Wednesday 20 July 2011

Nick Griffin and Simon Darby Interview

Image - Nick Griffin on the left and Simon Darby on the right.

Straight from Simon Darbys blog ;

Just posting up the transcript of a ground breaking interview I have just had with Nick Griffin about the recent allegations of some disgruntled ex-members of the party. Read below how I hard balled Nick Griffin and forced him to answer some really serious questions.

Transcript below.

Hi Nick.

Hi Simon.

So then Nick I hear you have been doing some great things in the EU.

Yes, I have Simon.

Any problems in the party Nick ?

None at all, Simon.

Great Nick. I also hear you are a brilliant bloke.

Yes Simon, I am.

Brilliant interview Nick, thanks very much. There you go folks only one man can run the BNP, and it is Nick Griffin.

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Excellent Lee. Thats Darby in a nutshell.