Sunday 24 July 2011

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Suspected Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, in custody following a shooting and bombing rampage on July 22 that left 92 people dead, believes that the number of Muslims in Western Europe is “reaching critical mass” and that “there is a core of Cultural Communist elites in Western Europe who really want to destroy Western civilization, European traditions, national solidarity and Christianity.” But he believes an impending economic meltdown will generate armed grassroots resistance in Europe. He spelled out his beliefs in what he saw as the threats to the European identity posed by radical Muslims and multiculturalists in a series of messages obtained exclusively by The Washington Times. The messages were sent to a source who corresponded with Mr. Breivik on Facebook in July 2009.

Our source said that Mr. Breivik “seemed completely normal” at first though clearly highly focused on the issue of Islam in Europe. In a brief introductory message on July 11, Mr. Breivik said that he had “been working full time on a compendium about the Islamisation of Europe now for almost two years” entitled "September 11th, 2083."

The next day in a longer message he began by observing that “the U.S. is much better off than Western Europe, that's for sure. I'm from Oslo btw,” he continued, “which [has] about 20% Muslims now. The Muslim ‘ghettofication process’ on the east side of my city is pretty radical. Most of these Muslims are religiously conservative non-educated individuals from NW Pakistan and Somalia which makes it even more challenging. The only positive aspect I guess is that they live in their own enclave (parallel society) with little to no interaction with Norwegian society.”

European cities “about to burst”

Mr. Breivik expressed his annoyance that Norway is portrayed in the media as “a socialist, culturally diverse utopia.” The truth of the matter, he wrote, “is that a majority of Norwegians (like most other Western European countries) have opposed mass Muslim immigration for decades. Its really starting to boil here (especially after the Muslim riots in Oslo a few months back which resulting in the trashing of half the city) although the mainstream Norwegian media are doing whatever they can to systematically conceal the truth. Even though we host the most successful anti-Islamisation party in Europe (Progress party, 22% last election) it doesn't make much of a difference as every single proposal is categorically rejected by the seven multiculturalist parties.

“However, France and the Netherlands and select European major cities are in an even worse state. It will be interesting to follow the development there closely. Paris, Marseilles, Brussels are about to burst.”

Mr. Breivik said he devoted much of his book to tackling what he believed was the “root cause of Islamisation, namely multiculturalism/cultural communism. Europe has always been based on a Judeo-Christian culture and it’s essential that we continue to fight for that. In that regard, it’s positive to witness how the ‘old school nationalists’ all around Europe are conforming by rejecting the old racist and anti-Jewish views. The new Conservatist ‘new right’ is rapidly developing into a pro-Israel, anti-Jihad alliance.

“Most peoples’ prediction is that it won’t end well though. We will not be able to stop the current demographic warfare waged against Europe by the Global Islamic Ummah. It is likely that the end game will be a ‘strongman’ result further down the road (in about 3-7 decades). An increasing number of metropolitan Europeans are sick of living in dhimmitude [i.e., subjugation of non-Muslims to Islam].”

Impending “economic downfall”

Mr. Breivik believed that an impending economic crisis would be the trigger for action against the perceived Islamic threat. “Today Western Europeans refrain from reacting since they live in economic prosperity,” he wrote, “and to stand up for their ideas would send them into suffering. However, in a few decades we will have an economic downfall that will make the current recession look like a picnic. And at that point standing up for their ideas will come at no extra cost, since the suffering is already prevalent.”

But ultimately Mr. Breivik did not think that the traditional European identity would be overwhelmed. “I’m optimistic,” he wrote. “Europeans won’t allow it to go too far and we will never allow the creation of future ‘mini-Pakistans.’”

The emerging European resistance

On July 13, Mr. Breivik sent a thousand-word message going into more detail regarding his views of the threat posed by Muslims in Europe, and the possible responses, including “armed resistance.” He also gave some insight into himself and his motivations. “A few years ago… I had different priorities in life,” he wrote, “me, myself and I.” He said that his “best friend for many years (in my childhood) was a Pakistani. He resented everything about Norway and Norwegians (me being the exception). I have known a lot of Muslims over the years which triggered my interest for Islam. … I sold my company a few years back which allowed me to focus full time on the current compendium I'm writing; ‘September 11th, 2083.’ I’ve lived quite ascetic since then.”

