Wednesday 20 October 2010

Unemployment is caused by Immigration

Foreign worker numbers surge
to a record 2.4m as Eastern Europeans return to Britain

By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 7:44 AM on 19th October 2010

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* Eastern European workers reaches record of 551,000
* 2.401million non-UK nationals active in the economy

The number of foreigners working in Britain has hit an all-time high despite the fragile state of the recovery.

This summer, the total topped 2.4million for the first time after thousands arrived from abroad in the spring.

Some of them were Poles and other Eastern Europeans who began to return to the UK. The number of Eastern European workers also reached a record – of 551,000.

It means the workforce of foreigners has surged by more than a ­million in only seven years.
Foreign workers

Vital? Many businesses say they rely on foreign workers as it emerged the numbers involved in the British economy had hit an all-time high

By contrast the number of Britons in jobs fell by hundreds of thousands during the recession.

The growing total of foreign workers comes at a time of deepening concern over the five million British adults who do not work and the intensification of Government efforts to persuade many that jobs are preferable to a life of benefits dependency.

The rush to take jobs in Britain is also adding to immigration and concerns over population growth and overcrowding.


* Three guards held over death of deportee who collapsed on plane at Heathrow 'after being held down'

But some ministers, led by Business Secretary Vince Cable, are anxious to stave off the Coalition’s promised cap on immigration from outside the EU to maintain the flow of skilled and cheap, unskilled foreign workers that employers say they need.

The latest count of foreign citizens working in Britain was released alongside unemployment figures by the Office for National Statistics.

It showed there were 2.401million non-UK nationals active in the economy between April and June, up by 147,000 on the previous three months.

The previous peak came at the end of 2008, as the recession began to bite, when there were 2.377million foreign citizens working in Britain.

After that, Labour ministers maintained that numbers were falling because thousands of Eastern European migrant workers had gone home.
Enlarge Employment

But by this spring they were returning to take jobs in Britain – a signal that work is widely available.

Eastern Europeans may be taking jobs that workers here are reluctant to do, possibly because unemployed Britons regard the jobs as either too low paid or too demanding.

The number of workers from Poland and other Eastern European countries in the EU rose by 54,000 over the three-month period to 551,000.

Only seven years ago, in the summer of 2003, before the admission of eight Eastern European countries to the EU, there were 1.39million foreign nationals in jobs in this country.

The new figures, drawn from the Labour Force Survey, showed there were 26.530million Britons in jobs, around 650,000 down from the peak in summer 2008.

Librarians at the House of Commons confirmed that the number of foreign workers is the highest since the count was first carried out in 1997, when it was 966,000.

Home Secretary Theresa May has pledged to set a cap on immigration from outside the EU with the aim of reducing net migration – the rate at which immigration exceeds emigration – to 1990s levels.

Sir Andrew Green, of the Migrationwatch think-tank, warned that a new wave of migrant workers would be damaging.

‘The risk is that we will get ­economic growth without encouraging more employment among British workers,’ he said.

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Anonymous said...

Watching the UK's budget cuts from overseas this looks like one big mess. So the UK will lose thousands of jobs in cuts, the MOD and the police forces will be reduced, hospitals closed YET overseas aid will increase??? WTF?? Sadly there was no word on halting mass immigration or deporting the illegals who ALL use the health service for free and who the majority of them contribute to the crime statistics.
Looks like the only winners will be the undocumented illegals getting free houses for them and their extended families, not paying taxes and using the hospitals which are already overburdened.

Surely the first cuts in any logical budget would be to stop all foreign aid, bring the troops home, stop military aid to the third world, end benefits for illegals and deport them, reduce all immigration into the UK until there is no unemployment. and put British people first on any housing list etc. Make it hard for immigrants to enter, same policy as Japan or China.

Ade said...

If we need more people here, why has westminster since 1970 bopened up extermination centres in every town in the uk, misleadingly called pregnancy advice centres, where 7.2 million British babies have been sliced up.
Most of these would have been having thier own children by now.
They were our future workforce.
Now they are suggesting we sterilize our children and are even advertising abortion on TV.

Do you ever get the feeling you are not wanted anymore.

Join the dots,

Children taught sex at early age more likely to have sex

sterilise British children

200,000 Abortions per year
Advertising Abortion

sex education at school

And if we need skilled workers from outside the UK, doesnt that mean westminster has fucked up our education system too.

Unknown said...

Just like Coronation street innit? Best thing would be to go bankrupt. The polls should be held liable for the debt, just as company directors would be. But that's not going to happen. It'll get worse. The displacement will speed up. Good ponts? Worse is better so the general trend holds some hope. The black market will grow, something to which everyone should contribute. Haves and have nots will become more pronounced, so white working class niggers (people like me) will be left in no doubt as to the contempt we're held in. But I have even more contempt for the white trash elites.