Saturday 23 July 2011

The Norway Bombing and What It Means

The Norway bomber Anders Breivik, if we accept what the media are telling us about him, was no 'neo-nazi' or member of the Far Right.

Anders appears to be a wealthy,

upper middle class,

university educated,

business owning,

multiple property owning,

a middle ranking free mason

a zionist

a supporter of gay rights

an anti-Islamist

Cultural conservative

Christian fundamentalist

ex-member of the second largest political conservative party The Progress Party,

Not one of these fits the profile of any neo-nazi, nationalist or national socialist party in Norway.

This was an attack on the political elite of Norway and its Labour governing party by a Cultural Conservative, not any 'neo-nazis' or nationalists.

In fact from most of Brieviks writings he shows constant contempt for the Far Right.

Brievik seems to think that the nationalist right in Norway, and across Europe, is a waste of time.

Yet in none of his writings does he appear to condone or call for violence, hence this makes the atrocities even more shocking.

This was an attack on the political elite of Norway by one of its own scions.

It was not an attack on mosques, tube trains, muslims or blacks or jews - it was an attack on the officers of the government and the Labour Party activists.

It was a strike against the government, its infra-structure and the political elite itself.

This was a well planned, well prepared and well executed assault on the ruling political party, the Labour Party, and government buildings - and it is no surprise to learn that Brievik is an ex-soldier.

The system trained him to kill.

It appears Brievik is the Timothy McVeigh of Norway and the Oslo Bombing his Waco City attack.

This attack was a revolutionary attacking the government and its functionaries.

This attack had nothing to do with 'nazism' - there were no mosques or ethnic minorites targeted.

This was no howl of anger from a disanfranchised working class youth against unemployment or anti-white racism but a deliberate and well planned attack on the ruling political elite by one of its own insiders.

The bomb was an announcement that a new class has been radicalised and now joins the existing mix of terrorist groups in our society.

Now we have bombers and terrorists from the Islamists, the IRA, Basque Separatists, Israeli death squads, animal rights bombers and other left wing and anarchist terrorist groups to the ruling class all taking on the system.

Brievik comes from the old ruling elite of Norway, and just like the rests of us they are being slowly globalised.

They like us are watching our nation and culture stolen away from us.

Brievik writes about watching racist muslim gangs in the cities of Norway and of race crimes against indigenous Norweigans - these are not issues exclusive to Norway - these are mainstream political debates and political positions all across Europe, and they are not nazi or extremist.

They are populist debates real people have every day, as opposed to ivory tower liberals living in economically priviliged self denial.

The fear is that if the anger and disatisfaction against Islamism, mass immigration and muilti-culturalism has now spread to the social elite, and is not just situated in the working class and unemployed, then this means society is undergoing a revolutionary change in its consciousness.

The media and liberal elite, who represent far less than 1 % of the population of this country a figure of around 15,000, have been able to dominate politics and debate for decades via the media.

The era when the media could pump out political propaganda and control our nations is almost over.

A new social consensus is forming that no amount of the media labelling it as 'racist, nazi' or extremist' will be able to prevent it taking power in our society.

Politically and socially a new era has begun.

That change can come via peaceful means or it will be via violent means.

For the sake of us all let us hope the selfish, greedy, venal and vindictive liberal elites that control our countries do not seek to hold on to the unlawful powers and authority that they currently possess.

The media elected the present political - not the people.

The people were told who to vote for by the corporate media.

We demand the will of the people controls our nation, not the lies and propaganda of the corporate media.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the victims and their families of this atrocity.

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