Saturday 2 July 2011

The Gates of Vienna Blog Betrays the Anti-Islamist Struggle

Last night I entered into a debate on the Gates of Vienna blog about how the anti-Islamist struggle and movement has been hijacked by agents of Eretz Zionism and is now being used to promote the goals of Eretz Zionism instead of the goals of the anti-Islamist struggle itself.

A few hours later the entire thread and associated comments were removed by the Gates of Vienna admin staff.

You can see for yourself just how pathetic the Gates of Vienna blog has become when you see the endless list of censored comments by the admin staff on the articles about the attack on the EDL by Pamela Geller.

Link here ;

It seems that the entire anti-Islamist movement has been de-railed by its pathetic abasement before all things Zionist.

That is to be expected.

The interests of Zionism and Zionists are simply Zionism and Zionists - they are never the interests of the nation states, societies or anti-Islamist movements that allow Zionists of any race or religion to become leaders or activists in those movements.

It appears that the entire anti-Islamist struggle is now predicated on its being run by Zionists for the benefit of Zionism.

Anyone who dares say ' the primary interest of the anti-Islamist struggle is anti-Islamism and not the interests of Israel or Zionism ' is then censored, villified and expelled from the movement.

We have much to thank Pamela Geller for.

Due to her arrogance and hubris in attacking the EDL she has exposed the rot at the heart of the so called 'anti-islamist' movement.

The Eretz Zionists and their co-conspirators have infiltrated, subverted and taken control of the movement and now use it for their goals, and not for the goals of the anti-Islamist movement itself.

Even those who supposedly support the EDL and are against Gellers attack on the EDL, feel they must abase themselves before Zionism and censor anyone or anything that offends anything Zionist.

The Gates of Vienna and Pamela Geller are merely different sides of the same coin - they both genuflect and abase themselves before the Eretz Zionists either directly (Geller) or indirectly (Gates of Vienna).

Neither regards the role of the anti-Islamist movement as simply to resist Islamism -instead both allow the most vicious, crass and pathetic racism on their sites against all Muslims (when the aim of the anti-islamist struggle is supposedly to fight ISLAMISM NOT MUSLIMS) and both support the vicious racial supremacism of the Eretz Zionists and their death grip on the entire anti-Islamist movement itself.

The anti-Islamist movement must gain the support of all Muslims and ex-Muslims who are against Islamism in order to create a broad front against Islamism and to validate the anti-Islamist struggle.

The anti-Islamist struggle has now become a movement that hates all Arabs and Muslims, regardless of their own personal committment to resisting Islamism.

Even Palestinian Nationalists like those in the PLO are abused and villified even though they have fought and died fighting against Islamist groups like Hamas.

Why ? because the anti-Islamist movement is focused on supporting the interests of the Zionists and the Israeli Far Right - not the struggle against Islamism.

There is no logic in the anti-Islamist movement anymore, just endless surrender to the demands and interests of the racists in the Far Right of Israeli politics.

Instead the anti-Islamist movement has degenerated into a pit of vile racists who regard all Muslims in the same way that Hitler once regarded all the Jews.

The irony being of course that it is Jews and gentile Zionists who are tolerating and espousing this anti-Muslims racism and Eretz Zionist Jewish racial supremacism in the anti-Islamist movement.

The anti-Islamist movement is now a pathetic joke.

Its entire leadership is run by racists and zionist lickspittles whose primary loyalty is not to the nti-Islamist struggle, our nations or our people. Their loyalty is to Israel and Zionism.

The fact that even sites like the Gates of Vienna now censor anti-Islamists solely on the basis that they are not sufficiently 'loyal' to the Eretz Zionist agenda and the racist Far Right of Israel shows us how much the entire anti-Islamist struggle has become a nest of vipers foll;owing their own agenda and not the interests of the anti-Islamist movement.

On the Gates of Vienna site, as on Pamela Gellers website, every evil little anti-Muslim racist is allowed free rein to vent their hatred of all Muslims, whilst any whisper of a criticism of Israel and Zionism is ruthlessely censored and removed.

So we must thank Pamela Geller as she has done the entire anti-Islamist movement a favour by finally turning over that rock and exposing the dirty little secret of the anti-Islamist movement to the whole world.

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Extant said...

Nice post mate, for those who would understand the facts that you are speaking of will know you are correct on all counts.

ps, the white screen sucks .

Anonymous said...

Dude, after pointing out on Geller's blog her past involvement with the Israel lobby and her master at the New York Daily I was blocked from her site. I even tested with pro support of her blogs...nada, blocked.
Robert Spencer is the same way, blocked, any support for European Nationalism was forbidden, even though he refused to see the link between uncontrolled immigration from muslim countries and the growing jihad in Europe.

I also saw the grilling you received a few years back on jihadwatch, you accused of being a "neo nazi" "fascist" yada yada bullshit.
Then i was shocked, really, when Geller and spencer suddenly supported the EDL but then i knew the death knell was falling once Geller the Queen of the US Zionists and her stalker Spencer decided to set up the Stop the Islamisation of America..who the hell let Geller control this must be in desperate need of a lobotomy.
Geller came from nobody blogger to a talking head on CNN, Fox News and other prime time interviews. She is in with that crowd, so it was only natural that the EDL were doomed once their members decided that the "English" in English Defence League wasn't referring to various other ethnic factions such as Sikh, Jewish etc. Geller obviously took exception to this (didn't she do her research of the EDL?) or was this planned from the start? I'm thinking the latter knowing her Zionist background and putting hte interests of Zionist Israel first, not before SIOA or the EDL..
Anyway, what the hell is she doing getting involved in a British anti-jihad movement? Surely the EDL needs to tell her to go fuck herself? Rather than suck up to her and that creep Spencer.
But as of a few years ago, it was the same gameplay with the America anti jihad movement, whenever the Nationalists or EDL started to gain ground then out came the negative comments from the Americans, the public hissy fits, the easily searchable web pages denouncing the British nationalists and the EDL.

