Friday 3 October 2008

Please Sue Me

Lancaster Unity is usual shouting its big gob off making threats it aint gonna back up with action.

Please sue me you red scum dickheads.

I would just love to get you lot into court and get full details via disclosure on who you are, where your money comes from, who supports you, what the IP numbers of those who leave comments on the site are and whose e mail and internet accounts they relate too and also who controls the site.

Antifascist said...

'...which has offered and
provided financial support to Lancaster Unity'

Like Barnes himself, I have no idea what he's on about. We get nothing from any official (or indeed semi-official) bodies and rely completely on personal donations. He wants to watch his over-large mouth or he might find himself in court for libel.

11:28 AM, October 03, 2008

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Defender of Liberty said...


I dont lisen to reactionaries, rats or reds.

Defender of Liberty said...

For the benefit of the legal adviser of lancaster unity and his 'ladybird book of the law' ;

1) The issue of any libel action would be donations therefore under disclosure all financial donations, the identities of the donors and all sources of income would be under disclosure in order to verify the source and legality of those donations

2) The identity of the people who donated would be an issue and therefore the identity of the donors would have to be revealed, when they donated, their bank account details, what organisations donated and whether any donations came from dodgy sourcs

3) Also the lancaster unity would be hit with a counter suit from myself that would involve the many libellous posts about myself on their site.

I am sure that I could make sure the process was very long and expensive.

Anonymous said...

Go on lancaster unity, sue him. :)