Friday 15 July 2011

Hess or Who ?

Who said this :

" "A man who is proud of his culture, a man who will defend it till death. a man who stands in defiance, a man with the heart of a lion, a man that cares little for personal gain, a man that curries no favour, a man that never distances himself from the important issues, a man that tackles everything with absolute dedication. "

Was it ;

A) Rudolf Hess

B) Simon Darby

Here is Simon giving another speech about Nick ;

Such devotion from Simon.

Such bullshit.

Such self serving rubbish in order to keep himself in his position as Griffins primary parasite and chief political remora.

What a crawler.

Simon is not blind nor stupid and so he cannot have missed the utter chaos in the BNP caused by Griffin and his ego, arrogance, hubris, greed and stupidity, so therefore simon must be nothing else but a slimy little sycophant.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Know your Enemy Part 1

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment, but you have summed it up perfecty.

Simon was attacked by the yellow sparrow last year but thought better to support that money grabbing, cheating old ladies money little homo-erotic pleb.

Simon is bigger scum than Nick!

Anonymous said...

I've just read Simon Darby's cringe inducing diatribe and couldn't wait to see what you had got to say.
Needless to say you didn't disappoint.
There must be something in the water where Darby lives.
I can think of no other explanation for his fawning rant.

Anonymous said...

darbys vomit inducing, deluded comments make me believe that Brons has an outside chance of pulling off a suprise win.

Anonymous said...

Whats your take on Darbys defence here Lee.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 Darbys defence.