Monday 25 October 2010

BNP locked out of Belfast Call Centre

Reports coming in that Dowson has locked the BNP out of the Belfast Call Centre, which is supposed to be a BNP centre not a Dowson owned one.

Can anyone confirm that the drunken, female molesting sadist and fake vicar scottish nut case has locked the BNP out of their own offices ?

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apent said...

And what do you care you fuck?

Tell you what though, if what you say is true Dowson will regret this.

Defender of Liberty said...

Because it makes me laugh you mug.

What you gonna do - whine at him like you do on here.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated to all those that thought james jim bob two sliced dowson thought he was the best thing since the second coming MUGS ! Yes you are right Lee.

numbr said...

"What you gonna do - whine at him like you do on here"

Well I won't be challenging him to a boxing match then publicly bottling out like your webmaster lol

sumshiel said...

Anyway do think I'd be scared of a fucking rapist you thick twat?

Anonymous said...

Strange. First a very suspect 20p in the pound letter.

Now a fake lock out.

The Dowson-Griffin double act is far from over. They are working together to make sure neither ends up facing the music.

Next? Accounts, etc., disappear, both blaming each other. Butler and Co just grateful to take back the Party.

Anonymous said...

If this is true then it is actually quite amusing.

It reminds me of the bit in that old Brat Pack movie 'Weird Science', where Gary and Wyatt forget to hook up the doll and realise the horror of their mistake.

I am still a member of the party, and I am impressed with some of the business practices employed by Dowson. After all, we have to operate according to the rules of the system.

However, some of the people involved in this are just vile, and ONE. CAN. NOT. EDUCATE. PORK.

odin said...

In bed with Searchlight are you?

Defender of Liberty said...

You are truly pathetic.

After a day of negotiations with dowson and jefferson, the call centre was opened yesterday after threats from Jane Phillips of legal action and because Dowson was promised his money.

It was shut until 4 pm yesterday.

You green arrow idiots are so stupid it is utterly pathetic.

Go away you moron.

The BNP is dead in the water, and the more idiots like you believe what you are being told by griffins pet idiots - the faster it will die.