Monday 13 October 2008

The Stuggle For Our True Identity

A very interesting thing happened in July 2008.

Information about the origins of humanity was discovered, yet though it was announced to the public it was done in such a way as to obscure the most important part of the discovery.

" New analysis of 28,000-year-old Cro-Magnon DNA has revealed similarities to modern Europeans, thus debunking theories about their interbreeding with Neanderthals.

According to a report in New Scientist, the Cro-Magnons were the first modern Homo sapiens in Europe, living there between 45,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Their DNA sequences match those of today's Europeans, according to Guido Barbujani, an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Ferrera, Italy, suggesting that "Neanderthal hybridization" did not occur.

A group of geneticists, coordinated by Barbujani and David Caramelli of the Universities of Florence, shows that a Cro-Magnoid individual who lived in Southern Italy 28,000 years ago was a modern European, genetically as well as anatomically. "

The announcement was publicised as important as regards the fact that Neanderthal DNA was not part of the European DNA lines. But this was just a side issue, as what was most important was the announcement that the DNA of the Cro-Magnon peoples and that of modern Europeans are identical.

That means that modern Europeans are the direct descendants of a people who have lived in and evolved in Europe for over 40,000 years and that all modern Europeans derive from the Cro-Magnon people.

Contrary to the lie of the liberals there is not ONE human race, there is in fact two human races - the Archaic Human Race of the L and M Haplotype lineage and the Cro-magnon Race of the N, H and R Haplotype lineage which derived from the archaic L3 and M Haplotypes.

There are two human races, not one.

These two human races are not the same as racial groups based on skin colour.

Using skin colour as the basis of a classification of the genetic basis of racial differentiation is absurd of itself.

A racial group is a homogenous GENETIC group based on shared inherited genetic characteristics.

Skin colour may vary wildly within that racial group, such as the latin look of the Ethnic Meditteranean White groups who are Italian, Spanish etc, to the pale white skin of the Celtic redhead and the Norweigan blonde.

Yet they are all Cro-Magnon. All the sections of the Cro-Magnon Race are all derived from N, H and R Haplotypes.

The Cro-Magnon People began at the point when L3 Halotype diverged again and became the N,H and R Halotypes.

Those from outside the N,H and R Haplotypes may have white, pale skin but they are not descendants of the Cro-Magnon people of Europe. Therefore they may be white, but they are not Native Europeans.

Even the White British has a skin tone that varies from brown to red in the summer, white to grey in winter and bright green on New Years Day morning.

I would therefore define the White Racial Group as ;

The Native European peoples are comprised of the descendants of the Native European Cro-Magnon Peoples of Northern Europe. Cro-Magnons have lived in Europe from about 40,000years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch to the present. Modern Native Europeans are the direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons whose members have since evolved into the many related ethnic and national sub-sets of Europe such as the Basques, Welsh, Irish, English, Germans, French etc etc who can all be distinguished as being of similar ethnic background via specific genetic markers that link them as Ethnic Groups.

A 2003 study on Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA, published by an Italo-Spanish research team led by David Caramelli, concluded that Neanderthal man was far outside the modern human range, while Cro-Magnon people were not just inside but well in the average of modern Europeans. mtDNA retrieved from 2 Cro-Magnon specimens was identified as Haplogroup N. Haplogroup N is found amongst modern day populations of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia and its descendant haplogroups can be seen amongst modern Europeans, Eurasians, East Asians and Native American populations.

Our ancestral Eve, the common ancestor of all living humans, was born in the area of modern Africa some 150,000 years ago. She was of the M Haplotype. All existing human mitochondrial DNA diversity began with her and the M Hapoltype. Her line later created the L Haplotype.

The L haplotype is the other oldest human haplotype. The L Haplotype is the haplotype of all modern Africans and sub-sets of the M and L Haplotypes.

Then a single person of the L lineage, who is defined as L3, then gave rise to the M and N haplogroups some 104-84,000 years ago.

All Europeans lineages are subsequently descended from N haplogroups.

