Monday 11 July 2011

The Andrew Brons Leadership Challenge Video

A good video from Andrew Brons.

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Andraste said...

It is imperative for the survival of the BNP that Andrew Brons is elected leader. If Nick Griffin is returned as leader then the party will wither away and die.

Griffin has become a disgrace to British nationalism. It is a tragedy that this once great man, once a champion of the true British people, has fallen to such depraved depths in wanton desperation to maintain his leadership. His actions betray that he is prepared to bring about the destruction of the party rather than lose his position as leader, and this glaring fact is alone enough to reveal that his time has come, it is time for a new leader and Andrew Brons is that man.

Griffin and his cabal are the poison that is killing the BNP. His behaviour, and that of his cabal, are no better than those who Griffin rightly denounces in the mainstream media and political mainstream as liars, cheats and traitors. I guess it takes one to know one

Griffin's actions during this leadership campaign expose his grand hypocrisy and reveal that he is a fraud, and a traitor. For what other conclusion can one reach about a man decries the dishonour and corrupton of the political elite and yet whose own actions against his fellow nationalists are as bad as those who he despises!

For Griffin and his gang are no better than the enemies of the BNP who reguarly smear, obfuscate, distort, misrepresent and outright lie about us. Griffin and his cabal have used exactly the same low-life tactics against Andrew Brons as our enemies use against us. And it is worse that Griffin should behave in this way against a fellow nationalist who has done nothing more that claim his legitimate right to challenge for leadership.

It's time to get rid of Griffin and his gang. VOTE ANDREW BRONS.


Anonymous said...

Watch both...

Have to say Nick has lost many Nationalists confidence. It was a a tiride of negativity and chipping at Mr Brons. Whereas Andrew Brons election video was refreshing and positive.

The BNP has 2 choices and it's clear change and new leadership can bring so much more than a tired, discredited and tainted status quo.

Nationalists are crying out for change and Mr Andrew Brons would unite and re-energise the BNP and bring in the great talent that is needed to move teh nationalist cause forward.