Sunday 27 June 2010

The Tory Great Deportations

The Labour Party destroyed British communities when they knocked down the extended old white worting class communities that were formed of families all living in close proximity to each other in the 1960's and 1970's.

The Tories destroyed British society and industry in the 1980's and 1990's when they globalised our national economy, opened up Britains borders to cheap immigrant labour and sold off revenue generating national industries.

Now the Tories want to destroy what is left of the white working class communities of Britain.

This time they intend to move in millions of naturalised British from immigrant background living in the inner cities of the South up to white working class communities in the North.

This is like some Stalinist politically correct version of the Great Deportations, enacted in the name and interests of capitalism.

At the same time this plan will destroy what is left of white working class communities based on extended kin networks, thereby ensuring there is no local resistance to more immigration into the UK, at the same time as the plan will destroy settled immigrant communities with their own community centres, youth centres and other government funded politically correct privileges.

We will all be atomised, rootless individuals adrift in Britain as wage slaves, alienated and powerless.

The only way we can save British society is by re-nationalising our national economy and industries.

The only way we can save British communities is to pass laws that allow local people to have priority in housing so creating communities based on extended kin networks that can support each other.

The last thing we need is more insane social engineering projects, that reek of the same insipid megalomania of the idiot socialists in the 1960's.

This is a dumb idea.

There are no jobs, thats why we have so many unemployed - and the jobs that are on offer go to cheap immigrant labour as they work longer, for less instead of to our own people.

To talk about moving populations is idiotic unless the government plans to invest in huge national infra-structure projects like railways, coal mines, nuclear plants and whole new industries which will create new jobs for them to work in.

But the government has no plans to invest tax payers cash in government owned industrial, infra-structure and public works projects to create work for British workers, as they are too busy giving away our money and taxes to the fucking international bankers !

The only Great Deportation that should be happning is to the illegal immigrants and criminals in the UK, not our own people.

Trust the tories to cock it up.

The coalition Government is drawing up controversial plans to relocate the unemployed to areas of the country where there are jobs, it has emerged.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he would be bringing forward proposals to make the workforce "more mobile".

The comments, in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, echo the words of then-Tory minister Norman Tebbit in 1981 when he suggested the unemployed should "get on your bike" and look for work.

Mr Duncan Smith, the MP for Lord Tebbit's former parliamentary seat of Chingford, said ministers wanted to encourage jobless people living in council houses to move out of unemployment blackspots to homes in other areas, perhaps hundreds of miles away.

He insisted millions of people were "trapped in estates where there is no work" and could not move because they would lose their accommodation.

The proposed scheme would allow them to go to the top of the housing list in another area rather than giving up their right to a home.

'We have over the years, not us personally but successive governments, created one of the most static workforces in the western world,' Mr Duncan Smith said.

'In Britain now we have workforces that are locked to areas and the result of that is we have over five and a half million people of working age who simply don't do a job.

'Often they are trapped in estates where there is no work near there and - because they have a lifetime tenure of that house - to go to work from east London to west London, or Bristol, or whatever is too much of a risk because if you up sticks and go you will have lost your right to your house.

'The local council is going to tell you that you don't have a right to a house there, the housing association is not going to give you one.

'We have to look at how we get that portability, so that people can be more flexible, can look for work, can take the risk to do it.'

The coalition is believed to be looking at providing incentives for workers to relocate, rather than compelling them to move.

'Sometimes they may be lucky because work comes to those areas, we can reinvigorate it by regional tax reductions, so that's all right where there are old coal mines and things, but you also need to have an element of flexibility.

Sometimes you just need to be able to move to the work,' Mr Duncan Smith said.

A major shake-up of housing benefit and increased health checks for disability claimants were announced last week as part of the biggest cuts in public spending for decades.

Ministers will unveil measures in the coming weeks to "make work pay", including changing the threshold at which claims are withdrawn so people who take work do not lose all their benefits.

Mr Duncan Smith said there would also be measures to tackle "under occupation" of large council homes.

'We have tons of elderly people living in houses which they cannot run and we've got queues of desperate people with families who are living in one and two-bedroom houses and flats,' he said.

Councils could be given more money in a hardship allowance to help families relocate, "to smooth this over, to encourage people to move".

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Anonymous said...

I live in a Northern City and the local area have typically suffered wholesale neglect by the labour regime for many decades , subsequently destroyed the communities and then imposed a combination of Asbos on the young , evictions for 'problem white families', CCTV and then PFI 'regeneration' bring private money and consortiums to 'manage change'to 're - make' the destroyed white working class communities, but no longer

I now see the end approaching now as they import mainly Afro- Caribbeans and Africans into the area that had NONE, now has a growing population along with its shops, illicit drinking holes, and the like and all this in only three years.

Its watching a slow genocide

Anonymous said...

I am unemployed - there are NO jobs up north! 400 applicants to every ONE unskilled job

Anonymous said...

We live in a small country, a static workforce is nothing a decent rail network couldnt handle but it seems the cattle are still expected to travel to work crammed into leaking, filthy and virulent carriages while paying a fortune in fares. This has to be more about rejuvinating delapidated council estates than finding meaningful employment for the work shy.

Anonymous said...

I saw this earlier today Lee, this is probably the most sinister developement I have seen for some time, a friend of mine said ignorantly they won't acvtually do it, I said it might take a little while for them to get the plan in place but they fully intend to carry it out and will for certain if given a second term.

So where are the Liberals on this?

This will totally destroy the Liberal credibility (what little they had).

But then it will simply drive the people into the arms of Labour, who had similar plans that would be excecuted through the ECO, which is another way of bussing in people into middleclass areas so far not effected, still I expect that is still coming.

So the saddest part is that the people run from the mugger strait into the arms of the torturer - conservative to Labour etc!

Wonder how the middleclass goverment sector liberals that will be axed will respond to this?

Talk about creating tension, the oblivious masses will get a short sharp shock, that is for sure!

The Liberals will disappear never to get any votes ever again, it is now clear they stand for NOTHING but self sevice of the political class!

Not been to the main site yet but i can only hope they covered it?

If the BNP can get its arse in gear this could be the time of mass upheaval and depression that the BNP have waited for, again we need to be cutting edge and future proof not trailing edge and old news.

It's time for the BNP to stop appologising for who they are and spell out why they are right!

Anonymous said...

Lee, SOD ALL on the BNP main website!!!!!

Notice how these bastards always experiment on the poor, defensless and vulnerable with their social engineering, notice how it is one law for council tenents and another for private.

I wonder how long it will be before they send Dr mengele round to the poor.

I remember at one time (Major) the bastards were talking about bringing back work houses in spite of the fact that at that time there was no housing crisis!

Still as they are soon to destroy the middle classes, many more will find themself facing the sharp end of the Tory, lib lab cone stick!

They will see the bankers and politicians laughing at them!

Only in bad times do the masses question how they got there and who is to blame, so far the bad times has only hit localised working class communities, never truly national - but it's coming, all part of their plan, they need to rob the rich and middleclasses of every peny they have in order to set up their slave nation/globe!

The comfy do not conform as well as the weak and impoverished who depend on the state.

So they must be made slaves, that is the NWO agenda.

THAT is when things get interesting, will the BNP be ready to fill the roll of goverment and aiding the progress to become it?

Anonymous said...

The tories are planning to suspend all benefit payments for THREE YEARS for any person not willing to take low-paid slave labour work...

There are no decent jobs any more...

How are these people supposed to survive without turning to crime?!