Monday 11 July 2011

Srebrenica - A Town Betrayed

Interesting video on the Srebrenica tragedy.

This one comes from the perspective of the Serbs not the Muslims.

"Srebrenica (Izdani grad) - A Town Betrayed", documents Muslim Military aggression against non-Muslim civilians, a high level orchestrated land swap and a sacrificial Muslim Division all contribed to maintain and strengthen sympathy for the Muslim victim charade sold to the world. The documentary records the unbaised findings of a Norwegian Muslim seeking answers into the Srebrenica events of 1995. It presents an insider's view of the on the ground reality that predated the ill-fated escape attempt of the 28th Muslim division and culminated with the US lead NATO criminal bombing of Serbian civilians orchestrated by President Clinton. In addition to many other severe detrimental consequences of this sequence of events Bosnia has been turned into a Muslim Terrorist Stronghold.

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Nenad said...

Please, revise Your blog post, you say that this film is from Serbian perspective, yet it's recorded by Norwegians, documented by Muslim...

For years US politicians aided by media and who knows who else are set out against Serbia and Serbian people.

During war in Bosnia (91-95), in NATO air raids '99, severing of part of Serbian territory by Kosovo Albanians.. Even now when Serbian government demands justice for orchestration of illegal human organ harvesting in Kosovo... I cannot help but wonder, what do they have against us?

Defender of Liberty said...


Here is what I want you to do.

Write me an article about what happened during the wars and I will publish it as an article.

Send it as an ordinary e mail to me at and I will post it as a full article on this site.

I want to hear the truth from a Serbian perspective for a change.



gatesofvienna said...

Nobody took the trouble to translate into English the You Tube videos of what the West would prefer we didn't know let alone understand.
It's Serbs telling their story gruesome detail.
KRAJINA The Real Genocide- Serbs had their eyes gouged out- their young girls raped then killed.
American oil interests concerned access to the Caspian sea Kosovo fitted the bill- hence Camp Bondsteel was built..You Tube the camps name.

The Lies we are fed now make me doubt everything from lying politicians and the media lackeys- that wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them across the face.

Serbs have grown poorer Soros and co richer.
Nationalists here should team with Serbian Nationalists- they at least have honour on their side.