Thursday 14 July 2011

Arthur Kemp Accuses Griffin

Reports are coming in from the Griffin HQ that Arthur Kemp has been exoposed as a trans-sexual communist Mossad spy and his documents are forgeries from the CIA.

The Gangster-like and Surely Criminal Behaviour of Nick Griffin

By Arthur Kemp—Nick Griffin has behaved like a gangster, has committed fraud and attempted to incite a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook with forged documents blaming him for the party’s printing debts.

This shocking situation has brought the entire party into disrepute and is conclusive proof that Nick Griffin is unfit to be leader of the BNP.

The outrageous story begins in July 2010, when Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up a conspiracy to force Richard Barnbrook into giving up the Greater London Assembly seat.

To do this, they devised a plot to use forged documents to get Mr Barnbrook declared bankrupt.

To this end, the utterly evil and devious plan was developed:

1. Nick Griffin approached the owner of Romac Press in Belfast, David Sloan, with an offer to settle the outstanding printing debt owed to his company.

2. In terms of this offer, Mr Griffin asked Mr Sloan to sign and print out, on Romac letterheads, two different letters addressed to Mr Barnbrook.

3. The first later, which Mr Griffin dated 11th August 2010 (both letters were written by Mr Griffin in July 2010), was a seemingly friendly reminder to Mr Barnbrook that the printing bill for the Barking and Dagenham election material had not been paid.

4. The second letter, which Mr Griffin dated 1st November 2010, was a formal demand for full payment of the outstanding debt, failing which court proceedings would follow.

Mr Sloan has confirmed to me in person that Mr Griffin asked him to sign these two letters.

In return, Mr Sloan said, Mr Griffin undertook to pay off the printing bill and, as “a sweetener,” offered to put Mr Sloan onto an EU salary for £1,000 per month.

To his great credit, Mr Sloan refused to partake in this plot, telling me that it was clearly a “criminal activity.”

Mr Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, sent the two letters Mr Griffin had drawn up (as MS Word attachments) to Mr Sloan by email from her ‘britprincess’ hotmail account.

Ms Griffin’s email is reproduced below.

Note the wording:

“These from Nick.”

‘These’ refers to the two word document attachments to the email. The full text of these word documents is reproduced below.

“Please add your surname to them both and print on Romac letter headed paper.”

This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to print and sign both letters on his own official letterheads.

“Please then post them to Gribin, Llanerfyl, Welshpool, Powys SY21 0JQ.”

This is an instruction to Mr Sloan to return the signed letters direct to Mr Griffin personally, and NOT to forward them to Mr Barnbrook.

The plan was that Mr Griffin would then send the letters to Mr Barnbrook, pretending that they were coming from Mr Sloan.

To make matters even more devious, Mr Griffin deliberately used Mr Barnbrook’s old mailing address, because then Mr Barnbrook would be certain not to even receive them.

The point of this was to make sure that when Mr Barnbrook was eventually sued for the outstanding account, the plaintiff (supposedly Romac Press, but actually Mr Griffin in the background, pulling the strings and having written the letters of demand) could claim that the letters had been sent and had been left unanswered.

“He says that if we get the London seat back we will be able to guarantee you a payment each month.”

‘He’ is of course Mr Griffin.

This sentence shows the quid pro quo: if Mr Sloan agreed to take part in this thoroughly disgusting plan, he would be paid the £44,000 he is owed.

As it turned out, Mr Sloan refused to play Mr Griffin’s criminal game.

As a result, he was not paid, and has resulted in a number of legal actions.

“Call or text me if you need, best wishes

This shows the level of involvement in this criminal conspiracy by Jennifer Griffin as well.

She was not merely a “messenger” for her father, but obviously knew the intricate details of the plot.

The exact wording of the first letter, of which you can download an original here, reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
136 Arden Crescent

11th August 2010

Dear Richard

I hope that you are now fully recovered from the excursions and perhaps disappointment of the election. I guess you have been busy but I am getting a bit worried that I haven’t received any payments for my invoices, let alone the prompt and full payment which you promised when pressing for the jobs to be done so urgently before the election. I hope and trust that you will be able to put this right very shortly.

Yours Sincerely
Romac Press”

The exact wording of the second letter, of which you can download an original here, reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
136 Arden Crescent

1st November 2010

Dear Richard,

Re. Invoice Number 7760 and 7770

As we have not received a reply to our letter of 11th August we are writing to inform you that, unless a satisfactory proposal for settlement of this outstanding claim is sent to us within fourteen (14) working days of the date of this letter, we shall issue a summons against you in the county court without further reference to you.
Yours sincerely,
Romac Press”

There are some important and shocking points to note about these letters:

1. Both were written by Nick Griffin at the same time (July 2010).

2. Both have been written with different dates to make it appear as if they were composed and sent at a date in the future.