Haplogroup R descended from N and has since dispersed across much of the globe.

Subgroups pre HV, U, Y, and J are found in Europe and the Near East.

Haplogroup H is a large lineage that first appeared on the R line of descent.

Spencer Wells suggested that “today haplogroups H comprises 40 to 60 percent of the gene pool of most European populations. Moving eastwards the frequency of H gradually decreases, illustrating the migratory path the settlers followed as they left the Iberian Peninsula after the ice sheets had receded.”

The other sub groups of the modern european populations are ETHNIC subsets of the N,H and R haplotypes which include HV, U, Y, and J Haplotypes.

This suggests that the Cro-Magnons are simply the descendants of a combination of the original N haplotype mixed in with H and R Haploytpes, and that Cro-Magnons did not come from Africa 40,000 years ago, but rather that they were the direct descendants of the original N haplotype group which had evolved into the Cro-Magnons WITHIN EUROPE since splitting with the original L ancestor 104-84,000 years ago at the point of the L3 split.

This means that all Modern Europeans are not just racially different from all other humans, who derive their ancestry primarily from L and M haplotypes and a combination of haplotypes descended from those haploytpes, but that all modern europeans are from the same Cro-Magnon lineage.

This is of course obvious, as we call it racial differentiation.

The Cro-Magnon point of evolution represents the birth of the White Race.

This means we as Indigenous Europeans can trace our unique racial ancestry back to the split with archaic African human beings to at least 104-84,000 years ago, when our ancestors moved into Europe from the continent later known as Africa.

We can then trace ourpoint of racial differnetiation as the point of the Cro-Magnon around 40,000 years ago.

We are not the same as all other human beings on the planet, as we as Modern Europeans derive from the distinct Cro-Magnon racial group line, as opposed to all other human racial groups on the planet who derive from the older L African Haplotype lineage which has remained virtually static as a haplotype.

That means we are the indigenous peoples of Europe who have lived here as a distinct race for over 40,000 years.

This means when we talk about the White Race we should mention that membership of the White Race is based solely upon descent from the indigenous Cro-Magnon people of Europe, not skin colour.

Basing race on skin colour is the idiocy of the race relations parasites who wish to portray the fundamental differences between the two human racial groups as something 'cosmetic', skin deep and based on melatonin content. If racial difference is propagandised as simply cosmetic and skin deep, then most people would begin to not care about their unique genetic heritage - which is what we have seen happen.

Using the language of the White Race and White Skin is neither scientific and nor does it assist us in our struggle to preserve the unique genetic inheritance of the European peoples.

The term 'White' in relation to skin colour applies only to skin colour and is not proof of conclusive racial origins or ethnic origins.

We must begin to use a new lexicon to describe who we are and what our struggle is and I suggest the following ;

We are the Native European Peoples of Europe.

We are the direct descendants of the Cro-Magnon People of Europe who have lived in Europe from at least 40,000 years ago in the Upper Paleolithic period of the Pleistocene epoch to the present day.

Modern Native Europeans are the direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons whose members have since evolved into the many inter-related ethnic and national sub-sets of the Native European People such as the Basques, Welsh, Irish, English, Germans, French etc etc who can all be distinguished as being of similar racial and ethnic background via specific genetic markers that link them both racially and as Ethnic Groups.

The Cro-Magnon People are a distinct genetic and racial group of humanity who can be differentiated from other modern human racial and ethnic groups by our unique haplotypes, these being N, H and R and various direct subsets of those three haplotypes.

The Cro-Magnon Racial group and ethnic sub-sets of the Cro-Magnon racial group are not classified by skin colour, but simply by genetic inheritance.

To talk about a 'White' racial struggle implies that there are no fundamental differences between our people - when we all know there are national, cultural, historical and genetic ethnic differences between us eg the English are descendants of the original Cro-Magnon population (that we could call the Early Celts) but they have distinct genetic markers that make them English ethnically and that also make them Anglo-Saxons. This applies to all the ethnic groups in Europe who descended from the Cro-Magnons.

