Saturday 2 July 2011

Nick Griffin Supporters Working With the Muslim Defence League

Over on the British Democracy Forum it has been revealed that members of the Nick Griffin campaign team and his internet supporters have been working with the Muslim Defence League.

It appears that supporters of the Nick Griffin campaign are passing on the names and addresses of British Nationalists - including the home address of Andrew Brons - to the Muslim Defence League in the hope that the Muslim Defence League go and attack them.

That fact that these supporters of Nick Griffins campaign are openly boasting about how they are working with the Muslim Defence League is one of the greatest betrayals in the history of British Nationalism.

The link on the thread is here ;

Unless Nick Griffin speaks out and condemns his internet attack dogs for working with the Muslim Defence League, then we can only assume that he has authorised their leaking of the names and addresses of nationalists to the Muslim Defence League.

I have been passed information that the details of Andrew Brons and his supporters have also been passed to the Muslim defence League by Griffins supporters.

This information came from inside the Griffin camp and hence I will not reveal who informed me of this information.

But it appears that elements in the Griffin camp want to use Muslims to attack nationalists so that Griffin and his henchmen can benefit.

The collection of information on the names and addresses of members of any political party or individual to enable them to be targeted for attacks and violence is classified as terrorism under the Terrorist Acts.

Those in the Nick Griffin camp who have passed on information to the Muslim Defence League to enable them to attack nationalists are also guilty of instigating and assisting the commission and preparation of acts of terrorism.

Therefore I shall be asking the people named in the thread to contact the police and to initiate an investigation into the allegations made by the people on the British Democracy Forum that they have been passing information onto muslim extremist groups in order to assist in terrorist attacks in our country.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. In the last few days I have received a text about a BNP 'Stop Muslim Paedophiles' Campaign and a request to donate £3.00

I have already requested from the BNP that my number and other details be removed from their records. Clearly they have not respected my wishes. No surprise there.

PS The site looks and works better with black text on white ground

Defender of Liberty said...

Typical Griffin - the money always comes first, not what people want.

I had some people saying they couldnt read the text on the old layout so I had a change around to make it easier to read.

Glad you like it.