Mr. Breivik said that the issue he was focused on was not new. “People have been describing the problem for almost 10 years,” he wrote, “but they refrain from presenting solutions, reason being that the democratic mechanics will most likely not be able to solve or correct our current course. We’ve seen it several times in history. Once an ‘Empire’ focuses all its resources on being ‘good’ instead of being ‘powerful’ it will succumb. If an empire doesn't believe in ‘something,’ it will be defeated by anything. It’s understandable though that intellectuals are afraid of stating the obvious. They don't want to be labeled as extremists.”

Mr. Breivik believed that there would come a time when people in Europe would turn to violence. “I think we will see the first real signs of European resistance or even armed resistance within 10-15 years in certain European metropolitans,” he wrote. “I’ve seen and heard of numerous suspect ‘accidents’ already, even in Norway. For example a data central in Oslo was torched a few weeks ago. It severely delayed the registration of new asylum seekers etc. It’s not a secret that the current European governments have gone to great lengths to cover incidents like these up to avoid the ‘inspirational’ effect.”

For the police there are “too many individuals to monitor”

But Mr. Breivik did not think that the alleged media coverup of armed European resistance could continue. “I doubt they will succeed to cover up incidents like these for much longer,” he wrote. “Islam is reaching critical mass in several European cities right about now (20%) which is indicative of the Police being unable to counter all attacks. [There] will simply be too many individuals to monitor. They have already stopped hundreds of Jihadi attacks since 7/7 [the London mass transit bombings] and 9/11.”

Mr. Breivik believed that the new European nationalism was not anti-Semetic like the Nazis and other 20th Century extremist movements. To the extent anti-Semetism existed in Europe, he maintained, it was in the “Socialist spectrum.” But “it’s not the case for the people nor the majority of political parties. It’s the Cultural Communists - Socialist Left Party, and the Labour Party (both are in government atm). Both of the right wing parties, H√łyre (Conservatives) and especially the Progress Party (the only anti-Islamisation party) are very pro-Israel.

“Cultural Communist elites”

“There is a core of Cultural Communist elites in Western Europe who really want to destroy Western civilization, European traditions, national solidarity and Christianity (Israel by default) but the majority of the multiculturalists are mostly just ignorant of the truth or are just going with the flow. It was a mistake not to arrest these hardcore communists after the Cold War. Now we are paying the price. This relatively small core of individuals ([European Commission President Jose Manuel ] Barroso is one of them) who work as force multipliers due to the fact that they have leading positions in the EU system.”

Mr. Breivik also believed that anti-Americanism in Europe was mainly the product of internationalist elites and biased media. “A majority of Europeans love the U.S.,” he wrote, “just like a majority of Europeans support Israel’s fight against Jihad. But considering the fact that 80-90% of the media + politicians ‘officially’ support Cultural Communist views it’s only natural that the coverage is extremely biased.

“Actually, every ‘suppressed’ poll I’ve seen indicate that a majority support our views to some degree. They are just unwilling to flag their views publicly as they know it will involve stigma. Another portion agree in principle but are just lying to themselves (because the multiculturalist system has taught them to feel shame if they have given sympathies). It’s also a gender factor. All the statistics I’ve seen indicate that 70% of males support Cultural Conservatism (anti-Islamisation) while the same amount of females support Cultural Communism (Islamisation).”

The coming European conflagration

Despite his belief that the power structure was arrayed against the purported grassroots resistance to Isalmification, Mr. Breivik believed this could be overcome. “The biggest challenge in all of this is that people don't have a clue what Islam is,” he wrote “The key is therefore to propagate the truth about Islam. All the potent information is out there, and the blogging scene is making it increasingly harder for the establishment to suppress the truth. I'm very optimistic because I know that Islam is the Achilles [Heel] of the Cultural Communists. Multiculti is a self-defeating ideology when Islam is involved. It will take time, and will most definitely result in a lot more human misery along the way, but their own greed have in fact created the foundation for their own downfall. Continued ghettofication, mass Muslim immigration combined with high birth rates will make sure of that. European capitals are the lab rats in this regard. You will most likely be able to learn from our example when Europe soon will burn once again in a few decades.”

