Tuesday 28 October 2008

The Biggest Load of Bullshit EVER From Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips is the crowned prince of hypocrisy and bullshit.

His latest MORAL LECTURE proffered to the world and assembled masses far below his ivory tower is that the 'positive action' schemes being planned by the government will now apply to 'poor whites'.

Heres a few questions ;

1) Who are 'poor whites ' ? Does he mean the ethnic english - if he does then why not say so. The reason he doesnt say so is because as soon as he mentions the ethnic english that means he has to legally recognise their existence as an ethnic group in British society and then he will have to start investigating their social situation, and it will rapidly become clear that the ethnic english are the kids doing worst at school, the poorest, worst health problems, worst housing and that they are an ethnic minority in their own country.




Yep, thats right - its Trevor again.

The man wants to build an Race Relations Empire that enables him to personally decide who gets a job in this country, the sort of power that only a Stalin or a Hitler once had.

2)What sense does it make passing more laws to counter the existing race relations acts that enshrine already the legal requirement to employ ethnic minorities in favour of ethnic english applicants ! What we need is for the race relations acts to be scrapped and the laws and stautory duties that force employers to employ ethnic groups as a priority over ethnic english applicants be scrapped.


Note how none of these 'ideas' about 'poor whites' had ever been put forward before the Credit Crunch by either Trevor or the government or that had Harriet Harman, so we can rightly say that this is simply Trevor winging it.

What matters to Trevor and the government is simply that they hve to ensure the present system perpetuates itself, that is why the money given to the bankers was to ensure the system itself stays active and that is why this pathetic 'tokenism' idea is simply a way to ensure the White Working Class continue to vote for the same people that consigned them to poverty - the Labour government.

This whole scheme is a nest of lies, and it is simply an excercise in self preservation.

The idea that in the future 'poor whites' will be treated as immigrant colonists shows how insane the whole race relations industry has become.

Unless the British people wake up and vote out the establishment parties, then within two generations we will become an ethnic minority in our country.

The ethnic minorities who will control the country at that point will not be interested in positive discrimination laws to help the poor indigenous people of Britain, they will be taking care of themselves and putting their interests first.


Those who have voted for the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the rest of the scum and who continue to vote for them should be ashamed of themselves.

The greatest idiots in history are the British people who have voted for the establishment parties, they have literally been turkeys voting for Christmas.

To be honest they deserve all they get, but the tragedy is that their children dont.

It is their children and grandchildren who they have btrayed with their selfishness and stupidity - for their children and grandchildren will have to live in the future that they created for them.

That will be a future where the indigenous people of Britain will be a despised, revilled and hated minority who will be blamed for all the sins of the world.

They will live in a country where Islam will dominate and they will be regarded as infidels and forced to live under Dhimmitude.

They will be like the Native American Indians living on ever shrinking reservations, or riddled with drink and drug abuse like the Australian Aborigines - as the fate of all conquered peoples is always the same either subjugation or suicide.


Britain risks a surge in Right-wing extremism if it fails to help its white working class weather the recession, the equalities chief will warn today.

Trevor Phillips will break with years of political convention to call for the law to be changed to enshrine positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged whites.

His startling intervention in the race debate is a rebuke to Harriet Harman, who earlier this year trumpeted plans to make companies discriminate in favour of women and ethnic minorities.

Mr Phillips said ministers should allow councils and education authorities to introduce 'positive action' programmes aimed specifically at young whites unable to compete with highly skilled immigrants because the 'need is so great'.

And he warned that immigration has fuelled 'resentments that are real and should not be dismissed – resentments felt by white, black and Asian'.

The chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission set out his thinking to the Daily Mail ahead of his appearance at a CBI event on immigration today alongside immigration minister Phil Woolas.

Mr Phillips said failure to help white families hit by the downturn could drive them into the arms of far-Right parties similar to those that have brought turmoil to Austria, Belgium and Holland.

He also warned that ministers needed to acknowledge the resentment by some whites over what they see as unfair help given to blacks and Asians.

'What we are seeing is that there is a whole group of people, a large proportion of whom are white, who are going to suffer from this crisis who are going to be the people we should want to help, particularly because they come from the wrong side of town,' he said.

'We are going to have to do something special for them. We are going to have to put extra resources where young people can't compete with migrants' skills.

'And in some parts of the country, it is clear that what defines disadvantage won't be black or brown, it will be white. And we will have to take positive action to help some white groups, what we might call the white underclass.'

And he warned: 'We know what the political consequences are because we have seen it on the Continent.

'If we ignore the fact some white groups are going to be disadvantaged we will end up with the same kind of conflicts we have seen in Austria, Belgium and now Holland, where the anti-immigrant racist Right-wing parties get a big boost.

'We need to do more to help those who are going to suffer and who will then think that the reason they are suffering is their colour.

'We need to pay attention to that white underclass that happens not to live in the right part of town.'

Politicians have long shied away from allowing positive discrimination, claiming it flies in the face of equality laws.

But its supporters claim the system is a necessary way of helping minorities finding it difficult to get a job or housing, by pushing them to the top of the queue.

In June, Miss Harman angered business leaders by revealing plans for new anti-discrimination laws.

She said she wanted to see more women and ethnic minorities promoted into senior posts and would use next year's Equalities Bill to discriminate in their favour.

Under the plans, firms will be forced to reveal the salary gap between their male and female staff to shame employers into bringing them into line.

But in what was seen as a clear 'white men need not apply', she made no attempt to suggest that whites could benefit from positive discrimination as well.

Mr Phillips said he wanted to see the bill used to help whites. And he added Miss Harman had been looking at the work of the commission.

'Positive action now in Britain is more likely to mean programmes for people who are poor, white and come from workless households than it is for East African Asians, for example,' he added.

Earlier this summer, Miss Harman insisted: 'It is important to encourage applications from minority groups, but we are strongly against positive discrimination so someone gets a job just because they are black or disabled.'

Mr Phillips also warned against allowing the economic crisis to trigger an outburst of anti-immigrant feeling in the UK.

'It's dangerous and it's divisive,' he said. He claimed immigrants could act as a 'buffer' against the impact of recession because they are more likely to return to their countries than stay in Britain and swell the unemployment register.

'If it wasn't for the fact that migrants from eastern Europe are now going home you would see a great many more people unemployed in this country,' he claimed.

Last week, Mr Woolas was forced to backtrack after suggesting that there should be a cap on the number of immigrants allowed into the country.

Last night, Mr Phillips dismissed Mr Woolas's call for a cap, saying: 'We need to control it, we need to be tough on borders but the idea is a promise no one can deliver.'

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I missed something. But aren't the sentiments of Mr. Phillips what you want to hear? Do you doubt his sincerity or do you feel he isn't calling for "enough" to help white working class Brits? In other words, what should your government say to or do for whites in Britain?

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

The problem is the race relations acts themselves, as they are relics of Marxism. They tell people who they are allowed to employ.

They have been used to impose affirmative action plans that have led directly to racial disrimination against indigenous British people.

The answer is not pass more of these absurd laws to rectify the problems they have created, the answer is to scrap them all and allow people to choose the best people for the job regardless of colour.

Anonymous said...

This winter, while our indigenous old folk freeze and starve to death, Phillips will be stuffing his face in his warm ivory tower, counting the money from his yachting masters and the taxpayer, and polishing his bust of Lenin.
Now he's throwing crumbs down to po' whitey.