Wednesday, 13 August 2008

GM Foods - Why Prince Charles Is Right

GM food is a con - its very existence is predicated on the absurd notion that we must keep feeding the ever growing populations of the Third World, when in fact we need to cut back those populations by sterelising as many of them as possible after they have more than one child.

You will see the GM companies wheel out the excuse that as the world population keeps rising the need for GM crops to feed them is required - this is utter drivel.

What the world needs to do is cut back on human population levels, not conspire to increase them by creating monsterous food hybrids that will be unleashed in nature to make vast profits for the global corporations.

The corporations are the last people who should be allowed to indulge in genetic modification - as they are motivated not by altruism but the profit motive.

GM food is another aspect of human over population - and the world must stop this human reproductive profligacy.

Ban GM food and insist on a one child per family policy in the devloping world - and that way their will be no need to feed the hordes being spawned in those nations.

No doubt the media will try and say ' How dare Prince Charles, the super rich greenie, demand an end to GM food for all the poor starving babies of the Third World' cue loads of pictures of starving filthy fly encrusted children in some vile desert in the developing world.

But the answer is simple - stop those kids being born and then they will not starve.

It is human over population, destruction of the environment and the depletion of resources that is causing the famines - cut back the people and the famines will end.

The answer is not to encourage famines by subsidising over population.

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