Sunday 24 July 2011

The Mask Is Ripped Away

The Norway attacks have ripped away the mask from the face of multi-culturalism, now the Liberals cant deny a problem exists anymore.

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gatesofvienna said...

On the origins of EU “multiculturalism” in the ideas of the high level Austrian freemason Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi see here:

Freemasons at the sub-33 degree level are controlled by and are wholly unaware of the machinations of the supra-33 degree level. The higher level masons are Jewish or philosemitic ( Shabaz Goi ) members of the Gentile elite. Both, like Kalergi, adhere to the doctrine of Jewish fitness for world rule.

The political terrorism that raged across Europe prior to WW2 was inspired by and plotted within masonic lodges. Check out the Serbian Black Hand and other groups. It was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by this group that actually ignited the genocidal killing spree that was WW1.

Who stood to gain from conflict on such a gigantic scale?

The same guys who seek to provoke WW3 and see now as a propitious time to do it.

Serbian Black hand....Seen again during Baltic wars.

Serbian Black hand- seen again in the so called Arab spring- this lead to a journalist finding Israelis paws all over that too.

Jewish/Americans he traced and named each one.

Fermenting Wars- as per usual!