Monday 6 October 2008

Trevor Phillips and the Race Relations SS

Image - Trevor Phillips in his SS Race Relations Gestapo Uniform.

" The slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown, he must dominate in his turn ".

Albert Camus, The Invincible Summer.

Trevor Phillips is an idiot and a sponger.

We all know it, but because he is a powerful parasite in the Race Relations Gestapo then people do not like to offend him for fear of being called a 'WACIST' by him or one of his Race Gestapo thugs in the Equality Commission.

He is nothing more than an apologist for those individual ethnic minority criminals in our nation who are involved in knife and gun crimes, who uses facile and bogus statements to act as a smoke screen for the failure of certain communities to impose and ensure the self responsibility of their own children.

Whilst Trevor Phillips defames the victims as 'criminals', he calls the criminals 'victims'.

We all know he is complete mug but his latest article has to be the most ridiculous, cringing piece of rubbish I have ever read.

He states that the black kids in London and across the UK who are responsible for most of the gun and knife crime are ;

1) Mostly refugees

2) Traumatised by what they saw in their own nations

3) That their acts of knife crime and gun crime is our fault he says because he says we have not given them enough money, benefits, free housing, schooling, health care, community centres , new housing estates, new schools, libraries, sports centres and hundreds of millions of extra money to be spent on raising their educational standards OVER AND ABOVE the untold billions spent on such projects and facilities in inner city areas over recent years.

Go to any inner city area and take a look at the facilities in those areas and the money spent on new housing and spent on community centres for those black kids.

Whilst not a single penny has been poured into white areas of the country suffering social deprivation such as the old coal mine towns, old steel towns, old fishing towns etc etc that are employment wastelands filled with white kids becoming alcoholics, junkies and prostitutes - the government has spent billions on helping ethnics.

The fact is that Trevor Phillips knows he is talking total bollocks.

The majority of black kids involved in knife crime ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS - they are the children of settled families.

The majority of black kids involved in knife crime are not, and have not been, witnesses of so called ' traumatic and violent events' in their own nations because they were born here.

Even if they had been witnesses to such events why is it that white kids from the Balkans and Eastern Europe who were witnesses to genocide, ethnic cleansing, the murder of tens of thousands of people after the collapse of the Soviet Union are not involved in knife crime ?

If the theory is true that witnessing such events causes knife and gun crime - then why did the Jews who came to the UK after the Holocaust not get involved in knife and gun crimes to the extents that young black kids are in the UK today ?

The children who lived through the holocaust did not replicate the horrors they saw in Germany and Europe within British society, so where is the proof that such a trauma theory has any validity at all.

All theories such as the latest liberal 'Trauma Theory' as the basis of such crimes as mentioned by Trevor Phillips have to be of universal application to all people, otherwise they are simply propaganda.

The answer is no such evidence exists for this theory and this is because Phillips is simply an apologist for certain criminals in certain ethnic groups simply because he shares their ethnicity.

What we have constructed in the multi-cultural system is an entire Apologist Industry comprised of chin wobbling white liberals and the ethnic minority 'proffesional guilt trippers' who racistly exploit the sentiments, stupidity and gullibility of good hearted white liberals.

What white Liberals cannot accept is that Multi-Culturalism like Communism and Marxism is a complete failure. Therefore whenever someone invents a new reason for the failures of certain groups in our society, the white liberals cling onto it like a drowning rat onto a wooden plank.

What could never work in the first place cant be fixed - regardless of how much money you throw at it.

Multi-Culturalism hasnt worked and it aint ever gonna work - so the simple answer is FACE REALITY AND STOP THROWING MONEY AT SOMETHING THAT WONT WORK.

What they will never accept is that after decades of social engineering and hundreds of wasted billion of pound spent on trying to get certain ethnic minority groups to stop being over represented in certain aspects of crime, that all their work has completely failed.

Every few years a new theory arises from the white liberals to blame anything but the individuals for their criminality - from racism, poverty, institutional racism, violent films, rap music, the British Empire, the legacy of slavery to now 'war trauma' etc etc blah blah blah .

Next they will blame the moon and bio-rythms or ghosts. I kid you not.

