Tuesday 12 July 2011

More Anti-White Racism In Scotland


A DOG walker has been shot with an air rifle in Queens Park, Glasgow.
The shooter emerged from some bushes and shot the man in broad daylight.

Police said the attacker, who was Asian, shouted verbal abuse at the 20-year-old white man before discharging the weapon.

Officers are treating the attack as being raciall

The victim was taken to nearby Victoria Infirmary with arm and leg injuries. His Jack Russell dog, called Caesar, ran off and has not been seen since.

Yesterday an area of the park near the Victoria Road entrance was taped off and two police vans were parked at the gate while officers investigated.

Strathclyde Police appealed for information about the shooting which happened at about 1pm on Sunday.

Detective Constable Barry Hughes said: "This would appear to be a totally unprovoked attack on a young man who was enjoying a walk in the park with his dog. The park was very busy at this time of day and therefore I'd like to speak to anyone who may have seen the suspect hanging about prior to this incident taking place or running off afterwards.

"It is believed that the suspect shouted some verbal abuse at the injured man prior to discharging the weapon and as such police are treating this incident as racially motivated."

The shooter is described as Asian, thin and in his mid-20s. He wore a black polo shirt and black three quarter-length trousers.

Police also appealed for information about the missing dog.

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Adrian Peirson said...

at least they are saying it was racially motivated and he weas asian, usually they justcall them 'youths' and say they have no idea about the motive.

I am and Englishman

Adrian Peirson said...

David Duke on russia today

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs Betrayal Of the West