Monday 18 July 2011

British Glasnost and Perestroika

The UK is undergoing a period of fundamental regime change as dramatic as those in the ending of the Cold War.

The Command and Control system of the corporate media over our democracy and elections is ending.

Control is returning to the politicians, and so we need to ensure that the politicians serve the people from now on - and never again just the media.

We are undergoing our own variant of Glasnost and Perestroika.

We must now start to organise to take adavantage of these changes.

It is not enough for the media and the police to reform, so must politics itself.

The corporate media fascism of promoting and attacking political parties who work for the interests of the media barons that run the corporate media has to end.

The press must be prohibited from interfering in elections.

They must be prohibited from campaigning for or against any political parties in any elections.

They must follow a code of ethics that is legally binding and with criminal sanctions that protect the public, a fair and free electoral system and our democracy itself.

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