Friday 3 October 2008

Nick Lowes - The BNP Is Rising

Blimey the Guardian owner, the mega-rich capitalist Peter Myner who has just made zillions of pounds with his capitalist bankster cronies out of selling short the stocks and shares of British business during the ongoing credit crisis has been having a little spat against the BNP.

First its the roland rat of Journalism, David Cesarani, half man, half rodent who attacks the BNP in the Guardian.

Then up pop Nick Lowes from his sewer squeaking like a rat about the BNP in the paper.

Both got a good kicking though from their own Guardian readers.

Here are a few of my favourite comments ;

1) Firstly this country was built on immigration"

Good point - except that it wasn't. It was built on colonisation if anything. The fact that your grandfather was an immigrant and a hero does not mean that we must all renounce our culture and national identity. My grandfather made planes which helped Russia to get rid of Hitler. That does not mean Russians have to eat pork scratchings and drink weak milky tea.

"many of your grandfathers [..] died fighting fascism"

Quite. Those people died to preserve the British way of life. Why is it a crime to wish to preserve it again?

2) The bnp are a political party that have an edge on all the other parties in that they listen to the words people say, not just hear them speak and then sanctimoniously spout 'I know best'. If they did, they would not have this growing support.

Why do the UK politicians actively seek to destroy our cultural identity, our way of life and invariably place the indigenous population last in the queue, when it is blindingly obvious other governments around the world do not behave in such an overt racist way.

Until the other parties recognise that this is what the people actually want, the bnp support will continue to grow. As unpalatable as this may seem, there is no getting round this.

I also think the Guardian may receive greater respect from the wider audience if they adopted less partial reporting practices.

How long before this comment is removed by the 'moderator'?

3) Yet the far Left and their new-found Islamist allies are in fact able to succeed in executing the kind of policies that the far right dream of - segregation in public amenities, such as swimming pools and burial services. But they do so unchecked because the liberal left continue to excuse, ignore or indulge their bigotry.

If the broad church of the left fail to address the segregationist ambitions of Islamists and the aid and succour they receive from the far left, if they fail to challenge the now overtly fascist propaganda used by such groups, who have rehabiliated the genocidal lie of the Protocols of Zion, then they will have no moral nor ethical ammunition to oppose the far right. And then the far right will grow in strength.

Yes, stand up to extremism and fascism. But you have to stand up to it whether it comes from a shaven headed white boot boy, a keffiyeh clad Asian youth, or a Trotskyite middle class wannabe revolutionary.

People know who it is who are fire-bombing publishers - and it is not the BNP!

4) The only way we can defeat the dreaded BNP is by telling the white working classes how vibrant multiculturalism is. The white working classes need to learn to love quotas and schools where a wonderful array of languages are spoken. They need to be indoctrinated into seeing why it is necessary that hill walking companies in Cumbria are fined for not attracting ethnic minorities. The state should ban the BNP and make these working class traitors embrace mass immigration, and if they don't, jail ‘em. It's the only language the Right understands. Best when Government is Big! No Liberty without Socialism!

5)So? If the BNP DO win, they will have done it DEMMOCRASTICALLY.

A word that you wee pinkoes seem to not understand at best, and hate at worst.

You pinkoes appear to have a few problems, besides you personal ones.

1, You appear to think that ANYTHING further right wing than Mahatma Ghandi is Adolf Hitler personified.

2, You can not see the point, that in MY hous you follow MY rules.

If I invite some one to my house, he then starts pissing behind the T.V, demanding my Wife covers her head (happened top my Wife on NUMEROUS occassions in Berlin Kreuzberg, where her offices are, and in Neu Kölln, where her Brother lives), demands I throw my beer down the sink (ten pubs to my PERSONAL knowledge, have been closed down in Berlin because "this is a muslim area and we object to the selling of alcohol" (even though EVERY muslim restarunt, cafe and corner shop sells beers wines and spirits!)), stealing my family silver (German police report 2007. 10% immigrant population are responsible for 24% of ALL crime in Germany), demaning I cloth, feed and give them shelter (40% of the ENTIRE yearly welfare budget in Denmark goes to the 10% immigrant population), spray painting my cat green (Der Spiegel, Morgenpost and Berliner Zeitung, "80% of ALL graffitti in Brertlin is immigrant in origin"), and starts robbing and beating my other guests, (Wolfgang Schäuble. (Innenminister (Home secretary), 80% of ALL street crime is comitted by the less than 5% Middle East (including Turkey) population.) . ANY one with half a brain would say I was WELL within my rights to give them a good hefty kick in the arse, and to send them packing.

It is not even "right wing", it is what ANY sane person would do. But YOU lot can not seem to grasp that your country IS your home. And if you do not like it YOU can leave as well.

But YOU would call me a "fascist".

To the REST of us it is common sense. Something whioch you pinkoe shower seem to have non of.

And that is ALL the BNP are saying.

6) Next General Election there may well be several BNP MPs as this 'Bust' will worsen for the next 12-24 months.

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