Wednesday 13 October 2010

Eddy Butler Expelled

I hate to say I told you so, but the expulsion of Eddy Butler from the BNP was a done job.

He has been a Dead Man Walking since he decided to stand against Der Fuhrer Plankton.

The Reform Group strategy of staying in the party is now dead in the water.

Michael Barnbrook has not been in the party long enough to stand as leader of the BNP, and though Michael is a great bloke, he cannot win against the bent BNP constitution drafted up by Griffin, the bent procedures that Griffin uses in such elections and the bent officers employed by Griffin to run such elections.

Griffin cannot be removed as leader of the BNP by any lawful means, simply as Griffin is prepared to break the law when it suits him.

The BNP constitution is a document that ensures Griffin remains in power forever.

The sham consultation led by Andrew Brons about constitutional changes was simply a sop for those who were unhappy about Griffins dictatorial treatment of good members, Griffin never has and never will change the constitution he drafted up to keep him in power, to make him money and to protect his corrupt little maggot underling Dowson.

The Reform Group strategy is now defunct.

Sure Eddy can fight to get back in the BNP, but seeing as I have been asking him for months to set up a legal fund to help the suspended and expelled members pay to see decent solicitors to fight their cases and he refused to do so, it is now ironic that the only way he can remain in the party is by seeing a lawyer - and for which he will require funds to pay for such a case.

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Anonymous said...

Lee ,
Have to disagree , Reform Group should act as a pressure group within the BNP,butit can organise a shadow party with its own constitution and policies, then with a collapse it is in place to become a new party if necessary.
However all expelled and suspended members who have been wronged should club together to minimise costs with a class action against the party leadership.
Good Luck

Defender of Liberty said...

Fair point.

But the Reform Group has not ever done that.

Anonymous said...

I have put a few comments on BNP Reform to the effect that the RG should operate as a party interest group just as the Monday Club did at one time in the Tories, and these days groups as diverse as Conservative Friends Of Israel and pro Palastinian groups do.They offer support but at the cost of influence.

Anonymous said...

The Reform Group should be organising a few social nights(strictly outside the BNP) to raise funds for a class action by all expelled and suspended members(almost certainly removed without the proper procedures being followed) against the BNP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Angry BNP'ers setting up little new parties all over the country is not the answer , it is exactly what the State,Griffin/Dowson want.
Dowson will just say "I've had your effort and money ,now clear off and dont bother me while I find a new bunch of enquirers to fleece"
The answer is a flexible umbrella/interest group, which is what BNPRG could be;imagine the vast numbers of abused ex members from BNP,UKIP and others who might go for it.

Anonymous said...

I can see why Eddy would choose to fight his expulsion. His job and livelihood may be at stake. Pressure will be brought to bear from Gri££in and Dow$on on Andrew Brons to sack Eddy from his role as political assistant in the EU Parliament. If Brons refuses to - as indeed I hope he does refuse, then he might get expelled himself. If however, Brons succumbs to that pressure for the sake of a quiet life then Eddy is stuffed re his job! This would be terrible weakness by Brons were it to happen and I don't believe it will because I think Andrew Brons is a decent bloke with integrity. In my view Eddy should not waste his time bothering to appeal. There is no legal requirement for him to be a member of the BNP to perform his job for Andrew. If Gri££in expels Brons, it may help to break some of the inertia/deadlock that exists in the post failed leadership challenge period. Andrew Brons as a non-BNP Nationalist MEP could provide a catalyst or a rallying point for a new movement. It will be better for Brons to be seen to have been forced out by Griffins high-handed tactics rather than to resign the BNP whip voluntarily in protest at the treatment of Eddy. In those circustances there will be absolutely no moral imperative for him to resign his seat for the next or even third incumbent on the Yorks Humber BNP list.