Wednesday 6 July 2011

Liverpool Speech

Full link to my Liverpool speech below.

Thanks to Peter Mullins for driving me to the meeting.

Part 1 -

Part 2-

Part 3 -

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Extant said...

Great speech mate, I enjoyed every second of it, especially the highlights.
Most of the public do not understand what we know and for that reason alone, we need a chronological analysis of today's environment, from the start to the finish by you.
I would categorize it something like the following-

1. Tv Entertainment or something else !
I would cover typical programs like filthenders, coronation street, holly oaks and especially mtv.

2. Your Council; looking after you or destroying you, your prospects and your family.

3. The Police; Militant Brutality or public protection.

4. Have we got a Goverment or do they represent other interests.

5. Why are we involved in Wars that no body wants and that clearly do not hold any interests for us.

6. Mass Immigration, One World Goverment, open borders, where we are heading, what will it be like and why.

7.The epic crime of mass gang rape, racial murder, racial child bullying at schools, non reporting of black and muslim crime cover up by the media whore's and what should be done about it and what we can do to counter it.

Banks, mordgage, finance credit etc etc.

As you know the list is endless mate, but it needs to be wittled down at first, say into 20 subjects and your very best work .

The most important thing to realise is that we are not preaching to the converted, we must preach to the masses.

I know you can do it..

Extant said...

Separate videos, 10-15 minutes a vid.