Tuesday 12 October 2010

Denise Garside - Idiot Of The Year 2010

Here below are my three winners in the Idiot of the Year Competition 2010 ;

1) Coming first yet again is Denise Garside of Lancaster Unity with her all time great statement that 'Sharia Law courts are the muslim equivalent of Relate'.

Oh yes Denise, just like Relate but with beheadings, female genital mutilation and stoning to death.

I have never seen a relate counsellor justify terrorism or demand the death penalty for adultery.

For a lesbian Denise is a twat.

First the Islamists will kill the Jews, then the Gays then the Nationalists.

Dear old Denise, a winner of the award yet again.

2) Paul Morris AKA Green Arrow for his endless idiotic arselicking of Nick Griffin and his endless, boring, asinine articles on his British Retards website, that seems to be a site dedicated ( yet again) to attacking anyone that isnt a catamite of Nick Griffin.

Bend over paul, oil up and smile for the Fuhrer.

3) Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin, the tweedle dumb and tweedledumber of Pseduo-British Nationalism.

With all the electoral appeal of smallpox, Griffin still intends to hang on as the leader of the Nick Griffin Party, sorry BNP, for another four years ( and until the law on False Accounting is timed out ) whilst the opportunity for Nationalism to move into the mainstream slides into oblivion along with the BNP accounts.

Yep these three doughnuts truly deserve their titles as the Idiots of the Year 2010( please note that I do not consider Jim Dowson as a human being, and hence have not counted him as one of the three people in this list, as he is just an amoral perverted parasite in the same phyllum as a tapeworm ).

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