Sunday 5 October 2008

Caliphate Capitalism - The Era of Islamo-Capitalism Begins

For a while I have been writing about how the final stage in the breakdown of global capitalism is not fascism, which is the myth peddled by the socialist lackeys of the capitalist system, but Islamo-Capitalism.

The process of Islamo-Capitalism is how during the era of post-Peak Oil our total dependence upon Arab oil for our national economies, industries, military and social neccesities will mean that as the price of the oil rises vast amounts of capital will shift from the West to those Arab nations and their massive financial groups and investment banks that own the last remaining oil deposits.

We will have to spend more and more of our national wealth to buy ever diminishing supplies of oil which will be constantly rising in price.

This process will lead to the great transfer of wealth in human history from the West to the oil producing nations.

As the West grows poor, the Arabs will grow ever richer - until the point where the Caliphate will be imposed via Capitalism itself.

They will own so much of our national economy, our corporations, businesses and welath reserves that they will be able to impose the Caliphate via capitalism and the rule of law itself.

The present debt crisis is the first stage in this process as the Arab banks and investment funds buy up our banks, corporations, land and businesses in the West for virtually nothing.

The Caliphate will be built not with Conquests, but Surrenders.

Note how the article below calls the credit crisis which is throwing hunreds of thousands of British, European and American workers onto the scrapheap is called 'a blessing in disguise'.

Note how the Arab nations are enticing British and US investors to deposit their capital in their banks as they know that the banks they own will not crash, simply because they are stuffed to the brim with so many petro-dollars that they cannot crash. Those Arab banks are the saftest in the world, as they will continue to make money as we sell our nations, economies and corporations to them.

The UK and London as a global financial centre is now dead, and the Arab nations are now the global financial centres of global capitalism - simply because the Arab banks cannot crash.

The Financial Economy model which has been the basis of growth under Gordon Brown and New Labour is now dead - that means as we do not produce andy goods, have no munfacturing industries and have offshored most of our productive industry then the economy of the UK is now defunct.

The Service Sector which was parasitic on the financial economy is now going to die as the service economy fades.

The British economy is about to enter the Second Great Depression.

Vast amounts of capital formerly in British banks will now be shifted by the bankers to Arab banks, and the profits on that wealth will flow straight back into those Arab nations who will then use those profits along with their ever rising oil profits, to devour our entire national economies.

This is the crisis in capitalism that the fools who have run our nations and economies never foresaw.

Neither Marx nor Smith nor any of the pet economists of the global capitalist system or the so called socialist academics saw that this was going to happen.

Communism and Capitalism never understod that ENERGY and not capital is the central dynamic in all economic systems.

Who owns the energy, controls the economic systems that rely upon that energy.

This process of building the Caliphate via Capitalism has already begun - as the following article below makes clear ;

Crisis 'offers new opportunities for Islamic finance'

Dubai: 1 hour and 23 minutes ago

The global credit crunch is a blessing in disguise for Islamic finance as international debt markets enter a new era, according to industry observers.

“Now is a golden opportunity for Islamic finance to provide an alternative model which, by its very nature, binds both the real and financial economies – just what the world needs right now,” said Swati Taneja, conference director of the Islamic finance industry’s leading global event, the twice-yearly International Islamic Finance Forum that next takes place in Istanbul from October 13 -17.

“There has never been a more interesting time for cautious investors burned in the conventional credit crunch to begin looking at what the Islamic markets have to offer,” Taneja added. “For Islamic financial products to be compliant they avoid excessive gearing and speculation - precisely what regulators are looking for the world over in the new era we are entering.”

The Istanbul forum provides the first major opportunity for Islamic finance practitioners from around the world to assess the impact of the turmoil that has gripped international markets in recent weeks.

“In today’s globalised markets financial products of all types – Islamic or conventional – are affected,” said Taneja. “But what is clear is that Islamic finance practitioners are identifying new markets as a result and are likely to have renewed confidence in the inherent sustainability of the Islamic finance model. Some are even suggesting Islamic products could provide safe havens in these challenging times.”

Events in world markets in recent weeks have illustrated that the Islamic finance industry cannot remain entirely immune from turmoil on global markets. It has, however, avoided the toxic debt problems of the conventional industry.

Nevertheless, the Islamic debt market, which was doubling in size every year reaching a total of $90 billion, has slowed. In the first eight months of this year, Sukuk (Islamic bond) issuance fell to $14 billion compared $23 billion over the same period last year, according to Standards & Poor’s.

“Some blame the credit crunch for reducing the appetite for risk while others believe restrictive definitions by prominent Islamic scholars on what constitutes Sukuk have made institutions more cautious,” Taneja said.

Whatever the reason, Sukuk are still being issued despite the uncertain markets, with most expecting these asset-based instruments to receive a lift, particular from governments. Standard & Poor’s, for example, expects total Sukuk issuance to reach $25 billion this year.

Sukuk structures and capital markets will come under examination at the Istanbul forum as well as emerging Takaful development; Islamic jurisprudence; alternative asset classes including private equity and real estate; and sustainability with the greening of Islamic finance.

A special session on Turkey at the crossroads will take place at the forum which will also examine the status of Turkey's attempts to become a member of the European Union. The results of a study on the impact of politics on the underdevelopment of Islamic finance in Turkey will also be presented. –TradeArabia News Service

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Anonymous said...

Your development of your new stage in the theoretical development of Capitalism is persuasive and events seem to be supporting it.

I would like to know more about the relationship of an earlier idea by yourself - Daisy-Cutting Capitalism - and how you see that fitting in with this model.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Lee but I would like to mention that the ME has already benefited from the largest transfer of wealth in human history. All $13 trillion dollars of it.

What greedy fools the west have been.

For Britain it is vital that the BNP get in power very soon or we'll be finished. Do we have enough time? I don't know.