Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Liberalism = Mass Murder

One of the great ironies of history when this period of history is looked back upon will be the realisation that Liberalism was the most degenerate, cruel and genocidal system ever invented by man.

Take abortion - since 1967 over six million abortions have taken place in the UK alone, a staggering number symbolic for its link to the Holocaust. The liberal proponents of abortion are the perpetrators of a holocaust that dares not speak its name. Whilst the Shoah is fetishised and made a religion in itself and laws are passed to criminalise those who dare debate the issue, our schoolkids who are sexualised from the age of 5 in schools are offered abortions like they used to be offered candy (before sweets became linked with obesity and now kids are effectively banned at schools from eating sweets but offered abortion assistance by their teachers).

Another facet of this Liberal Holocaust is the way that the liberals have sent food aid to Africa and developing nations and thereby increased their populations to massive numbers, way beyond the agricultural carrying capacity of the land, just as Peak Oil is about to ensure that global food production will crash.

In the article by Rex Wyler he states ;

"As the era of cheap liquid fuels draws to an end, everything about modern consumer society will change. Likewise, developing societies pursuing the benefits of globalization will struggle to grow economies in an era of scarce liquid fuels. The most localized, self-reliant communities will experience the least disruption."

This is a damning indictment of liberalism, globalisation and development aid.

In effect the author admits that nations with expanded populations dependent upon food aid are going to be devastated and suffer huge famines.

This is what Liberalism has done, it has allowed those nations dependent upon food aid to expand their populations way beyond what the land can provide for. This means the populations of those nations live on the edge of constant disaster.

In effect we feed them to ensure they keep on reproducing.

Have you noticed how the new buzz word of the media, the liberals and the left is 'sustainability' and how we should be living in the West in a 'sustainable way' and ensuring we live in a way where we do not exploit the environment.

Yet have you noticed how the peoples of Africa and China and India etc etc are never asked to live in a 'sustainable' way - oh no, instead we are supposed to live 'sustainably' but they arent of course.

You see sustainable means in reality LESS WHITES not less Africans, Indians Chinese etc etc.

In an example of liberal reverse racism only White Europeans are expected to be moral enough or clever enough to live in a 'sustainable' way. Africans and the rest of the world can forget about living in a sustainable way - they can spawn as many kids as they like and the West will keep feeding them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ITV news showed footage last night of the latest famine in Ethiopia.

It showed one woman in a mud hut WITH TEN CHILDREN saying that her children were hungry.


What sort of idiot has ten children in a nation that is dependent upon food aid and that suffers famines on a yearly basis.

Whilst the readers of the Daily Mail lambast single mothers in this country for getting pregnant, they at the same time donate to the latest emotional campaign of media manipulation which shows footgae of fly infested crying starving babies on the TV.


Instead of donating money for food we should be demanding that the money donated goes on sterilising women and men after a family has more than 1 child.


This is what Liberalism has done - it has placed emotionalism before logic.

The TV shows a few starving babies and the obese liberal idiots in the West then seek to salve their consciences by donating money to feed the babies, who then go on to have more and more babies thereby creating a cycle of perpetual dependence and disasters.

This has to stop.

Food aid money should be used to ensure that no more will the feckless men and women of Africa be able to have ten children.

Instead of feeding them, we should be sterilising them.

Any nation in Africa that refuses to impose a 'One Child Policy' should not be sent a single penny of development aid, food aid or debt aid.

If they keep having more kids, let their own governments deal with the situation.

Dont expect the West to subsidise your stupidity anymore.

The Peak Oil nightmare means that because of the liberals hundreds of millions of people in Africa will die of famine or mass migrate to the West because the food they are dependent upon from the West will no longer be being produced in the West.

The Africans will either stay where they are and starve or they will flee Africa.

This influx of African immigrants will cause civil wars in Europe and thereby ensure our people die of famines as our social systems collapse under the pressure of feeding and housing these immigrants.

You dont expect the liberal shit that run the West to resist the immigrant hordes fleeing famine in Africa do you - of course not, they will let them all in because the media will be showing footage of starving babies !

Liberalism is the curse of the 20th century, and it will cause the collapse of the 21st century.

All those that allow the media to manipulate them and their emotions through the use of images of famine designed to provoke an emotional response rather than a rational response are slaves.

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Anonymous said...

Superb Lee you are on form this week and I agree with you wholeheartedly on this issue.

Live Aid spawned a 50% increase in the population of Ethiopia thanks to these lunatics. And here they are again, 23 years on, holding out their begging bowl expecting the west to bale out black for black's irresponsibility.

