Saturday 23 July 2011

The Oslo Attacks By Conservative Not Far Right

The attacks on Norway were undertaken by a Christian Fundamentalist Conservative, not the Far Right.

The Far Right all across Europe condemns these evil and despibale attacks on our people.

The primary victims of these attacks were Indigenous Norwegians, not immigrants.

It was our people who died in the attacks.

Yet the media are lying about the reason for the attacks.

The attacks were against the Labour Party government and Labour Party activists.

This was an attack by a maniac who was ;

A Freemason - a 3rd degree initiate from his local lodge

A Zionist

A Conservative Party supporter

An Anti-Nazi who supported Max Manus and the Norweigian Resistance

Who supported Winston Churchill.

This was not a Far Right attack.

This is much worse than that.

This was an attack from a member of the ruling elite against the elite.

This was an Inside Job by a member of the elite, and if the elite have become so radicalised they will bomb their own country and people then the West is in real trouble.

Will the Freemasons now join the Islamists and Zionists as threats to our society ?

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1 comment:

alanorei said...

I think they'll unite under Caesar, John 19:15.

The media seems to have changed its stance on this murderer. It seems to be saying now that he simply consulted Christian fundamentalist web sites.

Unless he suddenly went totally criminally insane, I think 1 John 3:15 applies " know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."

That scripture would contradict any notion that this individual is a New Testament Christian in any way.