Friday, 8 August 2008

Sharia National Party

Image - an integrated Muslim SNP councillor firing AK47 at a Taliban and Muslim extremist training camp in mountains of Pakistan.

Great story in the Times about Jahangir Haniv, an Scottish National Party councillor, with an AK47 at a camp in Pakistan in 2005.

This follows on from revelations about another Muslim SNP member, Osama Saeed, who is a linked too the Muslim Brotherhood ;

It appears that those mugs in Scotland that voted for the SNP are in fact voting for Taqqiya infiltrationists who are using the SNP as a way to achieve independence from the United Kingdom so as then to work within the scottish republic to create a Sharia state structure.

The Sharia National Party of Scotland is the real SNP it seems.

I bet you dont see a story about this Islamo-Fascist on Lancaster Unity.

It appears that as long as the REAL fascists have a brown skin then the idiots of Lancaster Unity and Searchlight will not attack them.

Only the fake phantoms of racism with a white skin are ever attacked by whining dog of searchlight and their whimpering zionist pup Lancaster Unity.

A millionaire politician was suspended by his party yesterday after photographs were published of him apparently taking his family — including his five-year-old daughter — to fire an AK47 assault rifle at a military-style camp in Pakistan.

Photographs of Jahangir Hanif, 46, a Scottish National Party councillor in Glasgow who has campaigned against violent crime, were published yesterday by a newspaper beneath the headline: “Councillor Kalashnikov”. He admitted last night that his behaviour had been “foolish and inappropriate”.

His 17-year-old daughter, Noor, described how she and four of her siblings were driven in a blacked-out vehicle to an alleged training base in mountains near the Kashmir border and encouraged to fire the powerful weapon.

Video footage passed to the Glasgow Evening Times showed Mr Hanif’s youngest daughter, Sana, aged 5 at the time, being helped to fire the gun, the newspaper said. His son Ameer, now 14, also fired the Russian-designed rifle — the weapon of choice for Taleban insurgents in Afghanistan, with a firing rate of 600 rounds a minute — as did his daughters Zainab, 13, and Amina, 10, the paper added.

The revelation is a big embarrassment for the SNP, which has enjoyed a spectacular run of success since coming to power in Scotland last year and recently triumphed in the Glasgow East by-election .

When contacted about the video, Mr Hanif said “What?” before the line went dead, the Evening Times reported.

He later admitted: “The children were interested in it. I took them to a place in the mountains where you can fire AK47s. It’s not illegal in Pakistan. People in Glasgow have shotguns. I wouldn’t give them [the children] a pistol. I don’t think all the children fired it.”

In a statement released through the SNP, Mr Hanif said yesterday: “I regret that this happened and apologise — it was foolish and inappropriate.

“It took place over two and a half years ago, long before I became a councillor. I accept the actions of the party, and will wish to take part in the formal hearing on my return to Scotland.”

His daughter, Noor, who has not seen her father for two years and whose mother is in the middle of divorce proceedings from him, told the paper: “We were taken in a van with blacked-out windows. We were shown how to use the gun. We were shooting into the mountains. We all shot the gun. Someone helped Sana.”

The 17-year-old, who is hoping to study medicine at Cambridge University, added: “I wasn’t happy about it. We didn’t know why we were being taken there. I don’t know who the men were. They weren’t wearing uniform.”

The trip took place just before Christmas in 2005 during a family holiday to Pakistan to visit relatives. Mr Hanif’s son, Ameer, also claimed that he was taken to a shop that sold grenades, guns and knives during the trip.

The children were told that they were being taken on a day trip to a nearby city, while their mother, Naushin, went shopping with another daughter, Huma, now 15.

Mrs Hanif, 38, was said to be furious when she learnt that her husband had taken them to the camp.

The couple are believed to have separated — after an arranged marriage that lasted 18 years — not long afterwards.

The youngest children, Amina and Sana, now 8, see their father, who is said to own dozens of flats in Glasgow and overseas, through a mediation service.

The family claim that they are being forced to sell the home where they live in Newton Mearns, an affluent suburb of Glasgow, because they cannot afford to pay the bills, it was reported.

A spokesman for the SNP said yesterday: “Councillor Hanif is currrently in Pakistan, and has not had the opportunity to put his side of the story.

“On the face of it he has not broken the law, and there is no suggestion of any involvement in anything untoward. Nevertheless, this was very foolish and inappropriate conduct.

“He is well aware of the SNP’s strong views against firearms, particularly involving children. Councillor Hanif has this afternoon been suspended from the party, and therefore the council group, pending a disciplinary hearing where he will have the opportunity to explain himself and this incident from 2005.

“Given this action, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Hanif's CV

— Joined the SNP in 1997 and fought council elections in 1999 and 2003

— Stood for Westminster in 2005 in Central Ayrshire

— Was elected to serve as councillor for Glasgow Southside Central ward in May 2007

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Anonymous said...

This is a gem:

"“On the face of it he has not broken the law, and there is no suggestion of any involvement in anything untoward. Nevertheless, this was very foolish and inappropriate conduct. "

So a Scottish councillor visiting a Taleban camp, firing AK47's etc. whilst our sons and daughters are being sent home in body bags by the Taleban isn't "ivolvement in anything untoward."

That's that cleared up then :-/


Anonymous said...

Another article for the archive Mr. Barnes.

Look forward to seeing all this research aired in the not too distant future...