Monday 13 October 2008

Beware Of Thick Coppers

Here we go again. Another top cop wants to impose 'affirmative action plans' on the police to recruit more black and asian officers.

Yet again a thick copper is repeating ad nauseuam the propaganda of the left and
liberals when he blames 'racism' or 'instituional racism' on the failure of asians and blacks and other religious and ethnic minority groups to join the police.

The real reason why they do not join the police is because of CULTURE NOT RACISM you bloody idiot !

We live in a Multi-Cultural Society which means ethnic communities such as West Indians, Nigerians, Albanians etc etc and Asian Muslims, Hindus etc etc all live in their own cultural groups and ethnic groups within wider society - so therefore they are pushed towards careers and jobs which are part of their ethnic community and culture eg;

Jews and banking, the media and entertanment industry

Asian Hindus and Muslims in the service industry such as shops, post offices small businesses, Indian restaurants etc

Turks into Kebab Shops and small restaurants

In the black community joining the police is not something that fits within their cultural background. Culturally they are pushed towards being singers, sportsmen and women, social workers, traffic wardens, teachers etc etc

In the asian community joining the police is not part of their cultural background.

The great con of the race relations parasites is that they have managed to divert attention away from culture towards racism, meaning that they can use the lie of Institutional Racism to hide the reality of culture in work and recruitment.

The phantom of Institutional Racism allows the race relations parasites to blame racism for everything, and thereby profit from it.

Yet at the same time the race relations parasites never investigate or publicise why ;

why do so few whites work in Indian restaurants

why are jews so over represented in the media and entertainment industries

why are so few whites running chinese restaurants

why are so few christians working in muslim owned restuarants and take aways

why are so few greeks working in turkish restaurants

why are so few serbians working in albanian community centres

If the police looked at how many Albanian, Serbian, Polish police recruits apply for jobs they would see that in relation to their percentage of the British population, they are far more under represented in the police force.

Yet why is that the police only obsess about the numbers of black and brown recruits to the police.

What I want to know isthe answer to the following questions - if we have any police out there in the blogosphere that may know the answer then let me know (so this is the perfect opportunity for all you Special Branch, Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force, NCIS, MI5 and GCHQ to write an anonymose comment ) ;

1) Does the police service recognise as existing the ethnic group defined as the ETHNIC ENGLISH whose attributes relate solely to them as an ethnic group under the race relations act and who are defined as racially White, Ethnically of indigenous English ethnic inheritance and English culturally ?

Because if the DO recognise the existence of such an etnic group then the race relations acts require that they monitor the impact of all their policies, internal procedures and recruitment policies on that ethnic group.

If the police do not do this they are in breach of their duty under the race relations acts.

If the police do not recognise the existence of the Ethnic English then they are in breach of the race relations acts. This is because the law requires that Ethnic groups are monitored under the race relations acts. Failure to recognise the existence of an Ethnic group as per the monitoring of a public body operating under the strictly defined duties of the race relations acts is discriminatory, especially when the race relations act is being used to put in place programmes of positive discrimination under the authority of the race relations, or any amendment to that act which authorised positive discrmination.

The Wednesbury Rules in relation Judicial Review would ensure that any ethnic group not designated as an ethnic group by a public body such as the police would be able to challenge a failure of the police to list such a group under those groups it has a duty to monitor as regards its own internal policies as defined under the statutory duty as imposed by the race relations acts.

2) Do the police internal race relations monitoring forms explicitly catergorise as existing an ETHNIC ENGLISH group in the racial and ethnic monitoring forms of the police, alongside other catergories such as Black, Muslim, Irish, Welsh, Black African etc etc ?

3) Do the police collect information relating to how many ETHNIC ENGLISH recruits apply to the police and how many are employed by the police ?

Because heres a bet.

If the Police recognised the existence of a catergory of Ethnic English as defined above they would find that the Ethnic English are an ETHNIC MINORITY ALREADY WITHIN THE POLICE SERVICE !

What with the numbers of Black, Asian, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, African, Chinese Polish and other ethnic and national groups within the police, the ETHNIC ENGLISH are vastly under represented as a group within the police.

It should be the ethnic english who should be the benificiaries of positive discrimination policies under the race relations acts - yet they are the ones who are refused entrance to the police just because they are classified as White and British !

The race relations parasites have the police by the balls because the race relations parasites are empowered under the Servile State.

When idiot coppers speak of racism, affirmative action and political correctness you know they have just been told that unless they impose a diversity agenda on their force, that they wont rise any more up the greasy new labour promotion pole.

Thick coppers and political correctness = New Labour Gestapo.

Top cop's 'race bias' plea on recruits
exclusive nicola dowling

GREATER Manchester's new chief constable has said the only way to meet targets to recruit black and Asian officers is to give them preferential treatment.

Peter Fahy was speaking 10 years to the day after his predecessor David Wilmot said the force was `institutionally racist'.

Since then GMP introduced a target of recruiting 7.2 per cent of its 8,142 staff from ethnic minorities.

But today the M.E.N. can reveal the force has just 4.25 per cent - 346 police officers - from a black or Asian background, and none among the higher ranks.

Mr Fahy said `affirmative action should be considered' but that it would never happen because of `public mood'.

He said: "I don't agree with it in principle because you should be looking at every candidate asking if they are the most talented person available.

"But there is a very strong operational need for us to have a more representative police force to deal with a complex society. Because of the public mood, affirmative action would reduce confidence in the police - politically it will never happen.

"Minority officers don't wholeheartedly support it because they feel people will think they have got the job because of their race. We are criticised whatever we do."

Ten years ago GMP had just 79 ethnic minority officers - the figure is now 272, but it would still have to double to be representative of population. Just under nine per cent of Greater Manchester is from an ethnic minority background.

Yousef Dar, from the Greater Manchester Muslim Police Association, said: "If we are saying that we can't go out and recruit more black and ethnic minority officers, that is a damning indictment on GMP. What does that do to people's trust and confidence?

"In terms of the education system, Asian people tend to be among the highest achievers. Why can't they also be high achievers in the police - are there barriers there?"

Charles Crichlow of the Black and Asian Police Association said: "I think it is time to drop our hang-ups about it and look at those proposals if we are serious about having a more representative force and one which is democratic and accountable."

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Anonymous said...

Likewise The NHS gestapo bleat continuously about wacism in the NHS. With whites being a minority of the GMC doctors in this country and less than 20% of entrants in the UK medical schools (80% just 25 years ago!) being white males I wonder where the wacism lies...

alanorei said...

Re: "if we have any police out there in the blogosphere that may know the answer then let me know (so this is the perfect opportunity for all you Special Branch, Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force, NCIS, MI5 and GCHQ to write an anonymose comment )."

Don't hold your breath, Lee. The experience I had on the 2 police blogs I used to visit is that they mainly keep themselves to themselves. Many commentators who were police officers themselves had little regard for the so-called 'MOPs' - members of the public.

Whilst it is not true of our part of the country, the northeast, where policing in our neck of the woods goes on professionally as I think it has always done, I think that in other parts of the country, elements amongst the local forces (at all levels) would just love to have the power to bang up and 'interrogate' dissenters (i.e. not criminals) that europol would give them.

If they had their priorities right, all chief constables should be concerned about the armed French police on guard on the Eurostar platform in St Pancras. Surely that constitutes a foreign invasion?

Moreover, the GMP chief's remarks must have constitutional implications, in that all the police are supposed to be servants of the Crown.

If only the Crown would do its (her) job.