Friday, 8 August 2008

The Media and Voodoo Politics

For a long time I have been saying that children do not see their parents as role models or the major influences in their lives, and that in fact their main role models are their peers and the people in the media.

Blaming simgle mothers for their wayward children is in most cases total nonsense. Even the children of married parents go out of control - as the main influence on children in our society is not their parents - it is the media and their peers who are their main influences.

In National Socialist Germany the hero of most children was Hitler - as the media told them to worship him.

In Soviet Russia it was Stalin.

In our society it is Brad Pitt, Jordan and scumbags like Pete Doherty, 50 Cent - porn stars, football stars, rap stars, rock stars and the rest of the degenerates that the media promote to the kids. Kids copy the heros they are sold by the media.

Parents have no way of defending their kids from the pernicious poison of the media as it pumps its crap out at the kids 24/7 in the magazines they read, in the films they watch, in the music they listen too and in the lies they are told at school.

Blaming single parents for wayward kids is Voodoo Politics - it is a myth peddled by the scum in the media as they cannot ever acknowledge THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE YOUTH CRIME EPIDEMIC.

Voodoo politics is the politics where the media and politicians conspire to create false links in a new social panic so as to pass the buck onto anyone but themselves - this isby conflating correlation with causation.

In other words they tell lies to blame anyone but themselves eg single parents are responsible for youth crime.

Total bullshit of course - as it ignores the effect of the media, the laws that allow the media to spread filth in our society and the way that kids damaged by the media filth influence each other.

Its like saying ' the reason why their is so much youth crime in Wales is because it is rains a lot ' - in this case a thesis of causation and correlation is made that is nonsense even if their is youth crime in wales and it does rain a lot !

The media will blame everything and everyone but themselves - when in reality it is the media which poisons our society, poisons our kids and poisons their minds with its filth. It only takes one kid with a mind and soul poisoned by the filth pumped out by the media to pollute a whole group of kids - thats how the media poson spreads and infects a gang as the kids then copy each other.

The meme created from the media settles in the mind of one kid who then poisons other kids with it.

The media simply lie to pass the buck onto single parents - and the scumbag politicians all go along with the lie as they all depend on media support to get into power.

Anyone who tells the truth about the media becomes the enemy of the media and as the media decide who gets elected in our socety by peddling their propaganda and lies about them - then anyone who tells the truth about the media scum are never elected into power.

Finally it appears this is being recognised ;

In a bleak report on youth culture, the charity founded in 1976 by the Prince of Wales said that more than a third of 16 to 25-year-olds say they do not have a parent they consider a role model, so turn to their peer group instead.

Among those who have left school with no formal qualifications, the proportion with no role model is significantly higher, at 43 per cent, compared with the age group as a whole, at 34 per cent.

More than half (55 per cent) cite friends as their main role models and two thirds say that they would go to a peer first with a problem. Fewer than a third (31 per cent) would turn to a parent.

Although fewer than one in ten (9 per cent) of young people have spent time in a gang, there is widespread sympathy for those who do. More than half (58 per cent) say “finding a sense of identity” is a key reason for joining one.

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