The famine is nature's way of telling these idiots that they are acting against nature, that they over breed and are unable to feed themselves. Let's stop interfering and rewarding them for THEIR irresponsibilty and let mother nature solve the problem herself.



Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Top marks for helping to expose one of the most hideous forms of Liberal hypocrisy on this planet today (it ranks as equal to the Great Communist Holocaust Cover-Up that Liberalism and its facile, warped hypocritical adherents have helped to hide and present as an insignificant historical event).

The first idiotic liberal who must be exposed is that self-righteous two-faced twat Geldof who relaunched his ailing career in the Boomtown Twats by helping us idiots in the West to cry our crocodile tears of guilt at the sight of those bloody irresponsible people in Ethiopia.

Let's face facts here, hard facts.

If they choose to engage in bloody civil wars and deplete the land through overgrazing (often supplied by a guilt-ridden West)and have lots of babies whose mouths they cannot feed, then fuck 'em.

It's not our fault and it's not our problem.

We are acting in way that is highly irresponsible by maintaining our material support to these people as we are allowing them to continue not having to make choices.

They continue to degrading the soil and having lots of babies and we support them in their environmental and demographically- destructive choices.

We neither help them or help ourselves, or indeed of humanity and Gaia as a whole.

This debases the spirituality of Western civilisation as it does these Third World countries.

Let's stop being naive, pathetically guilt-ridden do-gooders and reduce aid.

Aid must come with a proviso that must be strictly enforced.

The Age of Pussy-Footing must come to an end.

Anonymous said...

I consider that the Liberal Holocaust (and that's not taking into account the Abortion Holocaust) is a tragedy that the West's liberals must now admit and recant.

We have had the Holocausts of the Albigensian Cathar Christian Gnostics in 12th century southern France by the Roman catholic Church, the Holocaust of the Armenian Chrsitains by the Turkish Muslims in the early 20th centuty, the Nazi Holocaust of Jews in 1942-45, and the Communist Holocausts of the USSR and Red China- amongst others.

Now we are faced with the Hidden Holocaust - the Holocaust that dare not speak its name.

The Holocaust that does not exist because it has been inspired by Liberalism.

It is time that we launched a propaganda and political offensive on Liberalism and its agents and exert pressure on the national and international courts to bring these Liberal jack-booted bleeding heart mass murderers to task.

Never mind those free-thinkers who choose to question or revise the Nazi Holocaust and who are banged up in jail because of thsoe views(they're wrong in my opinion but hey - they have a RIGHT to question and a RIGHt to their views) - what about those Liberal genocidal maniacs who initiate mass starvation in the Third World and who continue to launch propaganda offensives in the Western mass media to emotionalise the genocide?

The Nazis de-humanised the Jews before they could initiate the Jewish Holocaust and to turn anti-semitism into a national state policy.

Today we have the genocidal exponennts of the Liberal Death-Cult turning the starving of the Third World into guilt fetishes so that it turns the Western population into active participants into the well-meaning genocidal mass murder of Third World people.

Liberalism msut be held to account and their agents be forced into acourt of law to answer for their crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Africans (on the continent) have a lower life expectancy. So I don't see what's so alarming about it nor the need for sterilization. Is that your personal view or that of your organization? Just curious. There may be some having 10 children, but how many of them will survive into adulthood? To me, that is the scary part. They simply aren't as socially aware. When people are more educated, they tend to make better decisions and choices.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormaire,

the reason why they have such a life expectancy is because they cant feed themselves - therefore they have a lower life expectancy because they breed too much. It is a self fulfilling circle of misery.

I believe the need for sterelisation is required - this is my blog, not a BNP blog. Unfortunately idiots cannot understand the difference between my opinions and whats in the BNP manifesto.

If its in the manifesto it is policy, if it is on my blog it is my opinion.

I agree education is required - and I will amend my opinion to include both a One Child sterlisation policy and that money be spent on education.

No more food aid though - thats just making the problem worse.

Anonymous said...

Um, if they have a lower life expectancy, the doubling of the population in just 20 years on the back of a famine just highlights how insane this situation is.

Pity the self-righteous sneering liberal-marxists cannot realise how much suffering and destruction THEY and THEIR policies have caused.

Crimes for which they should be made to answer for.



Bert Rustle said...

Aid has assisted a massive increase in population in the developing world, for example in Africa where the population is disproportionately young. Yet Aid has not proportionately provided the further education, employment and health care that many of these same young people presumably see on TV and aspire to. I would hazard a guess that the same people who promote aid also promote the inward migration of these young people to the West.

Jean Raspail wrote a novel based on this very scenario over thirty years ago, The Camp of the Saints. The whole book is available as a free downloadable pdf. For a very brief overview see Jean Raspail—Our Cassandra.