Sunday 3 July 2011

Bradford and the Liberal Double Standard

In what can only be described as a triumph of integration in our multi-cultural society, a Pakistani and British Pakistani only club will soon be opening soon in Bradford.

Supported as you would expect by the local Labour party Bradford Lord Mayor, Councillor Naveeda Ikram, the local paper quotes club president Iftikhar Ahmed:
“The club will be totally non-religious and non-profit-making. It will be a sports and social club, a club promoting pride in our Pakistan heritage. Anyone with Pakistan heritage can join… Membership is open to all Pakistanis or people of Pakistani origin, says Mr Ahmed – as long as they are aged over 18.” (1)


The stench of a sickening double standard hangs over this racist club like flies over dog muck.

There are only two communities in this country who have not a single ethnic-based community centre, club or venue for them to promote pride in their ethnic and national origins – and those are the White Indigenous English community and the White Indigenous British community.

No doubt if some enterprising members of our communities decided to open such a community centre to promote pride in our communities, then you can imagine that very soon house bricks would be thrown through the window by the wonderfully ‘tolerant’ UAF at the exact same time as some politically correct brown-nosing dullard in the local police would be kicking the front door down to raid the place in search of ‘racists’.

You can just imagine the scene if someone submitted a planning application to Bradford council to build a community centre for the White Indigenous English community. It would be like introducing a fox into a chicken coop full of fat, stupid chickens.

Trevor Phillips in the Equality Commission and his fellow quangocrats would instantly be demanding it be shut down in the same vigorous manner as certain oddballs in society demand the eradication of ‘racist’ hot-cross buns and ‘xenophobic’ pigeons who defecate on multi-cultural monuments. In fact one could be sure that Trevor and his fellow race relations industry extortionists would not cease in their constant whingeing and whining until the proposal vanished into the memory hole forever or they succumbed from gradual oxygen deprivation.

Then the local Labour Party would be organising a series of demonstrations demanding it be shut down by invoking as many nightmarish visions they can which they assert would result if the community centre was opened, everything from global climate change to invasions of big nasty wasps or the Daleks.

The local media would then print stories designed to cause fear in the community, ranging from defining it as a new Hitler’s Bunker to it being the nerve centre of SPECTRE and other evil James Bond villains.

Yes folks, this country is in the grip of a pathetic and pernicious double standard so obvious that only the truly stupid can pretend it does not exist.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr Barnes

You have there, my friend, a court case winner. Mr Barnes, please, apply to join this group, when they refuse on the grounds of your race, then sue for racial discrimination.

You are in the perfect position to fight this.