The latest theory of the apologist liberals is the 'The Abused Becomes The Abuser Theory', or Trauma Theory.

This ' The Abused Becomes The Abuser ' Trauma Theory bullshit of the liberal apologists is the most neauseating pseudo-psychological psycho babble crap ever invented.

You would have thought that any little bastard that came over here from some war wracked, rat hole would be bloody grateful for the money, house, schooling, welfare benefits, health care and opportunities given to them.

By racialising the issue of knife crime and gun crime, the liberal seeks to terrorise those that highlight the issues of knife and gun crime with the threat of calling them racist at the same time as closing down debate on the issue. This is Liberal Terrorism, the way they use the threat of being called a 'wacist' to destroy debate on an issue.

This is not an issue of racism or of ' Trauma Theory' - this is about individuals not showing self responsibility and a community that would rather hide from the problem than accept that they need to deal with it as a community.

Instead it appears that unless we hand the entire bloody country and all our money over to them then WE are the criminals.

This is the crux of the matter - the Liberals believe that criminals are not criminals.

Liberals believe that ' Society prepares the crime, and the criminal commits it'.

For the liberal it is WE who are the criminals, not the criminals.

This is why the prisons are now like sports centres and hotels whilst we live in crime ruined war zones.

Even the judges believe this crap - and this is why the criminals get short sentences and slaps on the wrist.

This entire system of liberal apologist bullshit has to be smashed and ground into dust.

Trevor phillips must be sacked and all his lackeys in the Race Relations Gestapo sacked and thrown on the dole.

The liberal judges must be removed from the bench and the prisons made into prisons not hotels.

If the criminal is sick they should be in a mental hospital, not in a prison or on our streets.

The answer is simple to the issue of preventing the majority of knife and gun crime.


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Anonymous said...

Just having a little Skim through
Lee. Good Blog wish. I had found it earlier. T.P. and all the rest of these parasitic cronies should be put in work camps, and made to repay society through hard work and honest labour. Too many lifetimes still owed for them to fully repay.

Really good to see you developing the ideas of community and credit unions at this level. Hope it's being taken on board by the team.
Legislation is now in place (since July) so please start looking at ways of using it effectively.

Know where to find me .

And, Mr P, when you glance through this and annother tenner drops into you bank acount whilst you ponder, I think you know where to find me too. On the ideological field , that's where you and I meet. Offer's still there.

Catch you later Lee. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Someone's a photoshop genius.

Well, I was kinda hoping to argue with this, but I can't just yet. Sadly, it looks like the black collective in the UK is no different than the collective in the US (no matter how much they claim to be).

Anonymous said...

One really hopes for more clarity of thought and argument on matters of race and ethnicity from the BNP than one gets from the usual culprits. So encountering this:

"the government has spent billions on helping ethnics"

and this:

"Phillips is simply an apologist for certain criminals in certain ethnic groups simply because he shares their ethnicity."

is disappointing.

We are ethnic groups, too. Phillips shares their race, not their ethnicity.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) We may be ethnics too but the government spends bugger all on us.

2) The language used by the race relations gestapo is primarily ethnicity, not race.

For example the primary sources of racism in london are intra-ethnic conflicts between recent black african immigrant communities and settled black west indian communities from the commonwealth.

That is Ethnic Conflict, it is not 'race conflict'.

They are both racially defined as black', just as Hindus and Sikhs are both defined racially as 'brown'.

Therefore the use of the word 'race' and racism to define such dynamics is both false and misleading.

The idea that multi-culturalism is about white v black or black v brown is rubbish - multi-culturalism is a dynamic that has created a myriad inter-racial and ethnic conflicts.

There are 150 languages spoken in London representing over 150 ethnic groups - the idea that we should just use the word 'race' all the time to define these conflicts between them is like using the word 'car' to define the difference between a mini and ferrari. Nor does it help using a colour to describe the car eg a white car doesnt tell you if it is a mini or a ferrari.

Ethnic and ethnicity are terms that allow greater definition.

If I was going to write a thessis on race, ethnicity and semantics I would have done so, the article wasnt about race,ethnicity or semantics - it was about Trevor Phillips.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

the chap who does the photoshop jobs is brilliant,

I will pass on your comments,

all the best,