Mr. Breivik predicted that the coming conflagration in Europe would have the characteristics of a religious war. “I expect that a huge confrontation (European cultural civil war) will be followed by the creation of a strong Cultural Conservative block which will form a strong anti-Jihad alliance with Russia, Israel, India and other countries with similar problems,” he wrote. But he was unsure whether the United States would become involved in this clash of civilizations. “I really hope the U.S. will be a part of this future alliance,” he wrote, “but I find the U.S. much harder to analyze and predict (too many variables).”

Breivik a “pioneer in this fight”

“A majority of the people I know support my views,” he wrote, “they are just apathetic. They know that there will be a confrontation one day, but they don't care because it will most likely not happen within the next two decades.” He said he was a “pioneer in this fight, and I have no doubt whatsoever that we will see a political shift in our favor sooner than we might expect. It might look grim at the moment, but we are after all fighting a self-defeating ideology (Cultural Communism that is, not Islam). The only pragmatic approach towards Islam is to isolate it to Muslim countries once we are in a position to do so -- on September 11th, 2083.”

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Anonymous said...

A an intelligent, well balanced white nationalist goes on the rampage and kills white children at a marxist indoctrination camp some of it 'makes sense' killing kids doesn't. I don't know of any nationalists that would do that. It's strange, the narrative doesn't fit. He know of the conspiracy against us , knows how they operate and knows that his actions will be used to further undermine our cause by the MediaEstablishment. Either he;'s a maniac , in which case he snapped after giving the above analysis, or something else. I can 'understand' the politicians etc being targeted as they have mark us down for death but kids? What purpose will this serve, who benefits?

gatesofvienna said...

Support Israel- Never!
He hates Cultural Marxism/Communism- that sprung from the jewish mind!

Judeo Christianity
What does the term mean? Judaism overrun by Christianity? Christianity overrun by Judaism? Did not Christianity grow out of opposition to Judaism? Did not Christ throw the buyers and sellers from the temple? Was not Christ crucified at the behest of the Jews? Are not parts of the Talmud filled with vilification of both Christ and his mother? How can they be linked? The two beliefs differ profoundly. The one intensely racist the other with the instruction to "Teach all peoples"

The Jewish scholar Dr. Joseph Klausner in his book "Jesus of Nazareth" expressed the Judaic viewpoint that Christ's teachings were " irreconcilable with the spirit of Judaism, " containing "the germs from which there could and must develop in course of time a non-Jewish and even anti-Jewish teaching."

Gershon Mamlak, an award-winning Jewish Zionist intellectual, recently claimed that the "Jesus tradition " is in direct conflict to Judaism's role as the Chosen people".

Confusion over the origin of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity is the root of the Judeo-Christian myth. Biblical scholars Robert and Mary Coote clearly show in their book " Politics and the Making of the Bible" that neither is Christianity a patched up Judaism, nor is Rabbinic Judaism automatically synonymous with the religion of Moses and the old Hebrews.

He copied and pasted- except for ref to Cultural Marxism.

Why when we know the jew owned media lie- do we suddenly believe them now?

Christian Zionism
The socalled Christian Zionism is co-opted by a foreign lobby, AIPAC, and used to carry out Israeli objectives. AIPAC and its powers were well documented in 1994, in "One Nation under Israel" by Andrew J Hurley, and published by We Hold These Truths.

The Southern Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell who died in 2007 may have been the first leader to recognize the potential for linking dispensational Christianity with Zionism and harness its combined power into a political movement with loyalty to the state of Israel as its primary mission. In the early 1980s, Falwell called his fledgling army “The Moral Majority.” It was later referred to as the “Christian Right." Today the millions of people who have made the present state of Israel the centrepiece of their Christian religion have been given the name “Christian Zionists.”

Happy to be a Zionist Cameron..

Judeo-Christianity (also called “evangelicalism,” dispensationalism, or Christian Zionism) is by any name, an apostate-cult, meaning it practises, in part, a deviant path of following Christ.

One good thing should the dollar fall- so will Israel!

The parasite can't live on a dead body.

Islamic Demographics a danger- cure to that babies.
And politicians with balls.... of which we are sadly lacking.
Concrete will cover England then folk will realise that the problem exists.
Dumbed down by jew owned media.

ZOG Britain.