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Liberalism and the Fall of Christianity

"Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error, they must receive the resurrection while they live."
- Gospel of Philip

"Those who name themselves bishop and deacon and act as if they had received their authority from God are in reality waterless canals. Although they do not understand mystery they boast that the mystery of truth belongs to them alone. They have misinterpreted that apostle's teaching and have set up an imitation church in place of the true Christian brotherhood."
- Apolcalyse of Peter

"Recognizing the political implications of the doctrine of the resurrection does not account for its extraordinary impact on religious experiences of Christians...but in terms of the social order...the orthodox teaching on the resurrection had a different effect. It legitimized a hierarchy of persons through whose authority all others must approach God. Gnostic teaching was subversive of this order, it claimed to offer to every initiate a means of direct access to God of which the priests and bishops themselves might be ignorant."
- Elaine Pagaels, The Gnostic Gospels

Interesting story in the Telegraph ;

It appears that the real issue is not being debated here - which is the way the Church of England, as part of the entire morbid edifice of Christianity, is now changing to adopt the same Liberalism that is an aspect of its own collapse.

Let us take a look at the issues that afflict Christianity - from the 10 % of paedophiles that infest the Catholic Church to the homosexualisation of the Church of England.

Liberalism is the last phase of Christianity.

This is why pro-paedophile websites like Lancaster Unity which is riddled with sexual degenerates whose politics is based solely on their abberant sexuality, now seek to uphold the power of the churches in our society.

This is because the churches are now filled with liberals who are as degenerate as they are.

The churches have become magnets for paedophiles and degenerates - and this is why so many paedophile activists and homosexual activists have joined the churches and why the far left and liberals now also seek to infiltrate and support the churches.

Another aspect of the fall of the churches has been the way they have been infiltrated by the Far Left since the 1960's and the spread of socialist Liberation Theology within the churches.

This culminated in the UK with the vile posters of the image of Christ upon the Communist Red Flag with him being depicted as Che Guevara.

To equate Christ with Guevara was the ultimate blasphemy, and proof of how the leftists had managed to subvert the Church from within.

Their agenda was to create an equivalence between Christ and Guevara - and an equivalence between communism and christianity.

At that specific moment the spirit of Christ fled the Church of England, to be replaced by the same dark and evil spirit that once possessed the leaders of the monstrous Soviet Union.

Anyone that thinks the Church of England offers this country hope or redemption is deluding themselves.

Our liberation wont be found on our knees before paedophile priests or communist vicars in the secular palaces of overpaid prelates and bishops.

The churches are now simply empty tombs glorifying the false god Jehovah with meaningless rituals, for the spirit of Christos is to be found in the souls of individuals not in the palaces and temples of the corrupted churches.

The rot goes all the way to the top - rowan williams as head of the church of england and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

" And the authors say they have found evidence of deliberate cover-up by the church.

Exhibit A is a hitherto secret document called Crimen Sollicationis - Latin for "the crime of solicitation" - issued in 1962 by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), an office attached to the Vatican. Described as a "blueprint for deception and concealment" by lawyers investigating the worldwide sex-abuse scandals, Crimen Sollicationis contains strict instructions for dealing with what the Vatican calls the "worst crimes" - such as allegations of paedophilia and bestiality. Rather than report these offences to the civil authorities, the CDF instructs bishops to investigate them "in the most secretive way" or face the "penalty of excommunication".

Then, in 2001, the CDF followed this document up with a second directive, which ordered bishops to send their reports directly to Rome, where they would be kept safely under lock and key along with other so-called Pontifical Secrets. Wall and his co-authors argue that it is this and not the Da Vinci Code that is the "real conspiracy" at the heart of modern Catholicism. They say it is no coincidence that the person responsible for the promulgation of the second document was none other than the head of the CDF, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. "

Now you know why Ratzinger was elected to the office of Pope - as he is the one responsible for hiding the paedophiles in the church and he is the one who holds all the files on the identities of the paedophiles in the catholic church.

Those who were guilty of paedophilia in the catholic church would have all supported Ratzinger as by so doing they were ensuring their crimes were kept secret by Ratzinger.



The reason why both these figures have been put in place at this period of time is because they are agents of the death process within the churches, their role is to accelerate the collapse of the institutions themselves.

