Thursday 21 July 2011

The Ten Commandments of Nationalism

Keep all foreign political and financial institutions form assuming any power over any aspects of our national economic system, and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

Keep the Liberals and Leftists out of education so they cannot pervert the minds of the young with their subversive doctrines. The aim of education is not indoctrination. The aim of education is enable all individuals to attain their maximum potential so that society and our communities may share in their their personal and financial success.

Get the agents of the Globalists and Zionists out of government and they cannot betray Britain for interests of their own. Ensure the European Union, United States, United Nations, NATO, IMF and World Bank and the judges in Strasbourg have no authority or power over any sections of our economic, military, political or legal systems.

Keep out the central bankers and global banks. We must build a Bank of Britain that invests only in British industry and infra-structure projects and which ensures British jobs for British workers.

Ensure Zionists and foreigners are prevented from ownership of British media corporations in order to ensure they cannot control or influence democratic elections and the minds of the people.Ensure the free press prints the truth and news, not lies and political propaganda.

End all immigration and secure Britains national borders. Deport all illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, cultuurally alien colonists and Islamist terrorists in order to secure British national security. Extirpate and eradicate with extreme prejudice all those criminal and terrorist organisations that threaten our national security, internally and externally.

Ensure that only the British people via an democratically elected British government acting solely under the authority of the crown controls and directs at all times the British Military and all its functions.

Ensure that the British Constitution protects the rights and liberty of all British citizens. No laws to be passed that breach the rights and rules of the British Constitution. Only laws passed in Parliament are binding on the British people. All British citizens able to use British Constitutional rights in legal appeals to British government legislation.

Ensure the political unity and cultural unity of the British nation and people. To protect and promote the rights, interests and folk cultures of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish peoples. To protect the national natural environment of Britain, its resources, flora and fauna and to only use the land in a sustainable, protective and productive manner so that future generations may inherit and profit from its use.

Ensure the indigenous British people and their descendants remain in perpetuity the demographic majority within the territory of the British nation and all its dominions.

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