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Teenagers to be sent to 'community cohesion camps' to make them better citizens

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:30 PM on 19th August 2008

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The government is spending £4.5million on a scheme it hopes will get teenagers off the streets by encouraging them to become better community citizens.

British teenagers are to be given the chance to attend 'community cohesion' camps as part of a plan to develop a greater appreciation and understanding among the country's youth.

Ministers announced today the funding has been earmarked for a number of activity programmes and projects, which will help them 'become better socially minded.'

The government is spending £4.5m on community camps for teenagers which it hopes will help them become 'better public citizens'.

Children's minister Beverley Hughes said some of the funding will be set aside for the community cohesion-themed camps, which will start in the autumn. Mainstream summer camps will also be held.

Youngsters, particularly those in deprived areas, will be given the opportunity to attend, where they will be encouraged to develop their social and emotional skills.

It is also hoped that teenagers will build their understanding and appreciation of those from different backgrounds.

The Government said it hoped the funding would unite young people of different races, gender, ethnicity and religion and promote positive community relations.

The projects would also help to occupy those young people who could otherwise be involved in anti-social behaviour, ministers said.

Young people have already put forward themes to cover at the camps, including gang activity and its impact on the community, managing local rivalries and conflicts and celebrating diversity.

Ms Hughes said: 'We want to make sure that young people have plenty of interesting things to do, are kept active and engaged, and out of trouble.

'These camps will give these young people a chance to mix with their peers, have fun, make new friends and learn new skills.'

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