Thursday 14 October 2010

The Immigration Policy of the BFP

A few people have asked me to define the basic immigration policy of the British Freedom Party and seeing as a few plonkers on a few plonker sites are peddling lies here is the first draft of our immigration policy document just to shut the muppets up.

Ssshhh - dont tell anyone !

Britain is the most populated country in Europe outside Malta. Britain is full. It is now quite evident that given current trends British indigenous folk will become a minority in their own country within 30 years due to the pernicious effects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and colonisation. At the same time the process of mass immigration has created colonies across vast swathes of our country which now resemble foreign nations and where the indigenous British people are a minority.

The ethnic population below the age of 30 is already greater than the indigenous British people. (Figures based upon ONS. I.E. Immigration statistics are running at 500k to 600k annually. Immigrant birth rates 15 times great than indigenous birth rates. See also ).

It is the right of the indigenous British people to remain the demographic majority in perpetuity in our country, whilst at the same time we have the right to demand that those who have come to live amongst us adopt our culture and our ways.

The tragedy is that most of the immigrants to the United Kingdom from the former British Commonwealth in particular came to Britain specifically because of our British culture and because they wanted to live in a country and culture that they loved. They also now have to live in a Britain where the indigenous British folk, and fully integrated British citizens like themselves, are becoming strangers in our own lands due to unrestricted mass immigration.

15% of primary school children do not have English as their first language and many speak no English at all.

The most popular name for newborn boys registered in 2009 was: Mohammed or variations of this.

This is not immigration, this is colonisation.

This is why we must enact measures to ensure that the looming crisis of mass immigration becoming colonisation is defused before the tolerance of the British people finally snaps.

The population of Britain is now over sixty one million, this exponential rise is due to immigration alone and is expected to rise to over 90 million by the middle of the 21st Century. This is pure madness.

No other country on the planet would accept the take over of its nation and culture by others. China would not allow millions of Britons to move there and demand a change of governance, law, religion or culture. So why should Britain.

To ensure that Britain is not overwhelmed by mass immigration and that British culture is not replaced by alien cultures and colonisation we shall :

Establish Citizenship Courts run by independent judges to hear cases related to the removal and establishment of naturalised citizenship status in defined cases such as those involving violence, terrorism or other serious criminality.

Call an immediate halt to all immigration. Cases for those with Dual Nationality status who wish to obtain a right of residence in the United Kingdom will be dealt with by the Citizenship Courts that we will establish to hear such cases.

Begin the systematic and total deportation of all criminals of foreign descent convicted of violent or serious crime whether naturalised or not regardless of their race, nationality or religion.

All illegal immigrants will be deported upon discovery and all those naturalised citizens given citizenship under 'amnesties' by previous governments will also have their British citizenship status revoked.

Immigrants legally resident, who refuse to work and who remain a burden on the social security system, will first be offered repatriation assisted by financial incentives. If they refuse the offer of a resettlement grant and remain economically inactive they will be made to appear for an assessment by a Citizenship Court and may be deported back to their country of birth or origin.

People seeking asylum in Britain have passed through safe countries to get here. Therefore Britain will no longer accept such people as genuine. The UN charter is quite clear about this. No more asylum seekers will be able to claim asylum in the United Kingdom. All those naturalised immigrants given asylum seeker status under previous governments will be re-heard by a Citizenship Court and they will be repatriated if the court so decides.

Economic migrants will be made to leave the country so that British workers can take British jobs.

All recipients of naturalised British citizenship, and their children of 18 or over, who have Dual Nationality status will be required to sign a declaration of loyalty to the Crown, the British Constitution, the British people and Parliament. Those refusing to adhere and adopt British culture will have their citizenship withdrawn.

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Anonymous said...

This policy sounds fair.
Descendants of Caribbeans who served in Nelson's navy are ok,people who sought asylum from Somalia, 5,000 miles away, over the last 30 years,came to take a welfare state that everyone else here had paid for should be treated as criminals and deported.
Hindus who have been here 50 years and fit in are ok , Islamists who introduce Sharia law and sadistic Halal slaughter will go because they are a danger to humanity and animals.
You could not be fairer.

Anonymous said...