3. Both are designed to take an innocent man to court and have him declared bankrupt, simply because he has fallen out of favour with Nick Griffin.

4. The second letter contains the following revealing authorship details: “Dominik” is listed as the original author. This is the well known computer name used by Jane Phillips, the very expensive lawyer retained by Nick Griffin.

I don’t think that Jane was involved in this criminal conspiracy – or at least I hope not – and I suspect that Nick Griffin merely altered one of her letters.

In summary, this is the situation:

- Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up an unbelievably evil plot to deceitfully bankrupt a totally innocent man because they had fallen out politically with him;

- Nick Griffin attempted to bribe David Sloan from Romac Printers to play along with two forged “letters of demand.”

- In return for Mr Sloan’s co-operation, Mr Griffin offered to pay Mr Sloan’s outstanding printing bill of £44,000.

- In addition, Mr Griffin offered Mr Sloan an additional £1,000 per month paid from EU funds as an additional bribe to take part in this criminal scheme.

- The forged letters of demand were written and pre-dated by Mr Griffin personally.

- Mr Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who is currently the BNP membership secretary, is fully aware and complicit in this evil, vile, outrageous and clearly criminal scheme.

It is clear that Nick Griffin is not fit to be leader of the BNP.

In fact, it is clear that Nick Griffin is not even fit to hold public office.

It is beyond my imagination how anyone could stoop to such low levels.

Not in my wildest imagination could I think up such an evil and criminal plot such as this.

I have known for a long time that much was amiss in the BNP, hence my resignation from all positions in it earlier this year.

Now however, having discovered the true depth of the criminal depravity of Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson, I feel humiliated and embarrassed even to be associated with them, never mind being in the same party.

I wish to apologise to everyone who warned me about Nick Griffin. You were right and I was wrong.

In fact, the truth is actually much worse than even that about which I was warned, and ignored.

I can only say that I make mistakes, and I am sorry.

But I tell you what: I only make a mistake once.

If the BNP membership re-elect Nick Griffin as their leader, they will only have themselves to blame and they will get what they have voted for.

You just cannot have a cabal of convicted criminals, pornographers and gangsters running a party and not expect behaviour as outlined above.

Hopefully, the party members will however, see sense, and vote out these gangsters for once and for all.

* No doubt I will be attacked and smeared all over the various forums and blogs after this post appears. That is alright, it is the price I am more than happy to pay.

I have a duty to the hardworking, genuine and loyal nationalists out there, who have been so brutally betrayed by the Griffin cabal. They have a right to know what is going on, so that they can make informed decisions on how to deal with it.

* Oh, in case anyone reproduces Nick Griffin’s childish “Wormtongue” allegation, let me show you the text message he sent me on 26 June 2011, immediately after the rancour of the General Members’ Meeting.

I had apologised for my (typically, sad to say) late night offensive and intemperate emails of a few days previously, and this is what Nick Griffin wrote back:

The next day, Nick Griffin then phoned me up and offered me a job.

All I would have to do was to come with him to Strasbourg for a week, and help him compile a campaign based around the Charlene Downes case. The money would come from his Communications Allowance.

It was an obvious bribe.

I turned it down, and, in the light of the criminal activity detailed above, I am now doubly glad.

But the point is that two weeks ago I was a “valued comrade in the struggle” but as soon as it became known that I was supporting Andrew Brons, I instantly became “Wormtongue.”

Thank God I don’t have any contracts for the party in my name, otherwise I am sure Nick Griffin would do to me what he tried to do with Richard Barnbrook.


"Here I stand. I can do no other."

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John Pierre said...

Thank the Lord you've brightened up your blog, much easier on the eyes and also comes across as a lot less sinister!

Intersting times ahead if you're in or out of the BNP. Myself I don't give a monkeys, just want my country back.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Butler turned against Richard shortly after the Euro elections.Richard was very upset as he had supported Butler in previous fallouts.
Richard, can you inform us what this was all about. You know i was being set up by Griffin and Butler at the same time.

Extant said...


I did actually complain to Lee about the white background, but now I prefer it. He told me that some mature patriots were having difficulty with the black background and that is the single reason he changed it.

I must confess though, I do like the dark side :o#)

Lee Barnes; always thinking of other people and always doing what is moral, just and productive.