated families, communities and our society.

The Nationalist State is required to train and educate our children into becoming capable of forming families, before they become parents.

Broken families create a Broken Society, and the children of Broken families raised in a broken society are deprived of such essentials as parenting skills, family skills, social skills etc that are the basis of being a parent, in a family, in a community and a member of society.

Millions of children in Britain have been raised in single parent families, in dyfunctional relationships in crime ridden communities in our broken society - therefore those children need the state to impose structure, order, discipline and responsibility on them in order for them to become responsible and productive citizens.

The Nationalist State recognises the damage to our nation, society and communities by liberalism and leftism - and it doesnt just hope that things will get better, the nationalist state actively operates to make things better at all levels of the nation, society, communities, families and the individual.

Anonymous said...

I was pondering a similar situation a few days ago. I was wondering why the billionaires of this country and others have not set up such a system. I wondered why microsoft sponsored orphans are not adopted and raised in microsoft sponsored education facilities with microsoft sponsored higher education and work experience to one day be invited back as alumni to pass on their experience and appreciation to the next generation. You could even take the best of the orphans that show ability and allow them to specialise because nobody else wants to adopt a kid over 2 years old. This is probably happening already but the sponsor is probably Saudi Arabia and the schools probably hidden in the desert.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Nationalist State thinks state employees are better are raising children than parents...

Have you got any child care qualifications??!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man - I want to have breakfast with my son (which I do) and I want dinner (tea) with him too - the one thing I want most is for him NOT to have too much indoctrination!!! I want him home!

Defender of Liberty said...

At the age of 7 the Spartans would take their boys and put them into the Agoge, to train them as Spartans and Warriors.

You will have weekends, holidays, night time and evenings with your son - but the nation must nationalise its youth.

For their sakes and the nations.

We have entered a new era of instability, the era of The Convergence of Catastrophies as Guillam De Faye calls it, has begun.

Nationalism cannot wait for disaster to hit.

We must prepare our nation and people for the world as it is and will be, not labour in the liberal delusions of the 20 th century.

The Nationalist Reconquista must begin, or else our nation, culture, way of life and people will be lost.

Nationalist youth must be prepared for that struggle.

It is their nation - now we must prepare them for power.

In youth is our future.

It is for them that National Revolution must focus it aims, it is to us to become the means.

Defender of Liberty said...

I come from a working class council estate and live in an area that an ex-British paratrooper who served in Northern Ireland as 'the most terrifying place I have ever lived', so yeah - a Nationalist state would raise kids better then many, many people in this country - regardless of their class, marital status, income, religion or race.

Their are millions of pathetic, scum, from coke addicted aristocrats, middle class piss heads to heroin addicted chavs married, single, straight, gay, black, white and what the fuck ever who are useless parents.

I wouldnt leave them to look after a fucking goldfish, let alone allow them to have and look after kids.

Yes the Nationalist State has a role in education, the welfare of families, the welfare of communities, the welfare of society and the welfare of the next generation.

some good ideas some not so good said...

Some good points Lee some not so good and some the public will not swallow at this time and should be burried other than as an idea for better times or they will appear as extreme or worse - give the state more control and indoctrination over the kids.

I have been calling for some of these measures for the last 5 years or so and put hem to many lead people in the party, though no one at the time gave it much thought it would seem so i am pleased to read some similar conclusions.

1. I think the full day school is a good idea, this means no more neglected feral latch key kids, getting into bother. It also means that the child care industry dies and children understand they are not baggage to be passed around from mercenary to mercenary. it also means that more people can afford to go to work without worrying about times or taking part time exploitative jobs and helps to break down destructive clas divisions as did the NHS they are trying to destroy! it would also increase the dwindling native birthrate in Europe.

This makes the country more productive and richer, raising the std of living for the average person and no doubt lowering crime.

2. homework should be scrapped, the children should be free to do as they please in their own time and not forced to continue at home, where they will be hounded by parents and teachers when all they will want to do is relax and have fun, just like everyone else.

3. meals, I don't think the evening meal should be provided and perhaps not breackfast but two good meals with one cooked should be enough, the evening meal is something the children should enjoy with the parents, they need time to bond or you will end up with a problem not unlike the one we have now.

4. leaving age? not sure either way about leaving at 18, we used to leave at 14 in times that appeared to be fine, leaving at 18 may be an option to raise the overal education stds but what for those that are not academically minded? you would simply have a classroom of disruptive or disinterested adults which would do no one any good!

5. conscription.

any form of conscription for adults reduces a persons ability to get on in the real world if you hold their hand every step of the way, this is what happens to many in the forces, they are told how to do everything and most of it provided for them, once they leave the institutions they are lost as the real world is alien to them and they lose their sense of self determination.

so we need to focus on providing opportunity rather than dictating a persons every move as an adult.

In short if you have provided a good education then that process alone should be enough to ensure no other forced intervention is needed, and using further forced scemes into adulthood would simply illustrait that you failed in your objective. in fact that is where the NWO is heading and if you don't start to counter it now then you will be helping to create not an army of nationalists, but an army of global socialists and anti nationalists.

6. Grammar schools, these are badly needed to help lift the gifted of working classes to the level of the middleclasses, with grammer schools you could even close down private schools which have probably done more than anything to create a two tier class system based on wealth rather than talent. we here so much about equality but until you have a financial equal education and health system you have nothing. not equal on results as all people are different but equal opportunity, this separates the nationalists from the marxists in this respect and it is a critical difference and highlights their stance as idiotic and backwards.

Just using some of the above systems you can see that it would lead to a more prosperous country with higher productivity, better quality of life for the majority and will do much to remove the class system and replace it with an ability system, helping the country pull together and giving children and parents realistic hopes and goals.

Anonymous said...

"If the parents are unwilling to be responsible parents, then in the name of the nation - the state must step in"

Lee, good point, I just got from a week in Taiwan, I spoke with an American who told me that the kids go to school from 8am until 6pm, they are taught values, history, educated as to what's right and what is wrong.

They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Go figure.

Keep telling the truth Lee, one day i'll buy you a pint when all that's wrong in the world is righted.