Monday 18 July 2011

A Shout Out to the Jewish Chronicle

Hi to the Jewish Chronicle.

I went all misty eyed when you guys wrote your latest piece about me, it reminded me so much of the old days, when you still loved to hate me.

Wipes small tear from his eyes.

Thanks guys.

I tell you what was interesting about your article though, the fact that a spokesperson for the CST seems to suggest that the CST has a stranglehold over politics in Britain, and that they can decide who the British people can and will vote for.

After the collapse of the Murdoch Empire, you may just want to re-assess that belief.

One after the other, the dominoes of the Old Order are falling.

The BNP's former legal director, Lee Barnes, has joined a new far-right political party, the British Freedom Party.

Mr Barnes, known for his vocal anti-Zionism, is the BFP's legal and policy officer. It now has more than 1,000 members on Facebook, stating plans to "end all immigration and economic migration and reverse the colonisation of Britain under multi-culturalism."

Party chairman Peter Mullins, a former BNP parliamentary candidate, said last week at a party meeting in Liverpool that the BFP would now be putting up candidates in by-elections and council elections.

On his personal blog, Mr Barnes has called anti-fascist group Searchlight a "Zionist front organisation", called the Conservative Party "Zionist stooges of the Zionist Murdoch and run by the Zionist bankers," and wrote: "Holocaust was the price ordinary Jews of Europe paid for the actions of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia after the Russian Revolution." He then linked to the Holocaust denial website, the Institute for Historical Review.

A spokesman for the Community Security Trust said: "The BFP has already split since its creation. Lee Barnes is unlikely to succeed in this, or in any other political mission."

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Lex said...

You could always write them the occasional missive, Lee, since they seem to obsess on you so much.-

A bit of mutual, you know, between theirs and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. Just to prove they're not as retentive and biased as they claim not to be. Perhaps they will give you a regular column. Rabbi Barnes has a ring to it . oi! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Chronicle is still saying the human race is 7,000 years old.

alanorei said...

Hi mate

You know what they say, "If you're taking flak..."

Re: Zionists etc., note John 19:15:

..."We have no king but Caesar."

God took the speakers at their word. They have had no king but Caesar for the last 2,000 years (and the worst is yet to come).

Sadly, even Melanie doesn't get it, really.

He is the shadowy figure in your Tipping Point post, though he is also a master of disguise, even as "an angel of light" 2 Corinthians 11:14.

He's still out there.

Anonymous said...

Im just wondering what was the point to that article.
Did they need to fill a slot?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee!
How are things? What do you think of the following for British industry?
Takeovers: ALL employees to have the same redundancy rights. Managers and directors to be appointed for a fixed term. Some shares to have NO voting rights.
Disclosure: Firms should be required to provide more extensive info. on their performance.
Stakeholder Council: should be set up to which the company board would be answerable..made up of interest groups such as employees, customers and suppliers.


gatesofvienna said...

Here Lee- use my lovely clean white hankie!

LBC Radio today asked us- what question would we ask of those attending the paliament committee today.

Mine was directed to Rupert himself..

When did you Mr Murdoch a Jewish Israeli Citizen take control of the British Government.

Murdoch belongs to the extreme far right Likud Ultra Nationalist party!

Again- The Goyim isn't allowed to do what jews do!!

An eye witness account!!

The victims were in the great majority, certainly much over ninety percent, Germans, and a few were Jews. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. But the manner of reporting in the world's press in time blocked-out the great suffering mass, leaving only the case of the Jews ...

All these statements are false. The measures against the Jews did not outstrip the terror against other groups; the Jews were involved in a much larger number of others. The reign of terror did not begin on January 29, 1933, but in the night of the Reichstag fire, February 27. No 'burning of Jewish books' was ordered; I attended and reported that bonfire and have looked up my report published in The Times, to verify my recollection ...

A mass of "Marxist" books was burned, including the works of many German, English and other non-Jewish writers (my books, had they then been published, would undoubtedly have been among them); the bonfire included some Jewish books. the "brunt" of the terror was not borne by Jews, nor were the concentration camps 'filled with Jews'. The number of Jewish victims was in proportion to their ratio of the population.

Reed claims that the Allies war effort was deliberately crafted to give the USSR control of Eastern Europe. The idea (as we have discussed) was to set up a faux Cold War that would further militarize the West and drain it of its freedoms.


An American comment left at Veterans Today.

Antisemite is a T.H.I.N.K.E.R.

The UN was set up to advance Pharisaical aims of a new world order and World War II itself ended up primarily advancing such. "When the smoke of battle cleared only three purposes had been achieved, none of them disclosed at its start: the world-revolution ... had advanced to the middle of Europe; Zionism had been armed to establish itself in Palestine by force; the 'world-government', obviously the result which these two convergent forces were intended to produce, had been set up anew in embryo form, this time in New York."

After the war, "the Zionists struck at once," bisecting Palestine on April 9, 1948 when a group of activists "utterly destroyed" an Arab village. Reed claims this was "an exact and literal fulfillment of 'the Law' laid down in Deuteronomy (which, the reader will recall, is the basic Judaic law but was itself an amendment of the original Mosaic law of the Israelites). This was the most significant day in the entire story of Zionism ... Thereon almost the entire Arab population of Palestine fled into the neighbouring Arab states."

Israel or Britain - Mr Cameron- No man can have two masters.

Ex Navy officer Brian Gerrish- he is A political!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

here is a few more policies that the British Freedom Party may want to consider:
Westminster: Abolish MP's Perks;
Election of Speaker by secret Ballet; smaller House of Commons
law and Order: Police placed under elected Sheriffs who will be responsible for all areas of policing, probabtion, local sentencing guidelines etc.
Independent State Schools: scrap national corriculum; local voucher scheme to pay school fees for all children - so money will follow the child.
True Localism: Replace VAT with a Local Sales Tax; devolve powers and grant counties and cities resp. for all areas of policy such as NHS and Welfare provision; local councils to be self-financing