Sunday 24 July 2011

Norway Bomber Video and Mainfesto Links

As I stated below - this was a military precision surgical strike against the government, government infrastructure and the next generation of Labour Party activists.

This was not insanity, the same as the bombs being dropped on Libya are not insane - each has a motive.

Norway bomber video here ;

Norway Bomber mainfesto here ;

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TemplarRising said...

Link Between Breivik and Israeli Mossad

Breivik attacked the children of the Labour party because he believed he was destroying the future generation of the political elite. By liquidating these children he believed was dealing a serious blow to the cultural Marxist agenda to destroy Norway.

How many children have been killed, exploited, raped, abused due to the policies of the cultural Marxists that infest the political establishment throughtout Europe. These children are the voiceless victims of genocide perpetrated by the political elite in order to advance multi-cult agenda.

100 deaths by one man pales in significance to the evil of the cultural Marxists.