Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Norway Attack - what it means

The political analysis of the problems of modern European nations re Marxism and Islamism by Brievik is 100 % correct.

But his methods and actions are 100 % wrong, evil and deplorable.

His cure for the problems of Europe are also equally wrong - he wants to impose a Catholic Imperium on our nations which imposes Catholic Conservative values on our society - a sort of Clerical Fascism like that in Ireland under the rule of the Catholic Priests until just a decade or so ago.

Thats insane.

As a Libertarian Cultural Nationalist I condemn his deeds and his agenda totally.

That does not mean though his analysis of where Europe is going towards Dhimmitude via Cultural Marxism is not correct, it is.

The tragedy is that one man can be so right and yet do something so terribly wrong.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Hang on a minute, how do we really know this event happened as we've been told.

This document tells us how to become a modern day version of some sort of Ninja, Jedi Crusader Knight.
All very enticing for some, and might well encourage 'right wingers' to start attacks like this.
but even if they don't, the EU can still carry out false flag events, to impose more police state laws.
The next phase is to begin tarfgetting.


The Police state was ALWAYS ultimately designed for Western Europeans.

Reading his manual he doesn't even seem to know that 911 WASNT carried out by Muslims and says we should support Zionism.

The Judge put him in solitary so we can't hear his own words.
for 4 weeks, could it be that in the next 4 weeks we will see similar attacks from which our Govts will be then forced to act ( in our own interests of course )
Wqatch out for more events and New laws coming in, it's all a charade everyone, they lied to you about the agenda behind the EU and now they are working together to take away your freedoms.
This is a staged event, look at the drills a few days before.
The manual gives the Excuse for Govt to start turning the police state on to We Western Europeans, its all stage play, it's a charade.

gatesofvienna said...

He is a Zionist just like the EDL are!!
The Manifesto- was a copy and paste job!
That fertilizer car bomb- pure BS!

Anders Behring Breivik was openly enthusiastic about Israel.

According to a variety of internet outlets, Behring Breivik was a regular poster on several Norwegian internet sites, notably the blog document.no, which is run by Hans Rustad, a former left-wing journalist.

Hans Rustad is Jewish, extremely pro-Zionist, and warns against ‘Islam-isation’, violence, and other social problems he assumes to be connected with Muslim immigration.

Norway Blogger Hans Rustad
Alongside the UK’s infamously Islamophobic Harry’s Place and other Jewish pro-war Zionist blogs,


20 tons of fertilizer and fuel oil are unlikely to have fit into the boot of a typical European rental car, even with a “midsize upgrade.”

Car bombs use military grade explosives, not fertilizer bombs. Real car bomb video below. Explosion isn’t 1% of the Oslo blast:


The 32 year-old appears to have quoted verbatim large sections from the preaching of Theodore Kaczynski in his 1500 page online rant.

Breivik had “copied and pasted” almost a dozen key passages from the 69 year-old’s 35,000 manifesto, only changing particular words such as “leftist” with “cultural Marxist”.

much more in link...vids etc.

The car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency. Nobody else bothers with such things. We had recent experiences in Abuja and prior to that in Alexandria.

Both of these were executed to promote strife between Christians and Muslims. The perpetrators of the Alexandria church bombing were Israeli.

Demographics- muslim danger

War etc ISRAEL!!

Deep Parallels Surface – Norway, 9/11, 7/7 and Bali


Adrian Peirson said...

Always be suspicious

Anonymous said...

The EU dont waste a minute as they

set up 'watch for ''extweemists''

Perfect storm for clamp down on the Euroep wide support for real opposition to the PC / CM EU Dictatorship /NWO

'''EU Exploits Norway Massacre to Stifle Dissent ''''

Anonymous said...

This Guy is a Establishment Set Up.

I mean look at what the Satus Quo is reaping from it

Anonymous said...

100% correct Adrian.
Like yourself I came to the same conclusion a long time ago, and as a consequence I do not believe one single word printed or spoken in our "independent" media.
I'm making plans to protect my family from the inevitable civil / world war. I would advise all Nationalist to do the same.
Find somewhere to hide, Learn about natural food stuff and above all protect youselves and your family. Fantasy? you wait.

extant said...

Economic reality, no frills or bullshit; just facts-