Thursday 23 October 2008

The Paedophiles Have Taken Over The Asylum

What sort of sick, degenerate pervert scumbag thinks that teaching five year olds about sex is acceptable ?

What sort of idiot thinks that exposing young children to information on drugs, at the same time as we have a media, music and movie industry that glamorises drugs, is a good idea ?

Yep, thats right politicians and teachers.

Have you ever noticed how those people who talk about sex all the time in the media, are those that look like they are least likely to be actually having sex.

Have you noticed how the people who promote the idea that young children should be taught about sex, actually look like a caricature of the stereotypical paedophile.

My views on this as an issue are ;

1) Anyone who thinks that talking to a five year old about sex is a pervert.

2) Any teacher that wants to talk to five year old about sex is a pervert.

3) Those that teach such lessons at schools should go on the Sex Offenders Register.

We have created the most degenerate, perverted society in history - this is the Paedophile Culture where perverts in the media, academia, political parties and in the establishment have created a society where children are consciously exposed to cultural materials that sexualise them.

At the same time as our society seeks to sexualise children by exposing them to sexual content at schools, in their magazines, in books, TV shows and movies and in adult culture, our society also seeks to sexualise the image of children.

This is shown by the images of models and singers such as Britney Spears who dressed as a scholgirl in her ' Hit me baby one more time' video, which appear in the media on a regular basis.

Then we have the clothing companies that manufacture childens clothing that are entirely unsuitable for young children.

At every level our society transmits and inculcates into childrens minds images and messages of sexual content, both deliberate and subliminal.

But the most insidious strategy of these sexual terrorists, is the promotion of paedophilia within schools.

The idea that teachers should be able to facilitate the transmission of sexual content to children is the antithesis of the role that is actually required for teachers - which is that schools are places where children be able to go and be able to escape any materials or sexual content and that the role of teachers is to ensure children do not have access to sexual materials.

Schools should be screening our children from Paedophile Culture and the sexual content and pollution seeping into society from the media and other sources, schools should not be facilitating the transmission of more sexual content to children.

Teachers should not be teaching children about sex, they should be ensuring that children are in safe environments where sexual materials and paedophiles are not able to access them mentally or physically.

We have a Hollywood movie system and British music industry epitomised by the scumbag writers of the NME who hero worship drug addicted talentless idiots like Pete Doherty, that glamorises drug usage and that promotes drug abuse.

At every level, from their TV's, their magazines, their music and their schools - young kids in Britain are bombarded with sexual imagery and the constant chatter of people talking about sex.

This is the slippery slope of Liberalism.

Liberalism, political correctness and the Liberal Consensus are the most dangerous and toxic remnants of the 20th Century still threatening our society, as dangerous in their own way as the abandoned nuclear reactor at Chernobyl.

The danger of Liberalism is that it has been hijacked by sexual extremists who use the rhetoric of sexual equality to disguise an agenda of sexual perversion.

The birth of the civil rights process as regards sexuality was to call for equality of rights between men and women regardless of sexuality.

The sexual rights revolution was enacted. What we are witnessing today is a campaign for the legalisation of paedophilia.

These people do not have an agenda of equality, they have an agenda of seeking the de-criminalisation of paedophilia.

The entire Paedophile Culture must be criminalised.

Those that promote the Paedophile Culture must be regarded as criminals.

The paedophiles have taken over the asylum.

People need to wake up.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that parents realize how dangerous it can be to allow something like this. Some teachers have more than questionable characters and would likely take things too far.

3) Those that teach such lessons at schools should go on the Sex Offenders Register.--DOL

Perhaps. But if the situation in England is anything like it is in certain American school districts, they may not have a choice. That is, unless they want to be written up for insubordination. This may require taking a sacrificial stand.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee!

Anonymous said...

I too have considered whether the sexualisation of children (and informing them of the sexual act) might constitute aiding and abetting either an unlawful act of under-age sex or pederasty/peadophilia. This is particularly pertinent for primary school children.

Anonymous said...

What kind of person?..a Common Purpose" person thats who. Does Brian Gerrish not make the connection between the increasing paedophile problem and that sinister "charity"?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lee. Couldn't have put it better myself. At last, someone who is speaking out on this issue! If only more parents took heed of what is happening. There should be a mass movement on this alone. If this is made compulsary in primary schools, every parent in Britain should refuse to send their child to school. Now that would put a spanner in the works wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Excellent peice Lee. Give the uber-liberals both barrels of the shot-gun for their filthy perverted attempts to corrupt PRIMARY school children.

Gary Glitter must be jumping for jouy here. Sod Cambodia he must be saying, haven for sex perverts like himself, welome home the UK!

No doubt the Government will employ Glitter as the Head of Sex Education.

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note I express very serious concerns that sex educators, unknown to parents in most instances, will be invited in to give instruction on sex and relationships to children who are not yet old enough to have any awareness of bias and ‘spin’ during these sex lessons.

Parents must not assume their children will be taught by their regular teacher when such sex lessons becomes compulsory for very young children.

Apart from that observation it goes without saying that this is an obscene agenga by the Left-liberals to yet again trie sto impose its hideously free-for-all liberal agenda to change society in a revolutionary way.

If any other organisation showed such a perverse interets in talking to very young children about sexual organs and deviant sexual practises they would be accused of grooming and be prosecuted.

The Government now seems to be run by abunch of dirty-old perverst in dirt rain macs flashing their liberal credentials at their core liberal voters so that they can corrupt the young imptressionable minds.

Who is bankroling these Government ministers - the Paedophime Information Exchange.

Questions should be asked - and asked now.

These perverted ministers shouold be forced to submit themselves to a CRE check to establsih what their motivations are for trying to corrupt children's minds.

outraged parents said...

i thought legally at 21 years of age a man/woman had reached his/her majority and was then independant..why as independant adults do we allow any form of government to interfere with our children. we hear often how we have human rights but the television industry, music industry, even national press abuses our rights to a clean and safe enviroment for our futures and that of our children.its time for a change people and not for a permissive society that allows abuses too pollute and destroy our children's minds..
we are responsible for our own futures no government democratic or otherwise has the interest we as parents have in our futures.likewise they do not care as parents care for their little ones so why not end the tyranny and say "NO" to a corrupt and perverse government controlled society

self autonomy is the only answer too a safer and more stable society for our lifes and our children..
lets kick the beast off of our backs and say "our taxes are our money, our children are our responsibility not yours our lifes as adults are equal to yours so hands off our children and get the filth off of our screens newspapers films et cetera and let our children be safe and secure too be children not knowldgeable in sex and matters a child is too young too deal with..""