Funny that Geller has been in the center of it all since day one.

Don't let the bastards get you down Lee.

Remember if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

Anonymous said...

"I stand by my concern about the increasing antisemitism in the ranks of the admins at the EDL."

Why is a Zionist American Jew so obsessed with the "English" Defence League? The EDL are not bowing to their Zionist masters and have finally seen through the smoke of bullshit, and poor Geller the Zionist sends in her pavlov dogs. And she wonders why her and her creep spencer fiend are being exposed.

Anonymous said...

This from Pam Geller's site, a post from someone called EV absolutely sums Geller's position.

"I wonder if Jewish Pro Israel Nationalist groups are required to scrub their organizations of people who dont support England as an English Christian State? Purge those English hating Jewish Nazis out of your organization, or I will denounce you!"

Meanwhile I posted as Simon and was quickly blocked after exposing Geller's Zionist roots.
Of course to her Zionism means anti Jewish racism.
Funny how that works isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Check out the very first archived posts from Geller, it's all about Israel, not America but Israel.
Her Facebook page is linked to right wing Zionists and Zionist organisations.

The EDL were fooled into allowing Geller to sink her fangs into the EDL. Should've figuratively cut her off at the knees the minute she appeared.

Shame, once again Geller and Spencer have helped to smear another successful British anti-Jihad movement.

gatesofvienna said...

An American Jew is equal to God- GoV is Amerikan owned.
UKColumn a while back reported that anti islam groups had been infiltrated by Zionists.

Heard of Douglas Reed?
He was number one war correspondant at the London Times pre WW2.
He was stationed in Europe and spent much time in Germany- so was an eye witness.

He noticed that his reports were either being altered or not even published.
He returned to London where he found Zionist had infiltrated our politicians of the day also the Times had been fully taken over.

He resigned his position.

BNAI BRITH and the ADL did the rest to drive him away.

It is instructive to observe how Douglas Reed gradually penetrates deeper and deeper into the Jewish problem from that time, when he had hardly even thought about it in 1935 (as he writes in The controversy of Zion) until he delivers his harsh judgement in the shape of The controversy of Zion.

The mood of gloom and doom is not his own, but due to the gloomy character of the subject, as he says in the epilogue to the book. In the cause of his work he has felt the evil as an almost physical presence in the plans, he reveals. As “forces from some dinosaur-lair projected into the twentieth century.” But, he says, it is not for him to judge, what is evil. God must have had an intention, in his wisdom, to allow this evil to exist, possibly for the progress of the soul. But in that case he, himself, feels like being also a part of God’s creation, who has the duty to reveal this evil, so that human beings can be set free from it.

Islam is a danger yes!
But their power is limited jewish power is NOT!
All present wars were instigated by the Zionist jews and Christians in the White House and Westminster!

To critic jews virtually illegal- a clever move by BNAI we have to ignore!

gatesofvienna said...

Douglas Reed

, when his studies of talmudic zionism, and the eventual establishment of Israel, demonstrated to him, that the Jewish question implied much more than just that, and was now so much bigger.

Also, he discovered, it had in reality been laid down in an ancient plan for world-conquest.

He wrote a few more books which he managed to get published somehow (see the list in Dronten no. 4, under the menu “Bibliography”- and now (in english) the homepage Douglas Reed Books, red.).

After the books Somewhere South of Suez (1949) and Far and Wide (1951), which are not translated into danish, Reed was practically banned by the most important publishers and bookstorechains because of his ever more clear description of the Jewish problem. He does not end up by being optimistic concerning the solution to the problem, as he actually thinks that only God can solve it – in time. Nevertheless, it is also his opinion, that the suffering of mankind, including the Jews, which will result in the meantime, until this solution will appear, may be reduced and shortened by people learning the truth about “The Contorversy of Zion”. In this issue of Dronten (no. 6), I have translated, into danish, two more chapters of this – in my opinion – vital work. With the knowledge, which the book gives the reader, he understands the real background of the invasion of foreigners in The West, the globalisation and the break-down of nations, culture and morals. Here, finally, I will relay Douglas Reeds own description of the problems of the banning of Disgrace Abounding - “Aftertale” in the book), and in this way introduce this, his encyclopaedic masterpiece, The Controversy of Zion”:

.........”Chance, and possibly my own sense of timing, enabled me to write additional chapters for Insanity Fair immediately after publication, and this time the same thing has happened again. But on this occasion chance has enabled me, in the additional chapter, to give you the best possible example of the way organized world-Jewry works and of the immense power it wields in goading world-opinion against Germany. I imagine anybody who has read these two books will realize that I hold Germany to be a menace to England, but that I do not identify the cause of England with that of the foreign Jews.

I read first Henry Fords- The International Jew-available free online best copy at iamthewitness

Then tried to buy the banned in England An eye for an eye- re the 1300 camps opened in Poland after the end of WW2.
Where Jews were allowed- to slaughter 80.000 German babies men women and priests.
Written by a jew-by the way.

We live in a filthy swamp that needs clearing out.

Land fit for heroes- or Zionists?