The adoption of the classification of us as Native Europeans would allow us to root our ideology in the concrete of genetic reality.

The protection of the inner ethnic ecology of the Native European peoples is the basis of our struggle, we do not want to see this rich genetic diversity within the Native European peoples lost or diluted.

A 'white identity' implies a homogenisation of our nations, cultures and ethnicities that would create a monolithic and artificial 'white identity' to replace the equally stultifying and sterile multi-cultural 'white identity' which is already being used by the multi-culturalists.

A white identity implies that if all of Poland came to live in the UK and all the English left to move to Scotland, that would not mean a thing as there are no differences between the Polish people and the English people as we are all white.

That is errant nonsense. The Polish people are White, but they are not English. They are Polish both genetically and culturally as well as in relation to national origins. We may all be descended from Cro-Magnons but we are not all the same ethnically.

In order to work those who use the ideology of a 'white identity' based on skin colour as the basis of a political system, thereby are required to create artificial versions of whiteness that ignore ethnicity - the same as the multi-culturalists do.

Who, if the victory of an ideology of the White Race were created, would define this new monolithic white identity and on what grounds would it be built - would it ignore the reality of our ethnic differences within our Native European race in order to ensure its own power ?

Would those of us who want to see a Europe of nations and ethnic groups who protect and pass on their indigenous cultures and traditions have to act to prevent such a creation of a plastic homogenous white identity, that would seek suffocate the differences between us.

The creation of a white identity based on something as imprecise and absurd as mere skin colour is the politics of the multi-culturalist not the nationalist, for what is required is a new scientific paradigm rooted in the organic reality of who we are and where we come from.

The White British in the multi-culturalist definition need neither be white nor British, nor do they have to be white or British in the 'white skin' political model. As long as the person has a pale skin and are naturalised British citizens, then they are classified as White British both by the Nazis and the Liberals.

They may be Innuit or Albanians etc etc but as long as they have naturalised British citizenship status and have white skins they are classified as White British.

When both the Nazis and the Liberals use the same terminology in their political discourse, use the same concepts such as white skin for their ideological foundations and would define us in the exact same way, then we should be aware we are on the wrong path.

The fact is that those who use the language of the 'white race', merely perpetuate the power of those who have destroyed it over us.

Th whole language of the 'white race' must be removed and replaced with the terminology of our racial origin as being Native Europeans descended from the Cro-Magnons.

In our case we are Indigenous Britons and the Ethnic groups of the indigenous British Islands are the Ethnic Anglo-Saxons, Ethnic Normans, Ethnic Welsh, Ethnic Scottish and Ethnic Anglo-Irish with mixtures of all of them and also mixtures of other other Native European ethnic groups such as Indigenous Scandanavians of the Vikings, Indigenous Celtic Irish and Indigenous French Normans etc etc.

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Anonymous said...

Why is this article and its discovery not published elsewhere? Why have no other nationalist websites or publications (including the non-political party aka the BNP) reported on this? Why have no other nationalists given this the weight it deserves?

The ignorance and crassness of some nationalists never surprises me anymore when a fundamental discovery like this relating to the scientific origins of the European peoples is ignored.

The fact that mankind consists of several strands is amazing enough. The fact that the scientific (and hence legal) basis of the distinct genetic and racial inhereitance of the European peoples can now be demonstrated is incredible.

This information should be written in the hearts of all European nationalists as it serves not only to affirm the reality of their fight, but guides us to a future where we realise what the stakes are: the ultimate survival of the unique ancestry of our peoples.

The quote below is remarkable foe its insight into the issue and why we are pursuing his struggle.

It should be etched withinnthe minds of all European nationalists and enter the new lexicon as the new 14 Words - the 36 Words.

"The protection of the inner ethnic ecology of the Native European peoples is the basis of our struggle, we do not want to see this rich genetic diversity within the Native European peoples lost or diluted."

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that U is the oldest in Europe. Cheddar man etc. This is my mtDNA type. U is said to bet he oldest in every scientific paper I have read and all the others sprang from that, or moved west from elsewhere.