Monday 11 July 2011

Another Famine in Africa

Another famine in Africa.

Another appeal for funds.

Another crisis.

The solution is simple - food aid must be linked with birth control programmes.

On the news the other night the BBC reporter stated that women with seven children were having to choose which children would die as they could not feed them all.

The tragedy is that those children should never have been born in the first place.

Poverty in Africa is due to one thing - over population.

The more children a woman has, the more impoverished they are.

Less children equals a higher living standard.

The use of food aid has merely increased population numbers beyond the agricultural and environmental carrying capacity of the land itself.

Those refugees that are being given food aid should be offered the opportunity to be sterilised.

If they do not consent to be sterilised, then they should not recieve food aid.

The era of crass and shallow western emotionalism based on horrific images of human suffering has to be replaced by logic.

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