Friday, 8 August 2008

Another Oil War

With the US and UK bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, it looks like Russia has seen its chance to grab back South Ossetia and possibly engineer an invasion of Georgia.

Imagine if Kent decided to declare uniltaeral independence as a Sharia Gangster State run by Islamic terrorists and criminals then this is the situation as regards Georgias attack to take its land back.

Georgia has the right to seize back its territory from the Russian sponsored Islamists that took control of their territory, but at the same time Russia has a right to defend what it sees as its strategic interests in the Caucases.

South Ossettia is next door to Russia as is Georgia, but Iraq is not next door to the UK or US.

The issue for Russia is primarily oil as it wants to keep the oil in the area for itself and its allies instead of it being shipped to the west - and with the example set by the US and UK in Iraq which gave the world the green light for their own Oil Imperialsm agendas then we have no right to attack Russia for doing what we did.

" From Tbilisi, the oil pipeline links head south into Turkey, away from the breakaway South Ossetia region, the scene of the fighting.

They are particularly valued by the European Union because they reduce dependency on Russian supplies and do not cross Russian territory.

But exports of gas and oil have been disrupted following a blast in Turkey earlier this week. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Baku-Tblisis-Ceyhan pipeline: The BP-led pipeline was opened in 2006.

It can pump up to one million bpd of Azeri crude along the 1,040 mile route to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

It is the first pipeline to carry large volumes of crude from the Caspian without going through Russia.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum pipeline: Also known as the Shakh-Deniz Pipeline, takes gas from the Shakh Deniz gasfield in the Caspian Sea to Erzurum in Turkey.

It is jointly operated by BP and StatoilHydro. It began exports to Turkey in 2007 and will eventually be able to carry 20 billion cubic metres of gas. "

All around the world the nations are aligning themselves to those nations that have the last of the remaining oil.

With the UK and US ponitificating about 'respecting human rights and national borders' from atop a moral high ground built upon a burial mound of dead Iraqis, the sight of US and UK politicians criticising Russia is pure hypocrisy.

The best thing we can do is butt out.

This their war and is nothing to do with us.

As a Nationalist I can see both sides of this conflict - and as a Nationalist I say keep the UK out of it.

I am sick of seeing UK politicians strutting around the world pontificating about 'human rights' and posturing as the worlds policema and social worker as we bomb the shit out of other countries.

The image of Blair and Brown poncing about in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan in their shirt sleeves with strategically placed black / asian / female/ soldiers behind them is pure propaganda.

But most of all I am sick of seeing British troops die in deserts and foreign fields that are nothing to do with us.

I admire Russia, the one thing I do not like is its cosying up to the Shiite Islamists of the world.

Russia should be part of Europe not the East, though it is understandable that the US / Israel / Saudi Arabia / UK / Sunni Alliance requires Russia to cosy up to Iran -but I dont like it.

The UK should not be a part of any Sunni Oil Axis and Russia should not be part of any Shiite Oil Axis.

Russia and Georgia should be part of a New European Alliance built on the rubble of the EU and the New World Order and the Sunni / Shiite Axis.

The main fall out of this conflict though will be a huge rise in the price of oil again, on top of the already rising price ;

" Supply gap could mean oil hits $200 a barrel
By Russell Hotten
Last Updated: 10:40pm BST 07/08/2008

Only a collapse in the global demand for oil can save economies from a supply crisis and crude prices reaching more than $200 a barrel, according to a report out today.

Energy expert Paul Stevens says that governments and companies are investing too little to meet future needs and a "supply crunch" will hit within "five to 10 years."

His report, for the Chatham House think tank, dispels hopes that the recent 20pc fall in the oil price from its $147.27 peak might herald a return to more manageable levels. "A spike of over $200 is possible," Mr Stevens concludes.

Mr Stevens, emeritus professor at Dundee University, believes that not enough money and expertise were invested in the 1990s to maintain the capacity needed to satisfy present trends in oil consumption.

While there is plenty of oil in the ground, there is not enough going on above ground to convert these resources into "producing capacity".

He blames, in part, international oil companies for spending too much on dividends to shareholders rather than re-investing.

Another factor is that some governments are "starving" their national oil companies of investment funds.

Mr Stevens says that members of the Opec oil cartel have failed to meet plans for capacity expansion since 2005.

He writes: "In reality, the only possibility of avoiding such a crunch appears to be if a major recession reduces demand - and even then such an outcome may only postpone the problem."

Mr Stevens warns about the long lead times between introducing policies, and their impact on demand.

"Only extreme policy measures could achieve a speedy response, and these are usually politically unpopular," he writes.

The price of Brent crude for September delivery was $1.19 higher at $118.19 in late trading yesterday. "

If this war kicks off properly with Russia then this could be the start of a new expansionist Russian Nationalism - just as the West is becoming dependent on Russian Gas and Oil as well as Saudi oil.

Yet again more evidence that we need a 100 % energy independent national energy system - and end this idiotic and traitorous dependence on foreign energy supplies.

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alanorei said...

A massive mainly US fleet is heading for Iran apparently.

Not good news.