The reason why the far left and the liberals now all seek to join and support the churches is because they know that their paedophile and degenerate fellow travellers are involved in running those churches.

There are good christians in the churches and good priests, but by staying loyal to the apostates within the hierarchy of the churches they are accelerating the destruction of the churches themselves.

The primary loyalty of all christians is not to their churches, their priests or the Bible - the primary loyalty of all Christians is to Christ.

This means that all true Christians should be defending Christ, not just from those outside the Church but also all those within the Churches that seek to subvert the teachings of Christ.

Loyalty to those whose agenda is the subversion of Christ, to those who seek to create an equivalence between Christianity and Communism, to those who conspire to hide the crimes of paedophiles and those who seek to transform the Churches into vessels for the dark spirit of Liberalism is loyalty to evil.

Yaldabaoth wears many faces - and his final guise is that of the Churches themselves.

Only when Christians realise that the true spirit of Christos is to be found within their own souls, will they discover the true Christos.

Christos has fled the Churches, they are now nothing more than catacombs for the dead cathecisms of a dead god.

The god the apostates that run the Churches worship is not Christos - it is Yaldabaoth in the guise of Jehovah / Yahweh.

The true brotherhood of the living Christos are those who have experienced the revelation of the Gnosis in life, those who then become the Pneumatics of the Sethian Brotherhood, and they are those who are called the heretics by the heretical church.

Tear out the Old Testament from your Bibles - for the Old Testament is the word of Yaldabaoth, and Christos came to end the tyranny of that vile beast.

Take what are the words of Christos from the New Testament and ignore the words that support the power and authority of the Churches.

Read the Gnostic Gospels and experience the Gnosis, the death and rebirth, in Life -and come to know the Christos within you.

Those who understand the Gnosis understand the simplicy of such things as ;

1) Christ did not write the Bible - the Bible was put together by priests under the orders of the Roman Emperors and it was designed to empower the Church and Roman Empire

2) The Bible is an instrument of power for the Roman Empire not the living word of Christ

3) That Ignorance is the only sin - and that the doctrine of original sin is a teaching of Yaldabaoth and not of the Christos


In private correspondence, seen by the Daily Telegraph, Dr Rowan Williams, refutes the Anglican Communion's traditional teaching that homosexuality is sinful.

Furthermore, he expresses his hope that the Church will change its position to be more accepting of gay partnerships.

His comments – made in a letter written shortly before he became Archbishop of Canterbury – will infuriate the conservatives who boycotted the recent Lambeth Conference in protest at the presence of liberals who elected Anglicanism's first openly gay bishop.

Leading evangelicals have claimed that he is in an "untenable position".

"The Bible does not address the matter of appropriate behaviour for those who are, for whatever reason, homosexual by instinct or nature," Dr Williams writes.

"By the end of the 80s I had definitely come to the conclusion that scripture was not dealing with the predicament of persons whom we should recognise as homosexual by nature.

"I concluded that an active sexual relationship between two people of the same sex might therefore reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage, if and only if it had the about it the same character of absolute covenanted faithfulness."

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1 comment:

alanorei said...

Thanks again, Lee

Re: the C of E, I may have mentioned this before but the deconstruction of the national church began in earnest in the 19th century, with the Oxford Movement of 1833, under Dr, later Dr Cardinal, John Henry Newman.

It was a Common Purpose strategy throughout, even though not called that.

Re: the bible. Constantine ordered Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, to produce 50 bibles for his projected world-wide church.

Among these bibles are, most likely, Codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, two corrupt 4th century manuscripts that omit many genuine scriptures but contain both Old and New Testament Apocrypha as 'inspired' scripture.

The true scriptures were preserved down through the centuries by various bible-believing groups such as the Waldenses, or Vaudois, people of the valleys, in northern Italy, who were persecuted by Rome. Milton's poem On the Late Massacre at Piedmont commemorates the savage papal persecution of the Waldenses of 1655 by troops of the Duke of Savoy. The massacre was halted by the intervention of England's then Lord Protecter, Oliver Cromwell.

It is essentially the Waldensen text that underlies the English bibles of the English Protestant Reformation, e.g. Tyndale's. It is different from the text of Eusebius that derives from the 3rd-4th century gnostic philosophers of Alexandria, Egypt, who also professed Christian belief. Origen was notable among them.

I have some written material on this which I can forward as an e-copy.