Friday 8 July 2011

The Heart of Darkness

Here we read of the heart of darkness in our society - voodoo killings, sex slavery and trafficking of people into Britain for sex slavery.

This is the result of multi-culturalism and the toleration of such evil cultures in our society.

Prosecution is not enough - voodoo must be banned, those that pratice it arrested and deported.

This sickness is spreading in our society - and those infected with the sickness must be purged from our society.

Caretaker 'was voodoo wizard who trafficked young girls, kept them in coffins and forced them to eat hearts'

Anthony Harrison, 32, accused of subjecting girls to terrifying black magic to trap them into sex slavery

Victim alleged to have been forced to eat the raw heart of a chicken as part of the ritual

By Rebecca Camber

Last updated at 1:32 PM on 23rd June 2011

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A council caretaker trafficked girls as young as 14 into Britain to work as prostitutes after they had been put under a voodoo spell, a court heard yesterday.

Anthony Harrison, 32, is alleged to have raped two girls in Britain after they had been subjected to an extraordinary African black magic ritual by a people-smuggling gang.

The terrifying ceremony was performed in Nigeria by a Juju priest to trap the girls into a life of sex slavery, it was said.

Anthony Harrison, 32, is alleged to have raped two girls in Britain after they had been subjected to an extraordinary African black magic ritual by a people-smuggling gang.

Woolwich Crown Court heard one 16-year-old girl was taken to a shrine and stripped naked before being cut so the priest could collect her blood to be put in a coffin

During the ritual, a 16-year-old girl was taken to a shrine where she was stripped naked by two men and slashed dozens of times with a razor so the priest could collect her blood which was placed in a coffin, Woolwich Crown Court heard.

In a terrifying ordeal 'little short of torture', the girl's body hair was shaved off, her arms were bound behind her back and she was forced to lie naked and covered in blood in another coffin, jurors were told.

The victim also allegedly had to eat the raw heart of a freshly slaughtered chicken as part of the spell by the priest, who told her that he had access to her soul and if she did not obey his commands he could visit her in her dreams and 'kill her from within'.

In another ritual, a 14-year-old girl was made to swear an oath of loyalty to a Juju medicine man who took her to a river and told her to eat some white clay, having passed a rock from his mouth to hers.

The youngster was instructed to wash with black soap and also given a raw chicken's heart to eat, it was said.

On trial: Harrison, 32, is alleged to be a 'key player' in a Nigerian people smuggling gang who used African black magic to terrify two young girls

The court heard that in Nigeria where Juju is a greatly feared magic or medicine, the ceremonies 'bind' the victims to the priest and ensure they would be too frightened to go to police.

The girls were later flown to Britain in 2009 on false documents where Harrison is alleged to have raped them before trying to pass them on to traffickers in Spain and
Greece to work in the sex industry.

Juju is a form of witchcraft thought to have originated in West Africa which centres on the belief that objects can be endowed with magical powers.

It is widespread in Nigeria, where such objects are made into charms believed to have the power to protect people or influence events.
Many of the practices of Juju are unknown as they are conducted in secret, but are generally characterised by elaborate rituals, often involving animals.

It is thought the word Juju means ‘fetish’ in Hausa, a language of northern Nigeria.
Juju travelled to the Americas from west Africa with the influx of slaves, and still survives in some communities that retain strong ties with their traditions.

In more recent times, migrant workers from the region brought Juju to Britain and other parts of Europe.

Riel Karmy-Jones, prosecuting, said: 'Anthony Harrison is, we suggest, a key player in what is undoubtedly a sophisticated and organised criminal network of West
African people traffickers who have been operating in the UK.'

Harrison, who led a double life as a caretaker for Newham Council in East London, allegedly had at least seven aliases. Police still do not know his real identity.

He arrived in Britain from Nigeria in April 2003, falsely claiming to be a Liberian national. Although he was refused asylum and his appeals failed, he was later granted indefinite leave to remain.

The court heard that the girls hailed from very poor backgrounds in Edo, Nigeria. The 14-year-old victim had been abandoned as a baby and was raised as a 'domestic drudge' in a single-roomed hut, before being sold into prostitution.

The elder girl was brought up by her uncle who sexually abused her.
Miss Karmy-Jones said: 'The two young women concerned were little more than children when they were trafficked into this country.' They were allegedly 'groomed' by their handlers and given 'scripts' to tell UK immigration staff that they were claiming asylum, having been forced to flee their country because they were accused of being lesbians.

Under her handler's instructions, the 16-year-old later absconded from a children's
home to meet up with Harrison, it was claimed.

Harrison is said to have threatened to kill her if she went to the police. He allegedly forced her to sleep outside, starved her and plied her with alcohol before raping her. He is also accused of raping and beating the 14-year-old.

Harrison, of Stratford, East London, denies counts of conspiracy to traffic people for sexual exploitation; two counts of false imprisonment; two counts of rape; and four counts of conspiracy to facilitate breaches of immigration law.
The trial continues.

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gatesofvienna said...

What was it politicians promised to our armed forces when fighting the Zionist inspired WW2.
Ah- yes- A Nation fit for heroes...within a few decades the nation is almost gone- with it any decency those guys fought for.

What a waste of time and lives that was- to be honest i'd rather be speaking German than what has happened to my country today.

Anyone that thinks this is all an accident- cuddle Teddy for me tonight.